Allegra’s life hacks

You can treat head lice with grease and acid.  Acid first.  It can be vinegar, lemon juice, leftover pickle juice, whatevs.  That dissolves the sticky-as-bastard glue that the nits (eggs) are glued onto the base of the hair shaft with. Whatever acid you use, ENSURE that it is something people eat, because your scalp is thin and you’re going to absorb a teensy bit of it.  Apply generously and hold on with a bathing cap or scrounged non-porous equivalent for at least five minutes. Towel hair dry and put the towel IMMEDIATELY into a bag for hot water laundering. Apply grease, which can be olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable shortening, ghee, whatevs, but once again, edible please.  This is to suffocate the adults, who are, quite frankly, bitey little bastards who picked the wrong head to get laid on. Leave it on for at least ten minutes.  Comb out hair with a nit comb, which depending on genetics, will be a breeze or a two hour nightmare of tears and expletive-laden recriminations.  Wash bedding with anything that came in contact with the infested hair.  Repeat in a week and re-wash everything.  Bugs should be gone.