The Upsun Series

Midnite Moving Co. (novel)

Set in 2013, it tells how Jesse and George meet and become partners in a boutique moving company in Metro Vancouver, and how George turns over his portion of the business to his cousin Michel, inadvertently making Jesse the subject matter expert in working with aliens.

Status: preparing for publication on Leanpub. Installments appeared weekly on during the fall of 2016. You can read the completed story on

Upsun Trilogy (three novels)

Set in 2015 and 2016, the Upsun Trilogy consists of Upsun, Sweep Off Those Waves and Hair Sinister, which chronicle the massive conspiracy George constructs to allow him to get into space.

Status: written, undergoing edits. Publishing date for Sweep Off Those Waves and Hair Sinister is now 2020.

Kima the Salvor (novel)

Set in 2212, during the height of the exploitation of Earth’s Solar System, it chronicles how Sixers have assisted – for a fee – colonization of the habitable worlds, and exploration of everything inside the heliopause.

Status: storyboard.

Whither Proteus (novelette)

Set in the same time period as Kima the Salvor, it follows one of George and Kima’s children as he tries to find a way to live and prosper on a gas giant.

Status: storyboard.


Set after 2020, it’s the schooling and career of Dóri (Doofus) the sixer lawyer.

Status: storyboard