Academy Symphony Orchestra review

An amazing collection of talented strings and some possibly as talented but not so rehearsed woodwinds, brass, etc., played the Shostakovich Festival Overture, a chunk of Charles Wakefield Cadman’s American Suite, Peter Warlock’s Capriol Suite (the Tordion section had some pizzicato which sounded like a thousand fairies all popping their cheeks simultaneously), Vivaldi’s Concerto for Four Violins and String Orchestra in B Minor, and Georges Enesco’s Rumanian Rhapsody No 2 and No 1.  The Vivaldi was played with great feeling.  The thing I liked the best about the orchestra is the volume control.  They could go from very loud to very soft instantly.  Sidney Harth (who looked like he was staggering offstage for oxygen between pieces),conducted, and very well. It was a good concert, but not particularly memorable…. except for the tone of the strings, which was divine, and the fairies popping their cheeks thing.  You would hae had tae be there.

Thanks to Katie K for manifesting the tickets.

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