two movies, two fan pics and a song

Come As You Are – three disabled guys go on a road trip to a brothel in Montreal with Gabourey Sidibe as the driver. Jeff and I laughed our asses off. It tries to speak to the difficult truths about autonomy and pleasure and love without talking down to disabled people and for the most part succeeds. There are a number of interesting twists on the trope of the magical Black woman, most of which land deftly, but you can tell white people, non disabled. wrote it. Also Jeff called one of the main plot points about thirty seconds into the road trip so full marks for observation. Cried at the end so hard the top of my head nearly caved in, full marks to me for being a drip.

First Love – Funny, horrifying, over-the-top, stylish and touching all at once, this ensemble bloodbath with a happy ending is utterly worth seeing just for how fast it moves and the clockwork intricacy of the plotting and fight scenes, and for how it casually integrates the cultural differences of the principals into the action. (Chinese gangs vs Japanese cops vs. Yakuza vs. extremely confused but survival-oriented lower-class civilians.) One of the characters is floridly psychotic and hallucinating due to drug toxicity for a good chunk of the movie which just adds to the ‘not knowing what the fuck is going to happen next’ thrill ride of it all.

I’ve added a tag to the song “I’m going to have to ask the smart people to leave”.


AU Castiel with suit and tats


AU Dean Winchester with piercings and tats. Art available on Etsy at

I am not a fan of age regressed fan pics for these two actors (Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles) so these pics make me very happy.

The Correction does her thing

So, this morning, Coronavirus. 80k infected and 2.5k dead, approx, as of this date.

Holy shit, the lies and propaganda about COVID-19 on line – I’m doing a skip-dive this am – are horrifying. Once again, there is zero evidence that the Chinese government made the virus. They’d be releasing it in the Uighur camps if that was true, come on dear people think.

Also, apparently abandoned babies are appearing in orphanages because their parents haven’t been paid since January and they’re being evicted – there was a heartwrenching picture with a letter indicating that the parents would be back to collect the kid when they had a home again. ABSOLUTELY no idea if it’s true, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

there are reports of entire families (all over 50 yoa) perishing within a fortnight, also reports that there’s no systematized autopsies of the dead so we’re not getting a clear idea of what aspect of the virus procession through the body is actually killing people which given that it can kill you more than one way, which would affect treatment protocols, is just one more thing that CDCs in the rest of the world are going to have to figure out, because China’s a little busy right now. The ACE2 receptor is the main target in the human body but that means it can attack lungs, organ linings (endothelium), kidneys, blood vessels and the heart. Death by this organism can masquerade as a heart attack or a fatal asthma attack and you won’t know without an autopsy, so current cause of death info is bullshit and we need to poke the Chinese to do better

and to top it all off you’ll be way more susceptible to any lung bug at all for months afterward if you do get it so just imagine the first groups of people who survive COVID-19 only to die from regular flu and how angry their families will be GET YOUR FLU SHOT


millennial prayer

Biscotti batch 3 in oven, this will be AWESOME

Image is where to buy this AWESOME MERCH PLEASE ensure that Keith sees this I’m sure he’ll be amused this is from @wangleberry on twitter and she lettered this after something her ‘idiot husband’ (WRONG) said.

If Phyllis was still alive I TOTES WOULD GET THIS FOR HER



‘Black people in horror’ mini posters. No Duane Jones (Night of the Living Dead lead) tho.

Francesco Francavilla is the artist
@f_francavilla on twitter online
check out his OBK frankenstein poster live on the front page now

next fawm thing

I got to go swimming with Alex today, and thankful I am to have family close but not too close to cloy


new song called ???

I’m going to have to ask
the smart people to leave
why should you listen to this crap
I’m going to sing some stuff
like you would not believe
You’ve been warned, it’s a trap
Why would you want to listen to anything silly
Like me attempting to sing about an armadillo’s will he, won’t he
I’m going to have to ask
the smart people to leave

and when they do
we’ll all have fun

and then some more
once we’ve begun
the drugs alone must weigh
weigh half at least a ton
so if the cops show
better run



I was going to do a blast about how I hate everything but I decided to do a gratitude list instead:

Drinking the last of the tea Jeri-Lynn and the concom gave to me for Conflikt. It’s called Berry Juice, and it’s delicious, from Friday Afternoon Teas.

Biscotti is in the oven; I just turned it off and now it will continue to get to that impeccable golden brown which just makes life good.

I am still very very glad I have a weighted blanket and I sleep with it every night unless I’m away from home.

I can have a hot bath or shower any time I want.

I have wonderful friends and family.

I am editing.


the code seems quite permeable

one would think, granted ‘one’, granted ‘thought’

granted conditions for the code to bloom and flex

it was meant to be so

tripping so


but all roads lead to a god with no persona


and ain’t that a bore

we fill the cracks in the code with sounds

we stuff the space with photons

and it doesn’t matter

we ignored moral philosophy

and the greatest minds on earth

got their nipples licked by capital

and it was all over

alex and me

I got Alex for a couple of hours yesterday…. he’s about the same as always. He enjoyed Xenon for about half an hour and then we watched volcanoes explode and he watched a Baldi video (??!! wtf) and then we recorded sounds and made them echo and then he bonged on the hand pan for a good long while and then his mother and Keith appeared. I literally haven’t seen Keith since the last time I mentioned him on my blog and I wanted to hug him and squeeze him and Katie was in a mood to leave so I hardly got to see him and I went


d e f l a te


sigh. I neeed to walk over there.

do you know what I want a pop culture person to do? I want Billie Eilish in a black and dayglo green prairie dress with a tasteful fractal pattern and black and green combat boots and the extendamix version of holy shit nails because on her it would look like Tuesday


also I think that William Gillis is the modern Voltaire but fuck he’d hate me for saying it so so much