busy day

Awake at 4:30, up at 6, made breakfast for me and Jeff, showered and headed off to Edmonds Skytrain Station, where I met up with Katie and went into the VCC to be the ‘living model’ for her three hour practical exam.  This won’t mean anything to anybody who hasn’t seen episode 2 of this season’s True Blood, but when Eric comes down the stairs with full salon regalia on, I just about died laughing.  And so did Kate when she saw it just now.  When she was foiling my hair this morning I couldn’t stop laughing.  Anyway, my hair is the same colour but curlier and shorter.  It’s a change. I’ll let others decide if it’s an improvement.

I bought a bed but it won’t be delivered until July 16.

Mike SLEPT through his dentist appointment, a ferociously bad state of affairs, and I’d talk about it more except my opinions are late and useless.

I cooked roast beef with steamed carrots, long beans, broccoli, cauliflower and baked potatoes; I made GRAVY.  Ser yum.  And I fed Jeff, Keith, Kate and Paul.  Mike would have come but he feels dreffle.

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