sinking feeling

This thing in my mouth is not getting better. I haven’t heard back from the doc, and no wonder, there’s probably nothing to see in the ultrasound. But I’ve been cross checking symptoms, and on Dave’s advice I looked up shingles.

You can have mild symptoms for months before a rash and an outbreak. I DO NOT WANT SHINGLES IN MY FUCKING FACE. I am calling the doc today.

supposed to spit today

I was supposed to go to a spit (Dunnett gathering) today but I’m not feeling up to dealing with Sunday transit and I don’t want to drive. Ah, depression. It’s like a really well behaved crush injury.

and with all that I still managed to do a load of laundry, run dishes, write a thousand words and start working on the new Alex video for the folks.

I just feel crappy



is currently throwing toilet paper rolls down the basement stairs and life is ok.


I set up the ironing board so Alex can race Lightning McQueen and Sally down it and he insisted I make a chequered flag.


Now the toilet paper rolls are a very fussy tunnel full of cars.

junk in the filter

Well, I managed to temporarily kill the washer this morning, and Jeff pulled it out of the cooker. I’m headed downstairs now to sort out the last of the grunge before he pushes the washer back into place. The bathmat barfed up all its backing into the filter.


Guess I should wash the rags that got put down the floor when about two gallons barfed out of the washer.

What would I do without Jeff? Apart from having really shitty internet I’d have the landlord on speed dial.

Oh my god that concrete floor which I just washed was massively disgusting, and I rendered numbers of spiders temporarily sans-abri.

lovely part of the day with Alex

Alex came by yesterday after we went for a walk down at the Quay… Keith came with but checked out early to catch the Pride Parade for an hour or so.

Alex played kazoo, jumped on the bed, played with his toys on the deck and played Xenon very hard for about half an hour. It was all quite delightful. I also managed to learn how to format a USB drive since Katie wanted the last of s13 of STooopernatural and for the life of me I couldn’t get a tiny file onto a reasonably large memory stick and she suggested reformatting it if cleaning the files off wasn’t good enough. I was absolutely NOT wanting to bug Jeff about it since he has work of his own and I am perfectly able to look stuff up on google without spavining myself.


family picnic at English Bay

Alex’s tweet yesterday had me drooling

Picnic spread: potato salad, momofuku eggs, balsamic tomato basil salad, corn chips, salsa, guacamole, veggies and dip, cured meats, cheeses, baguette, crackers, and a selection of fresh fruit. Now to carry it all to the beach!

So it was me, Darwin, Alex, Katie, Keith, Paul and Jeff.

We ate and talked and I noodled on Otto and Rowena.

Weather was fricking outstanding, hot and clear with a breeze, and Alex found us a nice shady tree to sit beneath.


Jeff and I are seriously thinking of making a little movie about our trip downtown because JESUS CHRIST EVERY MORON WITH A DRIVER’S LICENCE AND AN EXPENSIVE VEHICLE BLOCKED OUR WAY sometimes repeatedly.

There was a pole in front of the sign as we were driving home from the family picnic yesterday evening, so brO sounded it out as Cheese Evangelical Church instead of Chinese Evangelical Church and candidly we all know Cheese Evangelists.