laughing at Ben

One of my acquaintances, (whom I met through the divine Ms. Raincoaster herself, Lorraine Murphy) a gent named Ben Luk – whom I name in full because he’s a professional photographer worth hiring – showed a pic of himself in the background of an SGA shot with Jason Momoa in the foreground.

With a straight face I told him I bought his costume, and then posted a picture of the costume I bought in March 2013, viz:

It isn’t his costume, but it’s close. LOL. He responded on twitter Holy shit, so it was close enough to get his attention.


Brekky at Planet Bachelor

It was a brief and calorific visit! Alex was in fine form; Katie made breakfast muffins with particularly fine back bacon and also chocolate pancakes. There was fresh fruit as well … all very nom.

Columbus the slug* in Jeff’s bathroom is no more. He lived there for at least two weeks. We have no idea why he came to live with us and why he liked that bathmat so much, but like Edward Scissorhands the pseudoscorpion who showed up on the groceries in Montreal one day, Columbus will be remembered fondly for his brief sojourn among us.

It’s reported that Indigenous people of the PNW used to use slug slime as an anti bacterial and anti fungal, since it actually works that way. For all I know they still do.

An antifa activist in Portland, Sean Kealiher, was murdered with a car, likely by fascists, outside an antifa hangount. REST IN POWER SEAN.


* I didn’t name him, and note what day this is in the US



Jeff felt too sleepy to go, but there was a beautiful little gathering with fantastic lovely yummy food at Jim E’s place last night. There were just seven of us, it was delightful. We (me n Mike were responsible and took the bus there and a taxi back).

Lovely people, lots of laughs. I feel great today but I should prob’ly avoid alcohol until Conflikt.

Way up in the Sky

The moon, oh, the moon is way up in the sky x 3
And I made plans to go there, in days long gone by x 2
The sun, oh the sun is way up in the sky x 3
And I don’t want to go there, or my ass might fry
and you don’t want to go there either, or you just might die
The ring, oh, the ring, it spins ’round Saturn’s tum x 3
But it’s ass-freezing cold out there, if you touch it, you’ll go numb X 2
The Void, oh, the Void, is almost everywhere x 3
But it is not here just this minute, so I do not care x 2

Mike has returned

He’ll only be here for a brief while and then back again. He feasted us in the (unpleasantly noisy) Twisted Taphouse. I had Cajun Salmon Salad which was very tasty and two beers and I possibly would have ordered differently if I’d known I wasn’t paying for it. I shouldn’t have had beers, but I feel fine today.

Today is clearish and cold – there’s been frost.

Supernatural’s back for its truncated last season. I quite like what they’ve done to Jack, especially since I know it isn’t Jack in there; it’s either God, doing a ride-along, or Michael. “I’m not a cross roads demon”. Also, it’s obvious he can see even though he doesn’t have eyes. burr

Never mind that.

This is new choon

The moon, oh, the moon is way up in the sky x 3

And I made plans to go there, in days long gone by x 2

The sun, oh the sun is way up in the sky x 3

And I don’t want to go there, or my ass will fry

and you don’t want to go there, or you’ll surely die



Paul and I went for a mall walk at Lougheed Mall yesterday, picked up some groceries and growled at the weather. We have been noticing that Vancouver, which is ten different weather patterns jammed into 30000 square kms, is having more and more abrupt microdownpours (including in the summer, which, mindmeltingly for people from Ontario, doesn’t usually happen in the summer here.) We got thunder and Jeff said (he was in Surrey) the sky opened up and pelting, icy rain poured down. It was a very black sky, and a very pretty sunset.

Ran the dishwasher, ran a load of laundry, updated the household account, ordered some activated charcoal bags for Katie’s car (it’s smelly) and also for the basement, since we’re coming up to the wet and mouldy part of the year and I’d like to kill the smell now if possible

Anyway, I’m up, and coffee has been going to happen and now has actually happened; I have sugar and cream; the day has commenced.

SHIT mOm you OLD you too pOp

You have a 5 year old great grandson. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh!

Alex is 5 today. I fed the whole family, Alex and Katie and Keith and Jeff, baked french toast with whipped cream, bacon, tater tots, orange juice, sliced apple and orange, coffee and cold chocolate milk. Alex peeled an apple using the apple peeler from Great Great Granny’s kitchen (Granny Rivett) to keep the family feeling going.

Then we watched Pompeii stuff. Alex’s kindergarten teacher posted on facebook that Alex, while strewing wooden blocks everywhere, said, “Pompeii was destroyed. There was a VOLCANO.”

45931 words

also, 6161 words on the new, new fanfic; I abandoned the last two.

Tomorrow I’m having a family breakfast! We’re going to have waffles, orange juice, bacon, baked french toast, tater tots, coffee, mint tea sort of buffet style. We’re expecting the kids and Alex.


laughing a little

There’s a video of a chicken jumping for some low hanging apples and her legs splay out like a cartoon and her fluffy butt flies up in the air and it’s most convulsing. I want to provide a link but my mother already knows what jumping chickens look like.

Yesterday I gave blood (they no longer take blood pressure YAY IT MEANS I won’t get refused again) and my blood pressure was normal for the rest of the day. la la! although my pulse was supa fast.

Today I’m going to rest, hydrate, breathe and bathe, along with launder, wash dishes and sort through my fonts. I know this sounds like complete bullshit but they maketh Word to runne like a constipated snail so I’m ditching all the dodgy fonts and using it as an excuse to make the font folder names eckshully mean something useful, like Uncial, Graffiti, Holiday, Fandom, SCHOOLDAZE, Precious Titling, Victoriana, Clunky Titling, Unreadable Titling because I’m Antisocial, Dings, 50’s Diner, Stencil and If You Can Think of A Good Case for this Font Have At Her, which I am doing by putting all the fonts together in one document, which works fine in Scrivener, ba dum kish, although, anyway, I won’t get into that. All this to say it is a project, it is as much fun as it is meaningful, and you can take that as you like, and when this is all over, all the nasty Word-barfy fonts will be gone and I’ll have a proper font book and be able to make intelligent design decisions much faster.

Continuing to work on dictation. It’s very weird, the mental gymnastics that are involved. I would speak of it on line but Wittgenstein’s poking me hard .

I’m going to make a sound booth. OMG I just checked out a $23 Canadian soundbooth on Youtube. Isn’t the internet wonderful?


three bad pieces of (f)Art for Inktober

This is a reverse colour image of human shin bone. I then turned it into a bead pattern. This is NOT Inktober, because there’s no ink.


This image is of my own hand, minus the thumb, with water dripping over it. I’m trying to go for a minimalist tarot feel.

This image is in honour of the first Inktober drawing I saw, of a lanternfish, but also in memory of the fish we had over the fireplace in our house on Oakridge Drive.

sometimes I get weird notions

I decided to come up with a bunch of insults and threats around the word ‘taint.’ I know, I’m deranged.


Kick him in the taint with a Mexican boot!

Kick his taint into his gargle zone! (I pictured a whole animated ten seconds to go with this which was very funny, trust me)

Strain his taint through his teeth with a good swift kick!

Torque his taint to 1500 ft lbs!

May centipedes roam freely on his taint!

I shall freeze-dry his taint and use it for tea!

Cut his taint in two and make curtains for his asshole!

May frost dancers carve his taint with their toe-rakes!

Throw his taint to the feral cats / raccoons / coyotes / crows / ravens / eagles / vultures.

wonderful seminar

The seminar, which was about podcasting, was fantastically well organized, except for

(jesus, my ears still hurt) getting tossed out of the building as soon as we sat down by fifteen minutes’ worth of THE MOST HORRIBLE FIRE ALARM which consisted of three separate ear-splitting noises and a flashing light that may have much later – at home – triggered an hour’s worth of the most violently coloured and mobile migraine aura I’ve ever had. (It literally occupied, over the course of the hour, EVERY PORTION OF MY VISUAL FIELD which has never happened before, it usually hangs out in the upper left hand quadrant or dead centre while squirming. No pain, but hard to watch TV through, ha ha, and it looked like a rainbow dragon opening and closing its jaws over and over)

and the location, Hastings and Columbia. My mental health is not the greatest and walking through mobs of hungry and unhoused people made me so angry and sad and scared (there was a yeller, who followed me briefly yelling about orgasms which BLEUGH) that I ended up feeling very socially incompetent. On the way out at 3:30 a Korean Christian Church outreach program was feeding people on the corner and I felt a lot better seeing them hand out something hot and healthy, along with sandwiches, because there were hungry people everywhere. Everyone was so thin, I felt my privilege way more than usual and what can I say, I got to sit with it longer than I normally do.

I’m not a good person around privilege. I need to work much harder on it than I am currently, and I got my nose shoved in that.

An unhoused woman held the door of the radio station for us as we went in and out. I thanked her but once again ‘I felt terrible’ the way privileged people always centre themselves in any issue. Yeah I will be thinking this one over for a while.

The seminar covered software, hardware, platforms, styles of podcast, research, editing, basic Audacity use and a host of tips and tricks. Highly  recommended. Kimit and Debbie were awesome.

Current count 45812 because I found a chunk of writing I hadn’t integrated into the HOTMREDUX  manuscript. So since I wrote 7k words yesterday LOL NO I DIDN’T I’m taking the gd day off.





busy couple of days

I went to the Climate March but unfortunately my guts, in reaction to eating an orange plus JESUS CHRIST what a lot of people I Grandpa Simpson’d my way out of there and made it home just in time to poop.

Nobody needed to know that, but just in case I try to tell the story of how I led the singing 20 years from now my blog will be here to tell you NOPE.

Waterfront station had so many people in it I was actually afraid for my safety for about 30 seconds. Since I had that fall at the café I’m easily freaked out about stuff like that.

I got acorns from the City Hall garden.

Breakfast with Katie this morning, and in less than an hour I’m off to the Co-op Radio Station to learn about Podcasting. I has an idea.

Current count 39136 words. Almost halfway there! Progress is being made! Today is an editing, not a writing, day.