Quiet day

At least I didn’t spend the whole day napping! Finally had a continuous night of sleep. Paul took the bus to Seattle so I’m excused duty until he comes back.

MUST DO LAUNDRY TODAY it’s mission critical.

Did my first neurographic art yesterday. It was okay but when I hacked a couple of inches off one end it looked much better. Here is a botato (potato as said by a fictional Minion, a ‘potato’ picture is a crappy picture which still gets the point across) picture of one:

particularly like the centre bug, it’s so meaningful to me and makes no sense. Anyone notice the Among Us callout?

this is called ‘the kneeling gardener’ or ‘superposition’ and I did it a couple of days ago.

shit people shit policy

From today’s Sun “Internal emails at Vancouver city hall in the days leading up to April’s dismantling of the Downtown Eastside encampment show that officials knew there would not be enough beds to shelter people who were displaced.”

Let’s pile another notion onto this dreadful fact:  that thousands of more people will become unhoused in Vancouver – many of them children experiencing their first, and on the basis of statistics, not likely their last experience of having no stable shelter AND MORE PEOPLE KEEP MOVING HERE EVERY DAY … and tourist season is coming so there’s less housing stock because of the AirBnB units that have kicked out long term tenants.

morning haiku set

grating on your skin
you tense; relaxing you think
it was just sugar

pour out your coffee
onto the firestorm of news
and remark, ‘no change’

the moon, thank goodness
is no longer a pale green
I guess that’s something

Yesterday the moon was green when I got up. I went to look at ‘the Strawberry Moon’ and got a sickly looking moon, scary as hell. If it’s truly an omen for the strawberry moon – the month upcoming – I’m holding myself in braced posture for a lousy time.

The summer will be hot and dry, and that means full of fire and smoke. I just had a vision of Vancouver on fire. Under exceptionally bad conditions we could have urban fires in Vancouver (remember 25 percent of Burnaby is parkland and open space…) and I just had a vision of standing on the back deck and hearing the cops on bullhorns trying to get people out of their houses…. I need to do something else. Sigh.

Russia has repelled a Ukrainian counterattack.

Absolutely none of my Ukrainian and western correspondents are saying this. How easy it is to successfully repel a counterattack that never happened!

However I’m DEFINITELY hearing desperate and very concerning rumblings about a planned ‘event’ by the Russians at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant TO COINCIDE with a Ukrainian counterattack, to get everyone in the west so upset they –I don’t know —  start dancing with the lizard people in their tightie whities while saying nasty things about Zelenskyy, mebbe??  who the hell knows with the Russian strategists right now, they have a century long playbook of assorted misinformation, genocide plus deeply personally vicious tyrannical AND casually banal state actions to pull plays from.

Russia’s ‘many arms in many sleeves’ tactic for its mis/dis campaigns is now extending to SOLICITING SCHOOL CHILDREN to go on podcasts, video streaming and TV platforms to ‘report’ on the ‘military operation’ ie be the next generation of propagandists. These poor kids and their parents are going to be dog meat when the war’s over. I’d like to warn them but no one can.

Jeff and I continue to rewatch Elementary and Stargate Atlantis, are into S2 of LawnOrder, S4 of Medium, and are dipping into Archer, Disenchantment (Eric André voicing Luci and Nat Faxon voicing Elfo are always standouts), Time Team and a couple of other shows.

two items

From my ancestor’s diary via mOm:

 September  8th  1862    Today about 5:15 PM went into W. Sutton’s Office and told him that I had a concern to lay before him which had rested on my mind for a long while, in reference to his practices in his business, that there was so much that partook of Covetousness that I often felt uneasy in my mind in being so nearly associated with it.  Much more I said, so that I fully relieved my mind and hope he will as I told him consider these things as they brought the Truth into disrepute and was a stumbling block on the way of those who may incline to our Principles.  He heard me through and was very indignant but I took no notice although he said I was “demented,” etc.  He expressed a desire for me to leave, and it is agreed that I leave him 3 months from this date.


second item

over the last week it has been my privilege to see two family friends eating and drinking from the last remnants of the ironstone set from Granny Rivett. Suzanne drank tea and Mike used the platter to serve the meal he cooked us.

And he washed it after. He said, “You have no idea how hard I worked to neither drop nor chip it.” I thanked him profusely. What a guy. I’m so lucky.

i’ve been sitting in the sun

but not at Vantan, one thing, another, the whole Dinsdale stale trail of when plans go awry. I shall be crispy tonight. Jeff said I looked a trifle sunned. I heard stunned but you know how siblings are. (That did not, in fact, happen.)

However Mike came over and cooked supper outside on a campstove and it was nom nommity yes indeedy. Gai lan and beef&onions, over rice, mochi balls to finish. For whatever reason Buster who has in past been his devoted fan, wouldn’t go near him. He’s been fine but weird lately.

Knoweth how to party, Mike, in any event. Jeff had two whole beers. (I am drinking de-alcoholized, as is Mike. The cannabis was stylishly abundant I will leave it at that.)

He is now cleaning up, the Mobile 8th Wonder of the World.

We’ll reconvene over John Wick 4.

I was tired yesterday

I slept SO much yesterday, I think I napped twice. I feel fine this morning, and my brain is pretty clear.

Finally started reading the novella Glenn sent me. My roundtuit is busted I reckon.

Off to the Save-On for foodicles this morning.

Mike’s going to pick me up to go to Vantan sometime this morning. Yinkies, time to do a load or two of laundry.

D Roti Shak for shrimp curry yesterday. DAMN IT IS SO GOOD. I think if I was forced to only choose one way to eat spuds for the rest of my life, it would be the Caribbean style aloo. HAPPY SIGH.

Everybody have a good day now! I’m going to get some sun where the sun ain’t been since the pandemic started…

Not much happening

I think I’ll go spend a couple of hours helping Paul pack today.

Mike says we may go to Vantan, the private members naturist club up at Mt. Fromme, this weekend, weather depending.

Really looking forward to it. Place is completely off grid – even the hot tub is wood fired.

Membership requires 10 hours of work each year or a donation of cash or kind if you can’t work.

drugs achieved

Paul and I ran errands, walked at Fraser Foreshore (the bird song was well nigh deafening, no joke), and Paul got an early lunch at Foreshore restaurant (he had the manhattan style chowder and the schnitzel on a portuguese bun, I just had coffee because I’d had an enormous breakfast). I reupped the amilzide.

It’s now 2 in the afternoon and I am contemplating how best to spend the rest of my day. I was supposed to help Paul with his packing but bowed out. We had a good time; Paul and I were both stiff old crocks but we had a lovely day.

SADLY some MOTHERFUCKER backed into the Echo and now the left rear tail light is cracked and the trunk lid is fucked up (still closes). I have no idea when that happened, but I think it happened when we were parked; it wasn’t busted Monday when I drove Lois to the airport.

120GLP – worst and rudest driver in Burnaby this morning. Hey White Audi driver thanks for completely supporting everything I already thought about Audi drivers. And Fuck You most sincerely.

it’s all good

Drove Lois to the airport. Paul came along. He figured Keith could do it but I hadn’t had a chance to chinwag with her and that was very kind.

His will has been witnessed and his mail redirected to the right person in the family. Lois seemed to be taking herself to task for not getting much in the way of packing done. I am sure Keith and Kate are looking at each other and thinking that Paul signing a lease and getting his paperwork taken care of is a fucking miracle, and that anyone who thinks they could have done more in four days is being, you know, unduly hard on themselves.

Today Paul and I will go for a walk.