There’s a time and a place for everything

But as long as I have family to talk to I don’t have to put ALLLL my bs here.

Keith said SO IN THIS FASCIST RERUN SCENARIO are we Poland or Czechoslovakia and sayeth me “You Know We’re Poland. We’re going to get ground between two superpowers, China and the US, with Russia picking at scraps, and there’s not much we can do about it”. and “Well, we’re not going to be ALLOWED to be Switzerland.”

I’m so angry at the typos in the fic I’m reading on AO3 right now even though it’s a charming slow burn fic I’m shutting it down.


fuck the police in Akkadian, thanks to @antthegay on twitter

technically it’s may the policemen be destroyed but who’s quibbling

Laughed my ass off at this next one:

r/vancouver - give this badass his space please

Text on a sticker on a dogshit brown Chevy Van (perfection!) BACK OFF I’m from Surrey. stolen from reddit

As an aside, the first joke I ever heard about the Vancouver area was about Surrey. “What’s the difference between Surrey and a bus shelter?” “If you really had to, you could live in a bus shelter.” Yes, I am aware this joke has racist, classist, and ‘wrong side of the bridge’-ist implications.


The day is here for me to have my test. Whether I’m actually going to get it or not given the various fuckups is an interesting and as yet open question.

Read something on twitter this morning and I’m having to sit with my settler anger. Indigenous activist says that settlers ‘can’t decolonize anything’

and of course that’s why I have sixers do it.

Colonialism is a hell of a drug.

Someone I follow on twitter got a job. They’re the sole support for a disabled partner and I’ve already donated a few shekels to them so it is absolutely lovely news. Also, I’ve learned to hate the debt collection people in Austria thanks to them.

From @nelsonlflores on twitter


I have returned from taking my test, I await with interest to see if I passed or failed, and I’m also having a colon cancer screening done this week but all I have to do is provide a teeny piece of poo for the health care system so I can manage that.

Did a small shop and some banking on the way home, and then took the bus; after all, it is international car free day.

I can see the bridge

I can finally see the Sto:lo bridge from my back window again…. it’s been the best part of a week. AQI is 24, about as good as urban air gets in these parlous times.

Two loads of laundry plus the dishes yesterday, plus restringing Smokey. We’re still cursing an intermittent blue streak about the intermittent leaking of the dishwasher but no solid ideas.

Buster trained hard this morning, three paw claps and a couple of bounce and chase, and really focussed. Between having his fleas dealt with and the better air he’s def got more of a tigger-sproing in his step.

Le Mans has started and Jeff’s well-ensconced.


Muppet Bison

what am I doing for Indigenous people

This is in response to a rather plaintive tweet.


I acknowledge their relationship to their lands, whether peculiar to them or shared by treaty with their neighbours. I acknowledge this is a relationship I can’t share and should never try to profit from, or try to harm in any way.

I acknowledge and celebrate their cultural contributions to the global store house of ideas, practices and technologies.

I acknowledge their right to their artifacts, the bodies of their dead wherever tomb raiders have stolen them away to, and their traditional folkways, even if I object to some because I’m squeamish or elitist.

I acknowledge and celebrate their right to remove artifacts from where they are not being cared for properly to the care of their own people.

I pay them for their work, their art, their beading, their poetry, their books. I wear their art.

I know whose lands I live in and upon (Qayqayt, Musqueam, Squamish, Tsawwassen, Semiahmoo, Stó:lō – among others), and want to know more each year I live here. I read about it, but mostly I listen on social media to what the locals say about their land, when they walk around on it, when they catch salmon upon it, when they hunt and harvest on it, when they just live their lives and re-watch their favourite shows and worry about their children. The word ownership does not describe and can’t describe how they are about their land; stewardship makes it sound like there’s a bigger boss you need to turn the reins over to, if he ever shows up, and it’s always a guy; custody makes it sound like you can put a fence around it or secure it somehow; all these concepts endeavour to make land into parcels and people into atomized parcels of factions, forever at war with their neighbours, instead of sharing an immense bounty of ocean, river, land and sky. Anyway, English doesn’t have a word for it and can’t; it’s a failing and not a useful one.

I support language revitalization in word and deed.

I spit on blood quantum. Only their modern requirements for membership in their particular nation, informed by tradition and agreed upon within the nation, are any basis for being members of any Indigenous band, tribal or national group. Judicial measures regarding membership imposed by settlers are some bullshit, and should be dropped into the sun with a bow tied ’round them.

I support charities which bring culturally appropriate Indigenous teachings about sexuality, gender and consent to Indigenous youth.


I would abolish the RCMP and put a stop to the (estimated) three billion dollars those fuckers check out of the government purse every year to have carte blanche to kill, rape, and beat Indigenous people IN A HEARTBEAT.  We could promise the best education in the world to every Indigenous student in Canada (and the settler kids too sure) with that money, and the dent it would make in structural inequality couldn’t be measured.

I support abolition of the police and the end of incarceration except where a legitimate safety hazard (harm to self, harm to others, absence of self-care endangering life) exists and even then I dunno.

I do not idolize one particular nation over another. I am partial to certain aspects of Cree, Inuit, Mohawk, Haida, Blackfoot and Plateau artwork and traditions, but I don’t smudge my house or have a dream catcher or disrespect anyone’s regalia by touching or coveting it or stealing the design or mocking it or wearing it as a cheeseball Halloween costume.

I do not believe that if their lands were restored the first thing the Indigenous would do is kick me off. The cops, the bankers, the real estate agents, maybe, but as long as I upheld their rules, I doubt I’d be kicked off, and I’d go quietly if I was.

I follow Indigenous progress and revitalization in Canada, the US, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and to a lesser extent Asia, Central and South America, and Africa.

That’s all I can think of for now. It isn’t much, but I’m tired of thinking I’m not doing enough so I thought I’d make a list.



Disney Princess not

So a chickadee at Fraser Foreshore Park tried to cadge food out of me – twice, and I was still chuckling when an elderly German lady and her daughter/caregiver came along the path and held up a flicker feather, so I identified it for her, and she went along her way blessing me, so that was weird.

SO MUCH COYOTE SCAT, one lot was black as tar and shiny.

Saw a heron perched at the little pond. Went and looked at the mighty Stô:Lō from the Glenlyon observation platform.

After, took Paul to the Pho Hong and picked up some more cactus soil and little pots as the babies all germinated. Like….. all in the same day. Germination rate of over 90 percent for two year old seed, so that was nice. They’re all in pots now and I put them outside after getting the soil nice and saturated.

Indigenous map of Burnaby AND recipe for vegan lentil soup

check it out!

and did you know there are petroglyphs in the Stô:Lō region?

Jeff’s off to Saanich. I sent him off with some Yorkshire Gold tea to share, as it really is quite nice.

Today, some recording, I hope, and a chance to see the kids.

Practiced a little and ate two bowls of the thin lentil soup I made this morning.


Into the pot I throw

2 cups of meticulously sorted and rinsed red lentils

10 cups of water

3 thinly sliced garlic cloves

2 heaping teaspoons of vegan bouillon (from a jar)

3 cm of ginger, sliced thin and then coarsely chopped

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

1/2 teaspoon fenugreek

1 teaspoon cumin

2 cinnamon sticks

1/2 lime, meticulously rinsed and de-freezer-burned because of course you’re like me and buy those spendy suckers on sale and cut ’em in half and freeze ’em because some variant on this recipe will now go into your heavy rotation

1 whole tomato, cored

I do not know how much ground turmeric, at least a teaspoon. I shook and shook and stirred and stirred and it was finally the ‘right’ colour.

Instapot for 20 minutes

remove the tomato; remove its skin; smush and return to pot

remove the lemon; remove its rind; smush and return to pot

remove the cinnamon sticks

Stir but not like you’re getting paid to and devour. As you eat it you will get little flavour blasts of tomato and ginger and garlic and lime and the mouth feel on this one is just superb.


I simply must freeze some and get it over to Paul and Mike and the kids if they have any interest.



political action of the day

MAILED IT TODAY June 10 when Jeff and I went for a walk. Then we ordered pizza and watched Time Team.


June 9, 2020

Gina Nicoli-Moen
Superintendent of Schools
Board of Education
Burnaby School District 41
5325 Kincaid Street
Burnaby BC V5G 1W2

Dear Ms. Nicoli-Moen,

Please listen to your Black and Indigenous students and remove the RCMP from their current roles, including attending career days, in Burnaby schools.

<—– my request

I would support this action as a Burnaby voter, parent of two former School District 41 students who commented frequently on racial tension at their school, and politically curious person who is speculating why it is that everyone on the senior management team of your organization is white, when Burnaby is not a majority white city.

<—– my cred, with a boot to the ass in the last sentence and there’s NO FUCKING WAY I’m telling you which school, although ten bucks says someone who reads this letter checks the records

With my hopes you and your loved ones will stay safe during the pandemic,

<—– despite my distaste for cops in schools, I bear you no personal ill will



Now I have to print it and find an envelope and sign it and post it so this is a draft until I actually move


she gets a star trek stamp, I’m thinking JANEWAY … fuck I love myself sometimes  ha ha used Sisko instead


so allegra has been arguing for the decertification of police unions and the stripping of pension funds for quite a while.

In the UPSUN books, when the elders formally get the land back, they have already brought the Vancouver Police Department to its knees.

  1. they’ve presented the VPD with a much abbreviated code of conduct and a list of all the infractions which are actually supposed to be attended on by the police hint hint it doesn’t line up with the CCofC (the sixers stole all the private police documents about disciplinary hearings and community relations, too and published them on the main sixer site, so the cops start off their relationship with Stô:Lō on their back foot)
  2. a lot of cops left town at the hand-off…. they saw the writing on the wall. between 1/4 million people fleeing the lower mainland convinced that the takeover will ruin the city (besides destroying their investments) and the news that violent cops will be disciplined, much yeeting occurs. which means there are fewer police
  3. they’ve instituted dismissal proceedings for every cop with a misconduct complaint involving custodial and domestic violence, stalking, racism, sexism, homophobia and misuse of public funds, and you get two flavours of dismissal; one involves getting your police pension, and the other involves trying to sue the city, in which case you don’t get your pension and you get fired, ha ha ha. NEXT!
  4. Even if you aren’t dismissed, you have to RESWEAR YOUR OATH OF OFFICE to the people of Stô:Lō, NOT THE QUEEN, NOT THE ELDERS
  5. Most police are disarmed. They have pepper spray and truncheons, and thasssallll folks. Armed police must requalify every sixty days and stay clean as a whistle in terms of public complaints. Police are not required to carry weapons. Police not carrying weapons who are injured in the course of their duties get all medical expenses, no questions asked.
  6. All police have their names, stations, photos in AND out of uniform and badge numbers available to the public for reference purposes (the idea of a perp book for cops was too delicious to resist)
  7. The pension plan is now controlled and directed outside of Canada so the feds can’t fuck with it (Iceland, gotta love Iceland).
  8. Police are no longer required to wear full uniforms to work. They need a hat and a badge for identification. (beaded badges come into fashion, and indicate various things about the specific police)
  9. Police are allowed to take second jobs, mostly training cops from other police forces about how to deal with sixers. They are not allowed to provide security services for pay, though.
  10. There are number of places, including the expanded Chinese embassy grounds, where the cops don’t go.
  11. AND OF COURSE, if you want to complain about it, you get to go to the Justice Longhouse of Stô:Lō, where two of the judges are elders and one of them is a sixer, and court runs 24/7 and you have to stay put until your case is called, and there are no lawyers who understand how the court works who aren’t Indigenous, so best of colonial luck with that, pal.

Reconciliation is impossible at this rate

once again they’re talking about one of the biggest resources and lifelines in all of Coast Salish country and not af word about Indigenous land management

I mean … if I was the benevolent dictator of Vancouver I’d kill every single building permit in the flood plain DEAD and I’d offer incentives to relocate businesses into areas that are safer not just for floods but quakes too… but it ain’t my call.

Just want to mention that the glaciers we depend on for the Fraser will be gone in 50 years at this rate so spending billions now is horseshit of colossal size and may all be moot after whatever political shifts we get from the pandemic anyway.

Wonderful Christmas film



Almost 100 years old! no work no more

Tammy is here for Christmas, yay! I’m going with her to Granville Island today.

If you’re near water and have a drum, beat it in solidarity with the Idle No More movement at 11 am today (PST).

Now, the laundry before I leave for downtown.  Tammy’s mum has already told me where to park for free at Granville Island… but I’ve lived in Vancouver 15 years and I already know.  Tee hee.

I get to see a gospel concert in the next couple of days.  I am a bit foggy on when and where, but I’m hoping I don’t have to drive too far.

It’s time for me to start practicing my Compost song for the sermon in January.