I posted the first para on fb, now look what my friends said.

I have now learned what happens when you put bubble tea in the fridge overnight, and I have a big first world sad. The tapioca pearls become tasteless rabbit pellets of regret.

Kevin M said:  Yuck

Shane said :  Rabbit pellets of regret. BAHAHAHAHAH!
Diane said: Become?
Allegra Sloman said : I swear it was translucent and looked like fairy snot not six hours ago.
Andi said: And that was….better???

Juliana said:  Personally, I think it starts out that way but YMMV.
Andi said: I don’t drink lumpy drinks.

Debbie said: Man, you kill me, Allegra.

Lynn said: Interesting. I tried making bubble tea at home and wound up with a pot of lumpy tapioca paste (and no, I did not use the microwave!).

Janice said: Oh! That’s what regret tastes like!

Allegra said: Believe me, regret has *many* flavors.

Kevin said: I’ll have the rabbit pellets of regret please. Unless the leftover stir fry of soggy disappointment is on special

Lois said: Leftover stir fry of soggy disappointment……..Yum!

Erin said: That’s the best thing I’ve read all day!

Miles Vorkosigan said:  The Tasteless Rabbit Pellets of Regret is now the name of my Robin Thicke cover band.

So, about the couple ‘living Victorian’.  Three comments.

As you may know, my mOm is transcribing our ancestor’s diary. He was a lower middle class Victorian Englishman with pretensions, since he was an antiquarian and took tea with Carlyle (more than once, I’ll have you know.) He spends an inordinate amount of time diarizing about the weather, and how they had to break the ice on the wash basin in the morning, when they had infant children in the house. Damn right skippy, it freezes hard in jolly old England. Comfort was hard to come by and made much of when it occurred.

When people want to live their cosplay, I have no objections and am in fact quite envious. When I find out about their lack of technology in an article she wrote for the internet, I laugh quite heartily and my envy melts away, unless I missed something and she’s powering her server with a steam-engine. Then I’m envious again, although not of her neighbours.

Victorian birth control. Until you’ve done nappies the Victorian way (ancestors did vaccinate their kids, for what it’s worth) you have a contortionate and dreamily inaccurate view of a Victorian married woman’s life.

In which I recycle a nine year old post

Jason Fortuny
2006-09-22— Posted by: allegra

It isn’t even 5 in the morning, and I feel compelled to get up and rant already. I guess this is what happens when Paul and I, contemplating all the things we COULD be doing, vote for sleep at 8:30 in the evening. So while Paul does something socially useful, like his morning yoga exercises (how I enjoy listening to him do his yoga breathing) I’m gonna rant. From each according to his abilities, to each according to her needs. Note how a slight gender shift moves the meaning of that statement from high flown drama to a fly blown joke….


Today I’d like to rant about Jason Fortuny. I was waiting for a sign from the heavens before I should join my opinion to the mighty river of obloquy that is (crikey! I had to LOOK UP obloquy to spell it correctly – that a ranter must look up obloquy!?) the blogosphere these days, and I got it in the form of Dan Savage’s column last night.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, Jason Fortuny took a picture of a woman’s ass, and posted it on Craigslist in the “looking for sex” column as if he was a hot 25 year old submissive, ah, woman. Well he isn’t. He has had a hard life, and he recently had to sell all of his action figures (considering I’ve been reciting Weird Al Yankovic’s lyrics for White and Nerdy for the last three days, I nearly fell off my chair when I read that) to pay some debts, and he has a history of cruel pranks to look back on, but he’s not a woman, submissive or otherwise, he’s a sad boy child of 30 with a bad temper. His upbringing left him with a tragic inability to be sympathetic to anybody outside a very narrow band, so that means that any and all of us could have been on the receiving end of his bile.

And what prank did Jason Fortuny play on the almost two hundred, I’m assuming mostly men, who answered the ad, including some with their work email addresses and ‘candids’ with their faces and full frontals?

He reposted their emails and pictures to a location which became Schadenfreude’s number one hit URL.

Now, I am vanilla. I’ve always been vanilla. I will always be vanilla. I don’t like spanking or getting spanked (or being tied up or humiliated or ****** on). Causing or receiving pain during adult oriented fun and frolic is icky to me. But, like a true white liberal, I’m gonna get up on my hind legs and bleat “Some of my best friends are kinky!” and say that the thing I object to most emotionally is that Jason Fortuny didn’t pick a very useful target. Why not go after pedophiles? He claims to have been molested himself. But noooooo.

Most of the blogosphere thinks the people he picked on were scumbags who deserve to lose their jobs. Dan Savage, may he nestle in the bosom of the Parking Goddess forever, commented that most of us would not withstand a really close look at our lives. As in, “You would be hopelessly screwed if somebody took a close look at your cookies, your DVD collection, and your email history”. Amen.

I had to back up and delete a paragraph that detailed some of the bad bad things I’ve done with the company email, so let’s just take it as read. Too gross for public consumption, alas. But like Mr. Fortuny, I may be called to account someday, and I am ready.

So what precisely did Jason Fortuny do wrong? In the last analysis, nothing that isn’t self-correcting. The kink community has been served notice that if it wants to keep on trucking, it has to control its own media and messaging services, and practice ‘safe hex’; Jason himself may or may not get his head busted in or face legal consequences for his misuse of public waters, being Craigslist; self righteous Aholes with time on their hands may parse Jason’s livejournal for clues as to the motivations for his behaviour (fortunately I don’t have to, because somebody’s already done it for me. Google Jason Fortuny and you’ve got an hour’s worth of reading, some of it very disturbing indeed, in front of you); civil libertarians can bite first one hand and then the other

I for one, with my own little mind, am thinking of this as being, in a small but very real way, the beginning of the end of the free internet (like it ever was, but you know what I mean). Unless those of us who are willing to PAY for the privilege of communicating freely and without intervention using ones and zeroes get together and make a secure, distributed and functionally paranoid place to exchange information, something not susceptible to foreclosure, political pressure or theft by the Russian Mafia, we’re going to lose every inch of the pipeline we’ve come to be addicted to. Net neutrality is a chimera; anything that can be used steal your identity, clean out your bank account, sic the cops on you for no good reason, and send strangers to your door thinking they are going to be partying with your 12 year old daughter is not a NEUTRAL PLACE. It’s time for those of us who cherish liberty to REALLY pay to play, and not just fork over more cash to the US Telcos for DSL. That’s the lesson of Jason Fortuny.  Update to legal sequelae http://www.dmlp.org/threats/doe-v-fortuny (Which went on for years after this post, ed)

Various links

Chipper sent me this.  What the hell is the world coming to. It’s about a selfie triggered plane crash in Colorado, two dead.

I am very uncomfortable about the tone of this article, but it is full of facts, so caveat lector. It’s about testosterone and the enactment of masculinity. Also, trans men.

Prematurity comes with a damned high price.

Lorraine Murphy, aka thecryptosphere.com, has issued a bulletin warning Canadians not to get their DNA tested through 23andme.ca, since it means your DNA will go into databanks controlled by American law enforcement, security agencies and insurance companies.  You have been warned.

Forgot the Liposic, woke up stuck shut.  Also the machine was out of water so I feel like the Sahara down my throat too.



a quick wander ’round the web

My morning starts with the following sites:


From which we get a timelapse video of an airport.


From which I learn very little, but once in a while there’s something I follow up on.


I find some of the best stuff I repost there


A brain expansion device.  Almost all the technical ideas for my novel, including that George’s skin is made of a sandwich of carbene and two other materials which we don’t currently understand, except one of them seems to be a nested molecular spring assembly.


Hey, I just this week reconnected with the glorious Janet, who saved my ass, Paul’s ass, and the ass of the children MANY times when we were living in Montréal.  It’s one thing facebook is very good for, and if I could talk my mother into joining she’d never get any ****ing family history done she would be so busy reconnecting with rellies.


John  came home one time from Value Village with a Fark tshirt for me.  Long term fans of this blog will recollect I actually met Drew at a Vancouver Fark Party (Keith in tow).  I love him, as an idea and as a person.  ALSO, IT WAS THE ONE SPORTS BAR IN VANCOUVER I EVER WENT TO WHERE THE  ASPECT RATIO WAS SET CORRECTLY ON **EVERY**SINGLE**TV**  So really it was a lot like getting struck by lightning, while drinking with a crowd of new friends.


Cause I like gossip, yo.


Where I get my sf media fix.


The snarkiest and most hypocritical site on the net, viz feminism.  Really feministing.com is better, but I keep getting lost in the comments thread.


Good info and hucksterism jostling for clickspace


Most of the filkers I know are on it.


Local news which I grab and repost for local peeps on facebook


ERMA GERD.  So much links, so much clickyness


I’ve been following them since they were a little breathless puppy of a newssite


Nicer than 4chan, worse than cleaning out a pedophile’s garage.  A black hole for time, energy and the will to live.


Most of the time I don’t understand the links, but it’s educational when I do


Self-indulgent and unclear as to its audience, but I find original reporting in there which makes it worth it.


How terse can I be?  It’s a puzzle

and I often make sidetrips to


Very happy to see PZ Myers has unequivocally opposed Richard Dawkins on his fiat statement on the abortability of genetically non-normative fetuses. To posit that the correct moral stance is to abort the fetus is yet another vomit stain on Dawkins’ fratbro drunkard’s walk through the pubcrawl of contemporary ethics.

icanhazcheeseburger.com OH LOOK DOGE

visualnews.com PRETTY PICKCHURS


thecryptosphere.com/ – a site started by Lorraine Murphy, a local journo and online buddy.




The why is the (territory) so ….. meme, for Canuckistan

Why is BC so expensive?
Why is the Yukon so sparsely populated?
Why are the Northwest Territories not a province?
Why is Alberta so cold?
Why is Nunavut so unpopulated?
Why is Saskatchewan so cold?
Why is Manitoba so cold?
Why is Ontario insurance so expensive?
Why is Quebec so corrupt?
Why is New Brunswick so poor?
Why is Nova Scotia so poor?
Why is PEI or Prince Edward Island not part of this meme at all as far as I can tell?
Why is Newfoundland so foggy?

Now that was amusing. Your google search results may vary….

I just walked 3.5 kilometres doing errands

I paid for Katie’s storage (and it’s great I won’t have to do that much longer), I mailed my application to be a busker at the post office, and I turned in my plates for my car insurance refund.  It isn’t much, but the last two days represent the first time money has come into the house that my fOlks didn’t give me in many moons. I did take the bus for 2.4 k up the hill from the insurance co to the storage co., but given how my feet are singing and how that is about a 300 foot elevation gain I am not really beating myself up over it.

I am now pleasantly weary and thinking about the next thing on my to do list.

And hoping it doesn’t actually involve, you know, standing up.


This is a very rude and funny commentary website on how top heavy webdesign is these days.


Good morning composing  via phone. As a consequence, there May B some inconsistencies in how  text this s.  Katie is returned from her trip 2 Capital m mission . Today we finalize our submission 2 Fraser health I 40 . I said awesome for a key. I said austerity. I said a sorority. I said assorti no that’s not it I said Authority. Thank you.