Bodperfect 5.1 user guide

Bodperfect Owner’s Guide Rev 5.1 (Refurbished)

This product was designed and engineered in Canada


Congratulations on your lightly used Bodperfect 5.1!  This unit has been refurbished to meet performance standards of a Bodperfect 5.1 with the important exception that the replicator board may not be installed, and may not function if it is installed.  Replication may still be possible but product support for this module is no longer available and replicated results are unlikely to meet specification.  Refurbished means there are cosmetic issues with the unit which do not materially affect operation, except for the replication function as noted above.


Misusing or incorrectly connecting the Bodperfect 5.1 may damage the equipment or create hazardous conditions for users.  Read the following safety instructions and pay special attention to all Caution and Warning statements in the Guide.

Warnings identify conditions that may result in personal injury or loss of life.[1]

Cautions identify conditions or practices that may damage the Bodperfect 5.1 or other equipment connected to the Bodperfect 5.1 and will void any remaining warranty. [2]

Warning! Shock Hazard

Please do not remove the temperature regulation wrappings in light conditions greater than 50 lux or a shock may result. [3]

Warning! Explosion hazard

While the Bodperfect 5.1 is safe to operate under most circumstances, the unit may become an explosion hazard if connection to another Bodperfect is attempted prior to ensuring the units are in phase, or if multiple hose connections are attempted without appropriate seals, gaskets, lubricants and other materials, which are not supplied with this product and must be purchased separately. [4]


Do not under any circumstances block both ventilation ports.  Unit will cease to operate.


Please do not allow children to attempt to operate the Bodperfect 5.1 as the unit will be rendered unserviceable. [5]


Some hose connections do not work with the Bodperfect 5.1.  [6]


Although technically possible under optimal conditions, customers are strongly encouraged not to attempt three connections at once, in any combination of operator or additional Bodperfect units.  Customers are particularly cautioned not to combine new and refurbished units.[7]


Do not insert objects in the Bodperfect connection fittings without checking the display for the smiley face icon.[8]

Do not attempt to operate the Bodperfect outdoors unless the temperature settings are within operational guidelines.  Indoors or out, do not subject the unit to moisture, spray, wind or insect infestation.[9]

Do not attempt to operate the Bodperfect in temperatures under 10 C or over 35 C.  Optimal results are achieved at 23 C; unit should be brought to that temperature prior to start if it has been in storage; operators may prefer a cooler ambient temperature but should be prepared to rewrap the unit to prevent auto shutdown sequence and problems with the circulating pump.

Failure to follow these safety guidelines may cause personal injury and/or damage to the Bodperfect.


  1. Display panel.  Please note there is no on/off switch on this unit.  It self-starts when the conditions are right.  Forced connections may result in injury to self or unit.
  2. Dual auditory processing unit — allows operator to start command sequence override, which is useful if your hands are full.
  3. Audible power/alarm/fault/ventilation port.  [10]
  4. Fluid/solid intake.  Also includes go/no go signal and voice synthesizer. [11]
  5. Replicator access port.  [12]
  6. Fluid sump and discharge port. [13]
  7. Solid waste discharge port. [14]
  8. Dual replicator submodules [15]


Types of connectors

Access point            Replicator             Flush            Silicone      Manual

                                  discharge[16]        mount (M/F)


Fluid/Solid Port            A                  A            N/R[17] N/R[18]

Replicator Port            A                  A[19] A            A

Solid Waste Port            A                  N/R            B            N/R[20]



The Bodperfect 5.1 will work best if you place the unit on an elevated, flat, sound and moisture absorbent surface that is indoors, dry, 23 C, well ventilated, safe, and clean of dust, dirt, used condoms, etc.  Not recommended for use in areas with tile or porcelain fixtures.  [21]


This section describes normal operation.  Check the on line guide for abnormal operation.

After provision of base operating conditions, and determining that the unit is clean and in good repair, operator can attempt a flush mount fluid level check either at the Fluid/Solid Port or immediately adjacent to the Replicator Port.  Appearance of a smiley face on the display panel at any point thereafter indicates that access will be enabled for the Fluid/Solid Port or the Replicator Port.  Access may be disabled without appropriate sealants, so make sure you have sealants ready to hand prior to attempting access.  Current audio outputs for the alarm include:


“O my God it’s so big”

“Is it in yet?”

“Wrap that rascal”

“Three port maximum reached.”

These may be reprogrammed by a skillful operator.  Check the chapter on user modifications in the set up guide.

When the unit has done cycling,[22] there will be a short pause in operation while input sensitivity drops.  Operators are advised to pause and top up fluids or apply additional lubricants.

Experienced operators will note that access to the Solid Waste Port is much easier at this point, although slow cycle times and diligent and repeated application of lubrication is strenuously recommended.  Keep towels handy for spills and to wipe off excess.

If at any point Breaths per Minute drops below 12, unit has gone into sleep mode.  In this mode, which is a self-repair and diagnostics mode, although connection is possible all feedback loops are disabled, and only the Replicator Port is accessible.  Attempts to access other ports will result in a Cold Boot.[23]

If unit Breaths per Minute rises above 40, unit may go into overload shutdown.  Reset is automatic but may take between 30 and 300 seconds.  Wait for the return of the smiley face icon before retrying connection.

The Bodperfect 5.1 may be a refurbished item, but it should provide years of service.  Customizations are encouraged; users are invited to take questions or comments to our Power User Message Board on the corporate website.


  • Power Gauge Erectile Quality Monitor (available on [24]
  • Almond Oil for exterior lubrication and maintenance
  • KY for Solid Waste Port access
  • 750 ml of 5% or 100 ml of 40% ethanol solution for slow start situations. Allow 15 minutes after application to the fluid top up port for best results.
  • C21H26O2 is recommended; check local laws for applicability in your area; may be available only by prescription or may be proscribed by law.  Manufacturer assumes no liability for inappropriate use.  Allow 30 to 60 minutes for best results after application to fluid/solid top up port for best results.  If applying in oxidized format, keep input temp below 190 C to prevent the air circulator from cavitating.

[1]You don’t want to die, do you?

[2]No gimmes.

[3] This is not called a Warning for nothing.

[4] Power users, please consult the set-up guide for multiple inputs.

[5] At least for YOU.  And just for the record, ew.

[6] The following manufacturers have reported incompatibility:  Creation, Newage, Faboosh, Schicklgruber, and Popp-Collar.

[7] But if you do, please make sure you call product support; calls like that make our day.

[8] You’d think this would be obvious but previous customers have taught us that many make a hobby of sticking things where they ought not go.

[9] If you bring it back to the shop and we have to fumigate, there will be a surcharge for out of warranty service.

[10] Powered up and functioning correctly, the unit should breathe at 32 bpm; this may rise or drop depending on inputs.  Power users consult set up guide to fine tune alarm and fault modes.

[11] Secondary connection point; please note audible alarm is disabled in use, although some customers say that’s a feature.

[12] Primary connection point. Please note replication function may not work in this model; this is a consumer grade Bodperfect.

[13] No access to operator, unless you are something more than a hobbyist.

[14] Tertiary connection point.  Preventive maintenance is strongly recommended with each connection, see set up guide.

[15] Not recommended as a connection point in this model as they are too small for anyone but a hobbyist; however tweaking the dual switches may put unit in auto-start mode if all other operating conditions are met.

[16] Use a new seal for the Replicator discharge connector for EACH Port to prevent cross-contamination.  This applies for each Bodperfect and each operator.

[17] Unit will likely shut down and commence autonomous rewrapping and movement, or possibly go into a very annoying alarm mode.

[18] See note 17

[19] No, we’re not providing diagrams for this.

[20] No, it doesn’t work, quit calling product support to see if it can be ‘made’ to work.

[21] Once the unit commences the vibration sequence it can be damaged if it is not on a sound-dampening surface; please note the unit can go into auto shutdown if this happens.

[22] Don’t worry, you’ll know when that happens.

[23] Applied to your head or your ass, whichever is closest.

[24] This helps you to determine if technical problems are operator error or unit malfunction.

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