Steampunk links  There is some really interesting stuff in here, some of which is specifically aimed at a steampunk design audience.  Love the conchos! A small, select set of lovely leather aviation wear including goggles with a few modestly priced items. – steampunk fabrics…. very squee. – search on steampunk.  hilarious costuming. cute! for the latest steampunk meetups across our fair land. Site’s close to moribund tho. global steampunk events. Site’s close to moribund. seriously weird stuff in there. The steampunk guitars were amazing, although they will probably be gone by the time you look. for those of you with a literary bent.  Steampunk playing cards.

Shoe Shoe

Shoe Shoe some more.

An assortment of steamy punky gothy badness. and more of the same

Many sparkly steamy links of gothique splendour.

STEAMPUNK SINGING….  hm.  links to steampunk patterns.


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