Three of Swords

You know how you can crush on somebody but all they can do is be nice to you?  The Three of Swords is a tarot card that looks like this.

Words Fail midi

This is my riff on the Words Fail (also known as the Telecom song) version without words.  There is also an MP3 of me singing it.

Crazymaking Boy

That’s Katie singing back up.  Gord Breckenridge recorded that.

Hurry Hurry Love

I know the lyrics don’t appear to make any sense, but they do.


This was one of John’s favourite songs of mine.

wreck beach on a tuesday

Instrumental, from Garageband.

An Evening of Serious Drinking

I wrote this for Jerome’s B’day many years ago.

All the Con Men I Have Known

For a number of men… I love the lyrics.  It’s proving a horrorshow to write down, though.

The Cairn

Why do women stay with men who are no good for them?


Why DO women stay with men who are no good for them?

The Splendor of the True

Paul suggested that I be a little more cheerful in the last verse, and I’m glad I took his advice.

Never Felt this Way

Also called Beloved Coworker

The Wind in the Pines

I wrote this thinking of Red Deer Lodge.

Anybody Talk

Anybody Talk was one of the first songs I wrote after I left my first husband.  So this one is OLD.


Probably one of my best ever songs.

Artificial Happiness

Ah, depression.  How many songs have been written about it?

Erica’s Song

I wrote Erica’s Song for two other people – it’s a love song.  Isn’t it funny that the protagonists are no longer on speaking terms?  There’s a tale, and a sad and silly one.

Bela Lugosi is the King Around Here

Bela Lugosi … he really did live next door to Alan’s mum.  After that, things just get more and more crazy.

The Second Coming

The first couple of lines are very out of tune, but the harmonies on this song are among the best I’ve ever recorded.

Company dump

I need to re-record this as I am sadly out of tune, but one can hardly argue with the sentiments expressed in the above noted song.

wreck beach on a tuesday

See the entry for 12-08-2008 for the story.


This was recorded by PD Wohl @ Wohl of Sound.

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