Grater Paper (credit: some anonymous genius)
Zombie goths (credit: Paul)
Winky, Tasha, Spud and Mila (credit: Mike)

The Dreaded Tapioca Song
Credit me, and okay, it’s not a photo, but it’s not an MP3 either.

Sunset Active Pass (credit: me)
Burnaby sunrise (credit: Rob of Nine (Rob Prior))
Carved door at Trollhaven
All time best pic of Katie (credit: Paul)
Keith on a canoe trip (credit: Paul)
Me holding Keith with a squirrel crawling up my leg (credit: Paul)
Best pic of Paul (credit: me)
Peggy’s Cove warning (credit: Lexi)
I’m an engineer, not a diplomat
Our IT Staff await your pleasure
Mounties at Tim Hortons
Prince Albert in a Can
Me in a dopey hat

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