lovely day yesterday

So I went out with Katie and Alex yesterday. He got this from me and immediately insisted on wearing it. We took the seabus to Lonsdale Quay and got him a haircut (it’s a very special kids cut place) and I pointed to a stack of die cast cars and said whichever of these babies you want….


and he got a school bus

Because he’s GOING TO SCHOOL IN TWO WEEKS. The school bus has a hood that opens, a door that slides, and a stop sign that comes out. I think he chose wisely.

Then we parted at Waterfront St & I went to the Wicklow and we SPITTED (Dunnett group meeting name) and I FINALLY GAVE JAN her books back, it’s only been since November 2017 and also I was all unhappy back then about nobody paying attention re my novels and this time people did (all I wanted was to provide the link?!!) AND I drank a Fat Tug because it was a stinking hot day and I also had chickn tacos. MUCH WALKING. Ingrid, lord bless her, gave me a lift to City hall so I could grab the 123 from there. Her mama is in hospital and we’re hoping she gets out of her health jam soon. Home again and then I collapsed after about 7:30. Up again at one to realize that we’d gone to bed without closing and locking the back door which likely explains why my ankles are mosquito bitten this morning.

Checked my email and had a simply lovely newsy letter from Anne, including a babysitting story that had me on the edge of my seat.

Katie is not having a fabulous time these days so anybody who feels like being nice to her would be appreciated by yours truly.



sad sad blah

Part of the reason I’m sad is because even if I’d stirred my stumps to go to WorldCon in Dublin, I’d be hating every minute of it – you should Hear What People Are Whining about – the lines, the endless screwups, how there’s no place to sit, how the site is terrible for people who are disabled or easily tired, etc. etc. I’m seeing grown men and women talking about crying from frustration on twitter.

My fan fic is going extremely poorly. I did come up with one of the best ideas I’ve ever come up with for romance fiction, seriously it’s like WHY HAS NO ONE EVER THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE but it’s still going very sticky and hard and I just want it to be over.

I’m killing a character in HOTM redux, and I hate it.

Jeff says he’ll be done SOTW editing by the beginning of September.

Cora’s for breakfast this morning. It was not very fantastic.

We’re watching season 2 of Mindhunter and we’re rewatching season 1 of Black Spot. We’re almost at the end of season 3 Lucifer, and we’re loving Hudson and Rex – that dog is a better actor than a lot of people.

random pics


I miss that shirt. That’s me at a zombie walk eleven years ago. You can see how I’m dyeing my hair with Garnier 60 at that time.

I prefer my hair long, but apparently I’m going to breakfast with Katie and then she’s going to trim my hair; it was perfectly well behaved until about two weeks ago when it started exploding into split ends and becoming quite rude when I was brushing it. It’s 24 inches long! it’s the longest it’s been since I was a girl, and possibly ever.

This is the image my current twitter avatar is from. Isn’t amazing how the triangle in the middle looks deliberate? It wasn’t. It was a spectacular batch of biscotti, I must say.

This also (trimmed) was my avatar for a while. Those are some SRSLY UGGLY TIDDIES lady. Note across the top all of my interests, destiel, clothing, design, Social media tips, Feminism



a very old pic of the kids


lovely family secret

I HAVE A FAMILY SECRET AND I can’t tell nobody. But it’s a beautiful happy secret and all will be revealed in TIME!!! ha ha ha ha.

Lovely time singing and playing yesterday afternoon on the deck with Paul. He’s learned a Metric tune called “Anticipate” and I’m going to put together a mando track to go with. We’re walking in Deer Lake Park today.

I’m now review April 2005 and I’m not really liking the person I was then. I mean, I gave a good impression of being self-satisfied but from this perspective I most sincerely am not.

Little to report

Went to see Keith at Lucent yesterday and started arranging new glasses MY PRESCRIPTION HAS CHANGED 1.5 IN 18 MONTHS. But everything I was worried about with respect to my eyes has turned out to be bogus – I was smart to go get my blood pressure dealt with early. My eye health is, according to Doc Yee, about as good as it possibly could be given my age. I decided not to bother with progressives, since I’ll just get reading glasses with a coating instead.

Keith was ever so professional and helpful. It was (apart from taking for bloody ever) really awesome, especially since I didn’t have to have the Dreaded Eyedrops.

Then Mike called; I gave him his new tiedye shirt (Jeff got TWO) and I walked again yesterday, this time to the Twisted pub, so I really did get exercise yesterday. He walked me home and then walked himself back home.

I have to stop napping during the day, apparently I’m now officially getting enough sleep.


So my doc pronounced herself pleased at my progress and wants to see me in another two weeks. The long acting seems to be working well and apart from a few hours of nausea and the whirlies at the start, no side effects – no dizziness when I stand, for example. Still no appointment for the dementia base line, which is annoying for reasons that I shall not publicly relate.

I was getting migraine symptoms a couple of days back but they’ve lifted. Also on the new formulation I’m sleeping like WHOA that was another 8 hours, holy crap. I’m likin’ that.

Jeffrey Epstein the accused child rapist has apparently killed himself via hanging in prison. I simply cannot believe that someone as wealthy, well-connected and narcissistic as Mr. Epstein would do that, so I have to assume that one of his wealthy ‘friends’ made it happen. After all, he can implicate an heir to the throne of England in his rapey business; there are plenty of people who’d be pleased by this turn of events, who could pay for it to happen.

Of course the autopsy won’t show anything but what needs to be seen. This is absolutely horrible news for justice. And FUCK the people running that jail.

FUCK ICE FOR ARRESTING THOSE 600 PEOPLE IN MISSISSIPPI. The man who owns the plant deliberately hired illegals and then had ICE make them disappear when they sued him for wage fraud! So school kids lose their parents so a fucking rich asshole doesn’t have to pay the wages he owes.


I’m a white tourist, it would be foolish to think there’s a really big problem for me.

Katie says (she bought me brekky this am) that narcs kill themselves all the time, it’s called ‘the last decision’.

Feb 2005 is done!

174 252 438 words on HOTM Redux so far today, I imagine I’ll keep going.

Dr. Appointment this morning, switched to the 60 mg Inderal last night. Apart from feeling super tired and a little pukey I don’t feel any different, and I slept like a log for 8 hours so WELL DONE ME. I’ll be leaving by bus around 9.

My blood pressure still sucks though. 133/97 in morning 148/87 in the afternoon.

This is for Sean one of my internet buddies. He claims to be a shitposter so I wrote him a filk.



he’s the man a man with some shit to post

he does it most

such a gitposter

Beckons you to enter his web of shit

It’s big, you’ll fit!

Fecal words he will dump through your screen

So much so that you’ll never feel clean

And his readers know that once he has posted

he has made his point, then ghosted


writer’s group 2nite

It’s inspirational. Everybody’s writing different genre stuff.

1400 words on HOTM yesterday. I broke down and got beautiful salty Indian food for dinner because it was hot as balls yesterday and I did not want to cook but I wanted something tasty.

Heard from Mike, he’s doing okay. Party planning for Paul’s birthday continues apace.

Twenty minute walk just now. There was no milk in the house and I got cream because I think I’m going to make coffee.




Not too much to report

Watched Avengers Endgame. I found it quite enjoyable compared to most of the superhero movies out there, a good exit from the franchise(s) for Scarlet and Robert.

Jeff is enjoying the performance of Ned Dennehy as Paddy in Glitch on Netflix. Apparently when he was cast, the director was ‘looking for the best looking actor in Ireland and Colin Farrell wasn’t available’. One can characterize Mr. Dennehy as many things, but good looking in the standard issue way is not one of them. LOL

Also he was Hastur in Good Omens; he was fricking fantastic. His screaming is really epic.

Walked to Timmy Ho’s yesterday with Jeff; I’m well in train for getting 150 minutes of walking in, and when I’m walking Alex to school I’ll be getting a minimum of 300 minutes a week in with a school aged child in tow so I imagine I’ll instantly be in shape for that.

Anyway, I think I’ll head off to Timmy Ho’s again; I really enjoyed that coffee yesterday and what can I say, I’d enjoy the walk before it gets so hot we melt.