destiel fic link page

All of this is Castiel/Dean Winchester fanfic. I’ve written fics in other fandoms but they’re subpar. This isn’t all my works on AO3 but it’s representative and you’ll be able to find the rest, if you care, by looking for my username. ** indicates it’s a personal fave. A few TW’s or comments to improve your experience.

TW adult men having sex, not graphic, AU:

A Pandemic Romance, 23000 words

Stuck in the Airport with You, 9000 words

Soaring and tornados! a lot of sweating. LIKE ALL THE SWEATING. Graphic

Landing out. 20000 words. **

Asexual character, no graphic anything

Profound Bond of Red Paracord, 8000 words

TW mention of date rape, and some of the chickens don’t make it, not recommended for vegetarians and vegans. AU

1000 Chickens and a Single Man, 8000 words **

Graphic adult male sex,  AU

Serious Play, 1000 words

This next one has some heartstopping abuse and some lighthearted banter, also graphic.

Fell from the Sky, 51000 words

Graphic, also super cute and schmoopy.

The Accidental Mr. Right 12000 words **

Bots having sex with humans and each other, AU UNFINISHED sorry

D9 and CasTL 7000 words

Polyamory, depression, children in the house, extremely graphic sex of various kinds. Destiel is not the focus, this is about Sam being depressed and in denial about being bisexual. AU

You’ve gotta know what you want, 16000 words

Brain damage, graphic sex, the world’s ugliest cat, ‘an eruption of schmoopy porn’ AU

That Darn Cas 15000 words

That Darn Cas II 4000 words

My first posted fic, not AU, graphic

This is Your Brain on Dean, 12000 words **

How can I write fic about meeting the man of your dreams in a masturbation club? Easily, it turns out.

Sooner or Later, 10000 words, graphic

Hoarding and Mental health issues:

Waiting Room, 10000 words

Mental health issues, Christian cult escapee

A haven for real, 19000 words **