completely backed away from being done editing SOTW FOUND TWO TYPOS ON THE FIRST PAGE

wtf man


Katie’s coming to get me soon and we’re going to drown our emotional sorrows by shopping at Village de Valeur

Jeff took me to brekkie this morning fank you



anudder little post

SO CLOSE to being done with the editing for SOFW

Here’s a twitter explosion about Queen Elizabeth that I hope you all enjoy. The references to Canada vis a vis trumpty justabout make mah heart perslode.

Lovely walk with Paul yesterday at the Quay (I was sweating like an atheist in church at the end of it) and he kept going on and fucking on about gazpacho so I fixed him with my basilisk stare and we bought veggies and I made gazpacho for him when he drove me home. It’s DAMN GOOD GAZPACHO. It had one whole beefsteak tomato with the fibrous bits and seeds out of it, one whole red pepper, one whole English cuke, three scallions and most of a V8 bottle, plus salt, pepper and cilantro.

It’s a blessing in this heat, seriously.

Tammy has successfully gotten a new knee; now for the physio, poor lamb. Sounds like she’s on the start of an excellent recovery.

little post

Heard from Mike. He’s alive but just barely.

Jeff and I attempted to unblah ourselves with fudgsicles, results are mixed.

Hot as balls here again today.

I am down a quart of Alex, must see the boy.

Editing at a furious pace, encouraged by my biggest fan on twitter.

Sneaking stuff in to make Slider and Jesse’s later relationship look like it didn’t fall outta the sky.

Editing and random

Editing continues – I’ve calmed down somewhat. I mean if Dunnett can move a battle ten years in the wrong direction and suck it up so can I have meshugas with timeline.

Dan Rather on twitter this am:

I cherish taking leisurely strolls with my wife Jean at twilight. My steps are getting slower and increasingly I have another journey on my mind—the one into eternity. But the joy—the sheer, unadulterated joy—of a hand-in-hand , slow walk as evening shadows fall never ceases.


This is my fOlks and the drives in the Camaro.

happy sigh.


I did two nice things for Katie; I made her a lunch and I am assembling some TV shows for her to watch at her request. I’m thinking of making chocolate syrup for Alex to speed matters when he’s demanding choc milk.

Beautiful walk in Oakalla (Deer Lake Park) yesterday. Paul’s still a quart low from the last blood donation so he was actually having trouble keeping up to me and that my friends has not happened in a damned long while.

rantdate 1323.4

I’ve adjusted my medication and there’s always a couple of days of wobbliness…. actually what I did was I halved my vitamin d intake and will keep it that way until after the solstice, and I’m definitely perkier. I’m experiencing a bit more pain, still adjusting to the new orthotics but I was expecting this and it’s just meh, not alert the media.

damn that was  a nice sunrise.

Just spoke to pOp on the phone. He is a veritable factory of productive activity these days, so we started talking probiotics. Also talked about the kids including Keith’s bday celebration and a long description of WHY there was cake. POP YOU TELL GGMA



So I’m of the opinion that you should punch Nazis while they’re little and weak, because once they’ve completely got the legal monopoly on the use of force sewn up with bad judges and no civil rights – like has already happened in the states, sorry, it’s happened – they become a lot harder to punch.

I had a brief and unpleasant contact on twitter. At one point, angered by my insistence that a boy teen in a MAGA hat deserves a slap if he’s going to be an asshole, my interlocutor asked me what I’d say to a black man in a MAGA hat.

Here’s my response.


Nothing. My remit is talking to stupid white people. (ED NOTE I’M VERY PROUD OF THAT RESPONSE)  You have pretty spelling, so maybe you aren’t a bot. (THIS IS ACTUALLY AN ISSUE ON TWITTER)  The man behind MAGA enables racism in the service of the wealthy and power-mad, and in so doing, mein freund, he does not stray far from the road to Oświęcim.

drop that mike


ANYWAY a horde of racists promptly came in to my mentions and dropped shit on me, but they all cleared out my this morning.


Keith’s partay at the Bombay Bistro was very nice, and we hung out at Planet Bachelor for a while afterward.


this morning:

July 9 2018 sunrise Burnaby

thanks Jeff for telling me the sky was purty

still editing

I’m kind of jumping around a lot, but I’m definitely editing.

Supper tonight at Bombay Bistro with (apparently) just Keith for the b-day, which is a drag unless I want to take home a lot of leftovers (ie won’t be able to order many dishes).

Looking forward to my ultrasound. Weird that I keep having to have them, but at least they are relatively non-invasive.

Read a fantastic article by a male porn artist and sex worker and academic and social justice activist and man alive I wish I’d read it before I wrote Sweetie’s House of Tentacles. He lays out how anti-sex work activists sound EXACTLY like TERFs and the moral majority types panicking about ter geyz  back in the 80’s. Like, almost word for word. Really ripped some scales from my eyes.

well that was less expensive that I expected

I announced that I was unemployed and the Pedorthist immediately came up with cheaper solutions.

I’m still going to get a full set of new orthotics, but basically I got very expensive off the shelf shoe liners plus I’m getting retreads, so that was less than 200 bucks.

The thing in my neck appears to be going down, so either it’s just having a moment or the weensy infection I think I was working on has gone down.





Off to get new orthotics this morning. The old ones are two years old and a bit and unfortunately my foot pain is abruptly so bad that I can’t put it off any longer.

Not much is happening. The noise continues next door, but the work crew is so hard working and cheerful it’s hard for me to stay growly about it. It’s all going to be done in a month.


So yesterday Alex and Katie showed up because Alex woke up and decided that my place IS SEVERELY DEFICIENT OF TOYS. So he brought some. He played the pinball games – he’s starting to get the point and using the flipper button properly- and then they left.

He marched halfway to the car and said I WANNA HUG GIGI because he left without hugging me.


Today I am going to wrassle some more crap into corners, and maybe even start LABELLING THINGS. Which would be hilarious and probably not work, but sure I’ll give it a go.

RIP Harlan Ellison

Feud-prone, brilliant, and pragmatic as well as hyper-vigilant in defending his writing gifts.
A classic example of a problematic feminist.
Everyone in my family will mourn him, especially my parents, for whom he was a contemporary.
The man who wrote The Glass Teat is dead.



later…. WOW A LOT OF PEOPLE IN FANDOM ARE PISSING ON HIS GRAVE. “I grew up in fandom over the last 20 years and the only thing he ever did of note was grab Connie Willis by the tit at worldcon so screw him and I’m never reading anything he wrote or edited.”


USUALLY WE TAKE TWO HUNDRED YEARS TO GET TO THAT ATTITUDE WITH ‘great writers’ but now I predict that in a few years he’ll disappear from sf canon, except for Star Trek, the only place for sure he’ll stay peppy.


meanwhile people like adam-troy castro and patton oswalt are beating their breasts on twitter because they knew him personally  and yeah I get that.

I love difficult people too.


YAY pOp got my charger back to me. He probably spent about the same amount shipping it as I would have paid to replace it but incidentally I stayed off the internet for most of two days and my room is much cleaner… so….

Sat Alex for the last Wednesday for the foreseeable, since Katie’s group is over. It was pretty low key as my orthotics seem to have given up the ghost and I’m now getting pain in both feet unless I stay off them (doesn’t matter if I’m barefoot or not). I got a little relief wearing my new hiking shoes but walking in the orthotics just about kills me. So we didn’t walk to Robert Burnaby park, went to Eastburn instead, and I bounced Alex up and down on the teeter totter while he screamed in glee. Then his grandfather started bouncing him up and down about five times harder than me and he squished his foot and banged himself against the handles and started crying and once again Paul is like…


He wants to toughen Alex up.


I wrote a paragraph about how much hate just SEETHES in me when I watch men I love being bullies rather than playmates and fuck it, the internet’s forever.

I’m angry with Paul, and I think I’m going to stay away from him until I figure out how to cope with this feeling. Holding your crying grandson because of something your cograndparent did by being too rough.

Now I can’t remember how he was with our kids, I only see him as he is now.

I’m so glad I can charge my computer again.

The Expanse finale was awesome.

Finally got hold of Mike, he’s travelled five times in the last six weeks and he has no break since there is no one to do the customer service work while he’s gone so he ends up answering emails at 3 am. They’re going to break him, and I can’t do anything about it because work is Mike’s organizing principle at the moment.

Still getting kudos, one a day, on the stories. I’m stalled on the last one. It’s really weird, the emotional stuff is kind of a different tenor to my usual badinage. People are angry and tense and popping off at each other.


Poor Buster. He’s adjusting a bit.

Just ate toasted potato bread with butter and almond butter and my sensorium is happy with my choices about it in a casual sort of way.