spent 500 on eyecare yesterday

If I talk about how I was treated during the eye exam yesterday it’ll look bad, so let me just very lightly touch on how FUCKING HORRIBLE IT WAS and how if it wasn’t for the fact Paul and I got a tour of Keith’s workplace I’d be giving names and details and spitting pure fucking fire. I’ll be going back to Hakim in future, thanks.

but no. For my son, I hold my cakehole shut. And, there’s the small not not insignificant fact that if I hadn’t paid for the eye exam I wouldn’t have anything like the right prescription. In a year it’s shifted a quarter diopter on one side and half a diopter on the other so WHY WAS I SQUINTING oh…y es…

I’ll get my new glasses in January; I asked for all kinds of specialty coatings so fourteen days turns into next year. Have to drive out to fucking Langley to get it too… but it’s obvious now why Keith bought a car.

Then Paul and I hung out for a while and talked family business. He’s apparently going to go to Seattle for a couple of days midweek and then come back for Shad’s musical event on Saturday.

Experimentally drank a beer last night. Burst into a sweat, instantly sleepy, gas pain this morning. Took another probiotic. Nope, no beer for me.

No writing progress yesterday

However…. Katie came over yesterday and for a tank of gas helped me unclutter the LR and kitchen. Results are amazing – no more cat puke on the parquet, for starters, and there’s enough room in there now to do yoga, how bizarre, and I don’t believe the kitchen floor’s been that clean since we moved in.

Today I’m going to get my eyes tested and new lenses made since Keith is all a-twitchy over my scratched up lenses. Hope there’s some lunch in there too.

I’m really really happy with my kids right now.

Communicated with Mike. I feel for him; he’s not enjoying his December, let’s put it like that.

Did not get the really amazing job. More comment would be unwise.

The Canadian style racist won over the American style racist in the Georgia senate race. Seein’ as how it was a massive get out the black and progressive vote effort that tipped the scales, and that without black voters a win for Jones would be impossible, it would be really pleasant if the Democrats started centering BIPOCs in their strategies instead of hectoring them for not voting or not voting progressive.  The crap I’ve seen on twitter makes me want to take a leisurely three beer piss on the racist asshats in the Democratic party. We know the Repulsigans are awful already…


Jeff and I, hearing that there is a new Timmy Ho’s in the ‘hood walked over there and back just now. I had a sausage on English muffin and a double double and Jeff had a long slug of decaf (for the smell) and some donut or other. Generally the donuts give me migraines so I stay off them.

I’m thrashing back and forth between Varisha and Raven scenes in HOTM right now, and of course the fic I’m charging hardest on right now is eating my brain. I am about to run two conversations concurrently to comedic effect.

Still coming up with different ways to play Angry Chicken/Massed Kazoos/When I Am Dead, and Jeff supports this endeavour by wearing headphones and being long-suffering, the first by choice and the second by temperament.



Also wrote a song “The Angry Chicken / When I’m Dead” day before yesterday. Job interview, to the extent one can tell, went well. I’ll know late next week.

I’m so proud of the kids for giving blood yesterday.



I just realized that a feature of sixer communication is affecting how information is diffused through their culture. Since communication is strongly dyadic, and they only have mass meetings once in a very long while and not very well, even with all of the communication options open to them in modern times they want information gathering to either be directed toward personal contact with a single individual, or self-directed research.

Thank you to Paul for singing and playing yesterday.

Daxus Briggs is a child abuser

So that’s a bold statement, but let me back it up. (Oh, and by the way, Dax, since I know you drop by here once in a while to make sure all the TRUE FACTS I put on my blog about your DV which you forced my daughter to force me to take down so you could get a fucking job stay down, I’m leaving this one up, since I witnessed the effects last night. And if you complain, I’m putting all the blog posts about you assaulting Katie up, and gosh, how that will help with your claims over your son, you fucking clownbag.)

Every time Daxus Briggs is with his son, his precious, unique and amazing little boy, he LOADS HIM TO THE GILLS WITH CANDY. Literally gives him a thousand calories of candy in one go.

Little Alex comes home from Candyland twice a week and every night it’s the same thing. He screams at his mother for an hour about how he doesn’t want mac and cheese he wants candy. He hits his mother, he punches and climbs and clings and whines.


every night. Keith and Paul get to watch and hear this torture every gorram night


Daxus, your teeth are rotting in your head and you’ll have plates in less than ten years and I guess you want Alex to be the same.


Fuck you asshole.

20806 words

Yes, some progress. (Varisha and Theo) No word on the job yet, but I am not expecting it until today, sometime.

Really enjoying Fringe. I didn’t watch it while it was on – Jeff watched it or most of it. The interactions between the characters are wonderful, and the pseudo-science is all delightfully creepy, sometimes straight up horrific – very well done for television. We’re in the second season.




I’m worried about friends in that useless time of day when you can’t call them to check up on them. By the time the sun’s up I’ll have forgotten to call them again.

I’m seeing Marian Call today in concert. I saw her at the second Conflikt and she’s only gotten better since then.


Today’s excerpt from WIP


Phokas was tricky in some ways. He refused to do scripted advertising, and each time someone tried to get him to give a technical review of any product hoping for a quote, he’d start with an encyclopedic description of what was wrong with it, starting with screw placements, then working his way up through components, cabinetry, UI, placement of buttons, finish, appearance, packaging, accompanying documents, and ending with a grudging, “It works okay, I guess.” But if he liked a product he’d use it so that the product name was easily seen, and the advertisers loved that to bits.


I was JUST ABOUT to go on Patreon and now the fucking bean counters have destroyed the platform for small contributors.

word count 20026

I do not want to give up white bread. I really don’t.

Anyway, I am very slowly pushing my diet away from sugar, meat and cheese toward fresh fruit, four ounces of meat protein a day or less, more whole grains. This on top of abandoning alcohol is making me feel rather sad.

But my digestion is tip top, seriously.

bad news but not mine

A dear friend is experiencing puzzlements and unlooked-for portents of ill-health. I don’t know how else to put it, and I don’t have permission to say anything else.

The job interview went fine. Now I wait for about a week to get a second interview, and then I probably don’t wait at all; if I get it I’ll be starting the next day.

I’m going to a house concert on Sunday, yay. Very amusingly I wrote a house concert with this particular artist into my fanfic, so now I’ma hafta redecorate that scene somewhat with some reality.

Just turned a bi poly gal onto the Simple little system scene in Bells are Ringing which has both Lesbian and Black representation IN A FIFTIES MUSICAL god I love being able to twist people like that.

Tammy is home from Thailand, and how good to hear her voice on the phone.

Writing has slowed to a crawl because obliviously, while I’m trying to stay calm the prospect of employment has me somewhat agitated upstairs.