1 Upsun Trilogy

A secretive alien whose ancestors mysteriously arrived on Earth thousands of years ago reveals his own existence and that of his species to garner the support he needs to live and work in space.  Along the way, he fights his upbringing, City Hall and Russian black ops, becomes a father, and teams with a carefully chosen but politically suspect group of human friends and scientists eager to turn his unique biology into the killer app of the twenty-first century.

The trilogy will consist of Upsun, Sweep Off The Waves, and Hair Sinister. As of this writing the first two novels are complete and awaiting final edits and self-publication.

Upsun introduces most of the characters and follows George through his planning and recruitment for O-day – the day he reveals his existence.

Sweep Off The Waves puts George back where he started, while the scientists attempt to figure out exactly what it is the aliens are made of and how they can commercialize what they’ve learned, and while his mate struggles with a difficult and unprecedented pregnancy. His human friends have their struggles too.

Hair Sinister, the end of the trilogy but not of the series (continuation of which will be set in 2075) follows some of the children as they live, work and play, and his human friends as they learn to live with the new normal. George’s ability to flatter, browbeat, bribe and socially engineer his way to his own idiosyncratic definition of success is tested to the breaking point.