Daxus Briggs is a child abuser

So that’s a bold statement, but let me back it up. (Oh, and by the way, Dax, since I know you drop by here once in a while to make sure all the TRUE FACTS I put on my blog about your DV which you forced my daughter to force me to take down so you could get a fucking job stay down, I’m leaving this one up, since I witnessed the effects last night. And if you complain, I’m putting all the blog posts about you assaulting Katie up, and gosh, how that will help with your claims over your son, you fucking clownbag.)

Every time Daxus Briggs is with his son, his precious, unique and amazing little boy, he LOADS HIM TO THE GILLS WITH CANDY. Literally gives him a thousand calories of candy in one go.

Little Alex comes home from Candyland twice a week and every night it’s the same thing. He screams at his mother for an hour about how he doesn’t want mac and cheese he wants candy. He hits his mother, he punches and climbs and clings and whines.


every night. Keith and Paul get to watch and hear this torture every gorram night


Daxus, your teeth are rotting in your head and you’ll have plates in less than ten years and I guess you want Alex to be the same.


Fuck you asshole.

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