Fraser Foreshore

Paul and I went for a lovely walk at Fraser Foreshore yesterday.  I finally remembered to take peanuts, and was rewarded by two separate encounters with Bold as Brass Crows. They never got closer than about five meters, but they didn’t wait to come towards me, either, once they saw the peanut bag.

I’m pretty sure, mOm, that the duck we saw was a female widgeon. Also, we saw a killdeer. No hummingbirds; heard a pileated woodpecker as we passed.

There were what seemed like dozens of herons, they were flying so much. Most people were not wearing masks, which isn’t a problem, and we saw SO many honey bees it made my heart glad.

Then we came back here and ate pizza.

I made a really nice chickpea curry. I started with a bag of dried chickpeas, soaked them in four changes of water, cooked them slowly for hours with vegetarian broth, drained and rinsed them thoroughly, and then threw in a can of diced tomatoes. While that continued to simmer, I fried half a purple onion and four cloves of garlic in some butter, and threw  that and a couple of tablespoons of curry powder, pepper, extra turmeric, lots of Realime juice, two teaspoons of sugar and then two teaspoons of maple syrup into the pot and let simmer for a while. Then I added coconut milk.



It’s really really tasty. I think I’m going to run some over to Paul today.

The song I wrote for Willie P. Bennett when he died in 2008

This was originally composed on the Aria mandolin (Edith) that Keith had for a while and then donated to me, which got me started on having Otto, which was a good thing. Miss Margot came and sat with me when I was working on it. There are no lyrics. The formal title is Willie P.’s Lament.

Plenty of nothing

I cooked rice and made rice pudding

I reserved 5 books at the library

I fed the crows

I watched the rain

I set some chicken on to thaw

I watched some TV with Jeff

I rehearsed on all four instruments – no new stuff

I brushed my hair

I checked the mail

I finished the icecream

I washed some pots

I made pancakes from mix that Jeff didn’t like so they didn’t get finished

I paid my Visa Bill (it was endodontic work and my debit card doesn’t work for that)

I made tea

I ate pizza and wings that Jeff got from Little Caesar

I set chickpeas on to soak for a chickpea curry

I mini trained Buster

and other than that I didn’t do a damned thing all day yesterday


Is it Friday again?

I’m waiting for my toof to come in so the dentist can epoxy it into my head.

There is a tiny warm patch on my arm where the second vax when in, and I’m sleeping a little more soundly than I’d expect, but no other signs and sequelae.

I am continuing to plug away at my stack o’ tunes. I have written too many songs, says my pointer finger.

I worked a little bit on a fanfic today.


cheerful but lazy

Uh, yup, that’s me.

Temporary crown has not come off yet.

Timmy Ho’s yesterday morning, followed by Time Team… happy sigh.

Fed Paul over at his place yesterday – finished off the Salad Shirazi (finely chopped english cuke, couple tomatoes, fresh mint, fresh parsley, juice of one lemon, a little onion – absolutely amazing, who needs salt?), provided him with chicken curry and rice pudding. He ate it with gusto.

Keith seems to be doing okay. He had a tiny bit of Shirazi salad and Paul hoovered up his leftovers… lol. Keith’s thinking about going back to school. Obviously I am more than happy about this and will approve whatever he chooses to study. Also, offered him shelter/respite if the baby turns out to be colicky or has a bad turn and he needs a decent night of sleep for his own health.

Prior to that we went to Fraser Foreshore Glenlyon side. Paul and I have watched any number of herons do any number of things – shit on our windshield while we’re going down the 401 at 90 kph – make a left hand turn on final descent into an airport on Christmas Day – leap into the air in front of us while we’re bike commuting – FUCK THAT’S BIG – gain three meters in altitude instantly upon taking a massive dump after take off – but we never saw what we saw yesterday before.

The heron landed sideways. It looked like it was doing a sliding tap dance on the surface of the water, and then just flung out its wings and set down. The grace, the total coolth and control… fabulous. Just wonderful. Like Fred Astaire possessed its body for five seconds.

SO MANY BEES: bumbles, honey bees.

Nice people to talk to. and Dorgles.

Amazing, beautiful weather, not too hot in the sun or chilly in the shade. Tide was EXTREMELY low.

Only grit was MUCH NOISE from Parks workers and the local industries.

Today – laundry and a quick shopping expotition.

Tragedy in London

As far as I can tell I’m not reacting nearly as hard to the shot as I did the last time. There’s a hot raised spot on my arm but nothing like the last time.

I’m just so happy to be fully vaccinated. I CAN’T HURT SOMEONE UNINTENTIONALLY now. I can be disgusting and homicidal some other way I guess.

I have a new favourite dessert: cold home made rice pudding, done Jeff style (he prefers it more gooey than I do), with mascarpone layered on top and then home made chocolate sauce dribbled on top. I invented it last night and then promptly got up and ate another dish of it. LOL.  Possibly I should run the dishwasher now before everything gets too crusty.

The Muslim family killed by a 20 year old driver in London ONT …. I have few words.

• Salman Afzaal, 46 physiotherapist • Madiha Salman, 44 PhD student in Civil engineering • Yumna Salman, 15, grade 9 student • Fayez Salman, 9 • Grandmother, 74, family ‘pillar’

Struck down FOR WHAT REASON? Other than bigotry and hatred and ignorance.


I am sad … or is she

I have done something really dumb again and I don’t know what to do about it but wait until I can make phone calls in the morning.

I am how you say unhappy and remorseful and I’ve decided to add cheerfully deciding: it’s okay, I’m trying to get help.

Nothing in this life is certain in prospect. We’re lucky some of it is provable in retrospect, and predictable in some cases to some minimum standard. In this case, I already know what can happen.

I am staring at the screen, and thinking of how the new Finale software exports directly to MP3, which honestly I think is new from the version I purchased in 2019. Anyway it certainly made me feel excited when I was having a quick whip-round of the menus. I immediately got onto a really simple entry song, it’s in Am, Thorfinn’s Song has a couple of unnaturals in there, the little dears, but where I really went nuts was putting emphasis on certain notes. THEN, on playback, o my, and even better when you have the right instrument for the song selected! or group of instruments, but I’m just playing with a few violins at the mo.

I shall keep playing…

I’ve started writing down songs again

Finally got Finale running, haw haw, so I’ve started putting Thorfinn’s song (Standard of the Crow) into musical notation. I’ve got about a hundred songs to write down, and I’ll start fitfully posting songs over the rest of the year.

It was like air and water to see Katie yesterday.

I said to Jeff yesterday, “I’m in a good MOOD I just can’t get anything DONE.”

He’s not happy because Nürburgring was called on account of fog so there was virtually no night racing, which is what he *wants* to see.

Hello my SF fans, check out this science news. It’s an article from the Asia Times about how we as a species have figured out how to jam photons together to make matter. You need a dirty great laser….