everything’s got spin, and the spin is in

TFW you want to boast on social media about a gaming accomplishment – but the real point is that it would be virtually impossible for someone with early onset dementia to do what you just did. I broke 5 minutes, I broke 5 minutes AND took 20 seconds off my most recent record. yay Sherlock, my favourite puzzle game for MORE THAN 30 YEARS.

I was supposed to write somebody a letter today…. I’m going to clutch the negligibly small sore spot on my flu shot arm and plead that all I want to do today is vote. Also, there are leftovers, I got mild peri sauce Barcelo chicken yesterday and I found it absolutely delicious.

Various physical signs in my body indicate that my liver is much happier with me eating less carbs and sugar. I still don’t have any way to check my blood sugar. A diabetic friend is really happy with her implant (she’s lost weight in a healthy way, she has needle-like accuracy on her sugars) but I’m hoping to turn the boat around still, so we’ll see.

I reviewed my schedule of habits to develop and I think for the next week I’m going to concentrate on drinking enough water. So every time the clock shows a multiple of three, I should drink a third of a litre of water at minimum, and make less than half my daily liquid consumption tea. Let’s see if I can get this habit established! I’m very well established with an evening routine, so I’m happy about that, and I’ve also stopped looking at the computer at bedtime, which means sleep starts faster and I’m not doomscrolling right before bed.

In the morning, the wifi doesn’t talk to my laptop from 4 am to 7 am. I get much more done in terms of writing, editing and letter writing now during that period since I’m not making myself unpleasant on twitter the entire time. That’s usually the time I mail the letter, if I leave the house for that purpose.

Murder hornet found in BC. How jolly.

Moose eating pumpkin. 

Okay I’ll be thinking about this one for a while:


text accompanying a ‘Lower Decks’ graphic: Star Fleet Academy should not be in SF. There’s no canonical indication that the land was ever returned and military school on stolen land is a military occupation.

Voting Day

So I get to take a walk down the hill to vote today in a church. I will take the folding seat and my voting card.

During the Poop Patrol I did not train Buster for more than a minute, so hopefully we’ll be back on the training today. He was showing indications yesterday of missing it. Or the treats.

Totally sold on Kim’s Convenience now, plus every time I see those big blue street signs from Toronto I nearly die of nostalgia.

Highest daily total of new infections ever in the us, something stupid, over 80K.

When I think about the flu pandemic in 1918-19, the scientists fought against it without having a complete understanding of the disease, recommending masks because they worked, even if we didn’t understand exactly how; now we understand viral diseases a lot better but social distancing and people staying home doesn’t work for capitalism so we end up with shills for capitalism standing in front of the press and saying everything’s cool……….. cool cool cool.

gee mOm

Had an absolutely hilarious email convo with my mOm this morning, and I can’t even repeat it, but I will say it had something to do with my own mother forgetting when my birthday is. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LOOK INTO NEXT MONTH AND DON’T PUT THE CALENDAR BACK TO THIS MONTH, mOm.

I made vegan pizza. I can’t tell the difference, so yay soy mozzarella.

Supernatural was meh.

Jeff and I are going to take a walk to various errand-y things in the neighbourhood. (later… it was fucking SNOWING when we went out so car was taken… got my flu shot, Jeff provided a Buster poop for the vet to perform augurious duties over)



went for a walk with Paul


scraping up my confetti

Sorry, the post title is a reference only my mOm will get.

I am so angry and sad I don’t have much place for it. Tom’s situation is not good. He’s very ill, and he’s being treated, and Peggy is being calm and realistic, which means shit’s very hard indeed. More I cannot say; I am communicating privately with the people we’re close to who are also close to Tom at Peggy’s behest, and it’s not jolly.

The Lekki Gate massacre in Nigeria…. it’s terrible. But protesting police violence has a price the world over…. that shouldn’t be death and disfigurement.

Flu shot at pharmacy and televisit with doc today.

Later – I’m feeling like maybe I do not wish to leave the house. Nope, no flu shot.

The go pro arrived, but Buster is boycotting training because we locked the cat door because Jeff needs to collect cat poop for the vet. HE IS LITERALLY ON STRIKE.

I made brown buns to go with the chili.


called Tom, no answer

called Mike, he’s alive but not great

called Dave, he sounded delightfully upbeat

Did the shop, there’s chili in the pot. I put it in the instant pot and it started burning right away so I transferred it and put it in on low over the stove.

Had my shit together enough to ask Jeff to stop at the postal outlet on the way home (different route, requires planning) and to my annoyance they moved it to London Drugs on Sixth. GRRRR I need stamps for my letters for mah peeeeeps!

I’m thinking of fish for lunch or dinner, depending. for the halibut.

Trying to get my self together to run some laundry and wash my bedding but I’ve been going flat out since I woke up at 3:30 and now I can’t collapse because there’s something to mind on the stove.

Made 50/50 whole wheat/white flower buns yesterday, when you take a loaf’s worth of dough and form it into a little flower of seven buns, one in the middle and six all the way ’round. They came out FANTASTIC and of course I tried to eat the entire thing.

lollll Image

letters mailed

there’s one for Jan and Jim as well.

I have a lot of phone calls to make today


made one already, now I have to go to the website because they’re making it as mucky as possible to do it by phone


later – I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY APPLIED TO PHARMACARE can I just not do anything else today? but NO more work awaits! la la la and only a 600 dollar deductible.

and Buster’s going to the vet today so the morning shop’s been shifted to later in the day

News from Nova Scotia and elsewhere

I can easily believe the RCMP did nothing about a mob of whites almost killing a bunch of Indigenous fishers. But the people who are PROUD of that are  SCUM.



I am thrilled past words.

Now I know why Buster did a running&leaping paw clap this morning! He was celebrating. (He LOATHES fireworks.)

Phil Shailer of Hollywood wrote this as part of a letter to the editor in 2016



white disabled people from soapbox: thing
Black disabled people noticing: thing has context, Black people don’t experience it that way
white disabled people to Black disabled people: if you were less whiny you’d experience ableism correctly
Black disabled people: flames dot gif
the above is in response to a simply VILE twitter exchange between a relatively wealthy blind white woman and a relatively brokeass Black disabled woman
Palate cleanser:
from @theyankeeartist on twitter, Gomez tossing Morticia in the air


fic 3089 words, flowing like poop from a diaper, as in, way more easily than seems either fair or rational…. but of course when I’m writing incredibly sappy slow burn fics life is beautiful and I love unreeling the setup over a couple of chapters…. the pen just gives of itself.

letter to mOm written but not mailed

made a 75% whole wheat crust pizza with half store bought pizza sauce half storebought tomato pesto spag sauce (reduces the sugar content), mozzarella (half as much as last time, even I found the last one too much) onions olives and the very last rescuable bits of the sad tomatoes in crisper, and it was good although unlike the last time it stuck to the pan like a sonumabitch


letter to the BC Liberals this am

To whom it may concern;

I was appalled to see the ad the BC Liberals are running regarding the homeless in BC.

For your party to state that you will ‘protect’ citizens from homeless encampments when the BC Liberals’ failure to keep housing affordable, build more social housing and prevent Chinese oligarchs from using BC as a place to launder money are the major reasons homeless encampments currently exist in BC is so disingenuous, cruel and possibly evil that I am left hoping for your complete electoral destruction.

Given Whelpkinson’s gleekish performance and the entire gong show of not knowing which of your ‘candidates’ thinks abortion and contraception should be taken away from those nasty, nasty women who have nasty, nasty vaginas, it’s a good thing to wish for.

Also, congrats on formulating ads that are likely to repulse the young people you need to join your party if you’re to survive.

Fail soon,

Allegra Sloman


sludgy day

yesterday I trained Buster, did some laundry, ran the dishwasher, practiced all my instruments, worked on tunes some more, slept hard and well,
new fic 1323 words
La Niña year, so colder and snowier in parts and possibly not as rainy, we’ll see.
somebody tell Mary I said this on twitter

My ontie Mary sez: Olive oil and vinegar, but not when your scalp’s inflamed. The vinegar kills the glue that holds the nits to your hair, and the olive oil smothers the nymphs and adults. Nit comb afterward. Cheap, effective. Downside: Italians will want to eat you.

The unexpected postcard

I haven’t had enough
Can’t ask me to say when
Can’t ask me to resist
Won’t come my way again

It’s not that I am helpless
Nor that I am compelled
But that I have no words for
A way I’ve never felt

a long guitar and harmonica talking instrumental break

When you feel like you’re past hope
Past any chance for redemption
Perhaps some satisfaction
That life would get my vote
Then love comes into view
Like an unexpected postcard
Saying everything is beautiful
And soon you will be home.

fiddle on the last four lines, harmonica drops out

yes this is a destiel filk, tune exceeding dangerously sappy C&W, and it’s going along with the fic I’m working on. I am so cheesed with myself; I don’t want to leave the house, and there’s been a letter to pOp sitting there on the kitchen table for the last day. Also I’m supposed to make like lady bountiful to Paul, holed up in his motel. Tea, and beans, and whatnot.


A ratrunner is someone who drives around too fast late at night. Because of the orientation of my bedroom window – faces west – I’m listening to the ratrunners on Kingsway. Sometimes it’s a Kawasaki or similar, blasting down the hill at what sounds, from the wound up noise, like they’re doing about a ton and a bit. There are lots of crosswalks and the roadway isn’t straight, and it’s just a terrible idea.

Anyway, they were out last night, and they are usually worse on weekends.

Despite it all, I practiced good sleep hygiene. Instead of playing on my computer or brO’s phone, I did my evening routine and then slept. Woke up at 3 on the nose, so that’s 7 hours of sleep, and I only woke up to roll over and curse the ratrunners.

@see_starling on twitter made this over four years:


Looks like a sixer’s favourite blankee!

Another fic came into my mind almost as soon as the last one was done. This one will be about the quarantine, and snow.

And, from Cory Doctorow, and who knows where besides, Kate Bush as a bat in 1978:

and isn’t the costume the sweetest hoot I looked for 20 minutes on the internet for a photo credit and gave up, fuck you uncaring universe, I try to give credit but the internet has eaten the attribution just as surely as names wear off headstones