Operator operator do I really need you
do I need you to put me through
do I need you holding open the line
do I need you show me some kind of sign
Throw me, throw me a lifeline
throw me a lifeline, right now
I said throw me, throw me a lifeline
throw me a lineline, right now

My beauty and my ugliness they went for a ride
Beauty said to ugly baby I gotta drive
Ugly said to beauty well I don’t mind that
Hit beauty in the head with a big ol’ baseball bat
Throw me, throw me a lifeline
throw me a lifeline, right now
I said throw me, throw me a lifeline
throw me a lineline, right now

You’re doing me a favour man when did you decide
To keep your mouth shut and your arms out wide
You could be complaining but you just let it ride
You’re the reason I came back to life after I died
Throw me, throw me a lifeline
throw me a lifeline, right now
I said throw me, throw me a lifeline
throw me a lineline, right now


this song is stupid lyrically and pointless emotionally and I have no relationship or feeling toward it anymore except I occasionally sing the chorus when it’s apropos. It was professionally recorded, that’s the best thing I can say about it. Paul W. (PD Wohl, Wohl of Sound) did a great job of adding instrument tracks back in 2005, very fine guitarist, much to my taste. Of course this is the Garageband version, if I find the one PD did I’ll post it here.

the productivity trap

Over and over I think I haven’t done enough on a daily basis.
Yesterday I had a bath; did two loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, watched some TV with Jeff, dealt with a Mailchimp issue, practiced – including working on tunes to be recorded, called the doctor about the EEG results (still no joy), recorded a song and posted it, made lunch, called Keith, called mOm, wrote a thousand words on UPSUN and called Kenney names on twitter.

I did not do anything to push forward #LandBack, or my various political hobby horses unless writing a thousand words on a book in which MST people get their chunk of the lower mainland back counts.

My mood continues good. Knowing that my people are in a better living space (Keith is sleeping better already, something I cheerfully predicted) is a blessing. This morning we’re thinking of going to ratlands takeout for breakfast.

Please be kind to yourself and others, unless they’re fascists, in which case please damage the living fuck out of their social capital.

Schadenfreude…. Jared Padalecki’s show Walker is so bad that people primed and ready to love it because of Supernatural are urinating on it from such a lofty height that the pee is cold by the time it hits.

Kitchen mats (aka Buster’s toilet paper) are in the laundry.

Song a Day -Time to Get Up – two versions

French horn version

Harp version

This is in four parts and was done with midi voiced instruments in Finale. The lyrics are nonsensical so I’m not including them.

wander past

I love this picture of us together. This is a country I visited, but I did not expect to stay. It’s before I stopped dyeing my hair. It was before I was unemployable. It was before I knew how much fun he would be to hang out with (he didn’t like me much that first year.)

If you think I’m conflating this with throwback Thursday, you’re wrong. You have no fucking idea how much of a tourist I am in this picture. lol

I pray for the peace of the world and especially for my lovers, neighbours (ie people who live in NW WA) and people of colour in the US today.


Rosa Luxemburg

I like Rosa Luxemburg because she always was an independent thinker, and never actually toed anybody’s party line despite how clearly committed she was to socialist / communist ideals.

Her murder by fascists was celebrated across Europa by the enemies of freedom.

Bertolt Brecht had something else to say:

Red Rosa now has vanished too,
And where she lies is hid from view.
She told the poor what life’s about,
And so the rich have rubbed her out.
May she rest in peace.