Happy full

Today was a good day. I was supposed to do something this evening and I even paid for a ticket, but I got Alex snuggles and a homecooked meal instead. And hugs.

Also I got Liz to read Midnite Moving Co. ha ha ha.

I reread it. It’s really funny, still holds up like I remember it, writing it in a fire of productivity and complete certainty what I was going to do next….

really pleasant day at work

I got a lot of work done, worked alone for a while without panicking, did a lot of shredding, folded some laundry, showed off my NYRB letter to the boss lady, and closed up and locked the office by myself for the first time.

Jeff found the dead rat and removed it. Watching TV has returned to being a pleasant activity.

I have a four year old grandson. I mean, developmentally he’s been four about six months, but it clicked over. Don’t know when I’ll hear from them for the birthday gathering, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m working on a new fic and continuing to edit HS.

late night tonight

I’m working late tonight as there’s a meet and greet that I am supposed to profitably attend… so I’m going in a bit late. I’ll prob’ly be home around 8 since I can’t imagine not stopping for food, so Jeff eat that last chicken breast…. To celebrate that I don’t have to leave the house until 8:30 I have put on two loads of laundry.

Something dead has decided to be smelly in the pinball room. All part of having Buster bring new friends home.

Found out Katie nearly died in a workplace accident in the last week. Man, there’s nothing like that to reduce your current complaints to one damned sharp point.


moar news

Jeff continues to be awesome, which is what you say about someone when you’re not precisely sure how much money you owe them, although you know you’ll square up shortly…

Keith is wonderful.

Don’t know about Alex and Katie. In the run up to my grandson’s 4th bday all I can say is THANK THE EVERLIVING AND EVERLOVING SPIRIT OF DAVID BOWIE that I raised my family to NOT GIVE A SHIT about birthdays; making it VERY AND EXTREMELY CLEAR that contentment throughout the year means more than performative, competitive, expensive and ultimately vainglorious birthday parenting, so not only do I NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE ONE GODDAMNED THING for my grandson – true in the normal course of events – but I don’t have to feel *guilty* about it. SUP WELL ON THIS WISDOM AND MAY THE MEAL GIVE YOU STRENGTH WHEN YOU NEED IT.

mOm’s home

yay yay yay etc hoorah

She’s well enough to be coherently telling family stories; I include the coherently for pOp’s benefit.

I popped into Ted’s office – same building as me can you believe it? he was Keith’s first boss when he gradded and talked to the receptionist D. and honestly, it was nice to see how well Keith was remembered.

Popped into Pinball Alley. I may unload some stuff there, but the reason I went in was to source a cute piece of neon. Found half a dozen things in there that were at the fOlks’ place before the trek west. Sigh. Nostalgia weighs a ton, seriously.


grossly normal

That’s going to be name of my netflix comedy show, see if it isn’t.

Anyway, those were the results. Whatever was wrong has resolved, and it either won’t come back or it’ll be obvious next time, either way, joy.

mOm comes home today. I bet everybody is completely relieved.

Somebody who really likes destiel fic must have recommended me somewhere, because my kudos had dropped off to nothing and now suddenly I have three more subscribers and I’m getting four or five hits a day and comments again, which is lovely.

philosophers have a cafe?

Went to the Philosopher’s Café Keith moderated last night (and why not, it was 15 bus stops from work) and it turns out I work in the same building as his first boss after he graduated as an optician. Vancouver really is the world’s biggest small town.

It was interesting, but I got to spend some time with Keith in a setting I don’t normally see him in so I’m thoughtful today.

I worked through another chapter of HS… getting closer.

Doc this morning.

winter bits

So some midwife in the UK has announced that your *** gets dry in the winter and it affects your sex life and I CAN HARDLY WAIT  to get to work to hear what a number of the smartest women I know, being midwives, will have to say about that. IT WILL BE AMUSING AT THE VERY LEAST.

I am feeling way better than I did on Saturday morning and am now looking forward to oatmeal, coffee and a shower before I try to get into work maybe twenty minutes early.

Working away on edits for HS for a few minutes this morning.


Managed to get a visit in with Mike but I asked him to drive me home yesterday morning since I felt absolutely disgusting. There’s a chest cold going around but this wasn’t it – More like this.

Mike has learned the guitar part for Ancient Stones from Skyrim. <—- you have no idea how impressive this is. He’s working from this.  I’ve got the music and tabs and will try to do something on the mando to go with.

Had three bouts of chills and fever at home, slept until 2:30 pm, watched some tv with Jeff, crashed out again.

I’m feeling better this morning, thank goodness. I have to wonder what the hell would have happened to me if I *hadn’t* got the shingles shot – I’d probably be screaming in pain and contagious as hell, as if I hadn’t already been the world’s worst roomie for the last month.

I was watching tv with Jeff last night and thought about my grandma, and how she spent years and years telling her doctor how much her eyes hurt and then I realized if she had a recurring non lesion shingles attack going on in her eyes it would make a certain amount of sense. The pain would be incredible, and there’d be no external evidence and no cure. And it would be worse when she was stressed, which would make her look crazy.

Aw grandma, you were always anxious af but you were never full on crazy.

Anyway mOm’s doing great; with all the weirdness she wasn’t going to get her preferred surgeon and there was a cancellation and poof she got the right guy. HORSESHOES in an UNTIDY LOCATION. Recovery will start when she gets home within the next 72.

Brekky with Jeff and Keith in a coupla hours.

My favourite fanfic rec site died sometime during the night. Someone’s not paying their host I guess.

I’ve been working away on edits for Hair Sinister, and honestly it’s a way better book, and more entertaining, than I thought it was. So there’s that.

not much sleep

Yesterday I felt like I had a wasp nest inside my chin. The paresthesias I’m experiencing, now that I know that they represent an annoyance rather than a death threat, are almost entertaining.

My mOm is in the krankenhaus. We expect her to return, Baba Yaga risen, within a few days. It will be her twelfth surgery. I told her it was a mighty comfort to an anaesthesiologist to know she takes gas like a champ and wakes up all present and correct. Further details as events warrant. I would like at this time to thank Barbara, a friend of my mOm’s, who brought her knitting and cookies in hospital. Through my mOm on the phone I conveyed that I love her! Yeah, I’m a sap.

My hours at work are now full days MWF. I don’t have a problem not working straight days; I personally think this is good to work me up for full time, because let me tell you, my colleague on the admin side earns every fricking penny of her salary plus she has to train a slowcoach like me. I’m going to be good and pack a lunch today. I’m going to try to tempt Jeff into this part of town to get doubles for lunch sometime, cause there’s a Trini lunch counter literally steps from work.

It’s a very chi chi part of town. When I’m better acquent I’ll do a neighbourhood review.

Updated the blurb at the beginning of Hair Sinister and sent it off to mOm at about the same time the doc gave her the news; I was sitting here wondering why she hadn’t called or emailed to comment when she called from the hospital.

No Alex so far this week, I’m starting to feel uneasy about that.

Slept 11 hours again

Given that this is during a time of the month I usually have insomnia, let’s assume that working full time, putting a cat down, having bizarre and frightening neurological symptoms, living next door to a construction site since May and two personal issues (which I’ve discussed with my intimates but don’t belong on my blog) have contributed to a localized exhaustion.

I feel okay, my eyes are telling me I was very smart to sleep that long; my right eye is not all resentful.

I can hear Jeff playing with Buster in the kitchen. I should get up and take him to breakfast; him putting up with my vagaries the last little while deserves some kind of acknowledgement.

slept 11 hours

I’m a little bummed that the timing doesn’t really work out for me to hang with Alex at the pool tonight unless I really hustle and make all my connections.

Went to bed at 7:30 without supper, woke up at 6 am. I was obviously exhausted.

You can picture, I hope, my despair and self-questioning. I do have something wrong with my tongue. Nothing, according to the doctor, shows up in the imaging, for which 800 dollars was paid. It’s still hard to swallow and I’m still getting tingling and numbness and pain. But I should lose weight, right?

Okay, medicine, there’s nothing there. I’m imagining things. I’ll do my very very best to stop having symptoms, since they’re inconvenient, and I’ll stop talking about it too, since that’s inconvenient. I’m just a stupid hypochondriac, and the next time I have something imaginarily wrong with me I’ll find a fraud to treat me since legitimate medicine has nothing to say.

I wish I wasn’t so tired all the time these days. Honestly I feel like I can barely lift my legs as I’m climbing the stairs at the Skytrain Station at the end of the day; really glad that the job doesn’t involve much movement.

and hey the ERM is open source and CANADIAN woo hoo

Paul called last night asking to go for a walk and I just cracked up. Walked to Tim Horton’s yesterday morning with Jeff and then walked for half an hour at lunch and there’s about a k and half of walking for the transit, to and from, so yeah, I laughed. I literally rose from that conversation and went to bed.