Bukkit List

    1. score the soundtrack for a video game


  • publish a novel


  1. publish a book of poems
  2. publish a book of homilies
  3. write a season of a TV series
  4. become proficient at recording
  5. learn how to play a number of different rhythms on the cajon (let’s say 10 for round numbers)
  6. Visit Australia
  7. Visit England
  8. Ride a camel
  9. Get my FAC
  10. Acquire Steampunk prescription goggles with flip down lenses
  11. Play guitar in a rock band for a live paying audience
  12. Record a filk album with my friends
  13. See the Grand Canyon
  14. See the Mt St Helens Interpretive center
  15. Be a nude minstrel on Wreck Beach
  16. Live long enough to see marijuana completely decriminalized in this wacko country
  17. Play a hang drum
  18. Learn how to use effects pedals
  19. Compose a five minute air for a string quartet
  20. Actually learn to read music
  21. compose a song in a wacky time signature, like 5/4
  22. Sell biscotti for a living, at least for a while.
  23. Be an Interfilk guest.

to be continued…

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