the end of a perfect day

apart from misgendering Cade Tinney when I introduced them, yesterday, for which I apologized and was forgiven by them and the con com I had the best possible con.

Thanks to my fellow judges for the songwriting contest.

Daniela Festi was an amazing choice as an interfilk guest, like flat out fucking amazing. Her musicality, professionalism and versatility was mindblowing.

Vanessa Cardui has a beautiful voice and penetrating wit and verve as a lyricist.

Rhiannon’s Lark, aka Alyssa Yeager, a zero defect singer, a great and funny lyricist, a good guitarist and hoo boy can she run a harmony looper like nobody’s biz.

Eric and Lizzie of Cheshire Moon were great guests and entertaining as heck.

Sunnie Larsen IS A GODDESS fight me.

It was so good to see Beth Runnerwolf.

Hung with Chaos for a while.

Emailed Jesse my Cthulthu Mars Bar story.

JOHN AND JEN ON SOUND my goodness HOW LUCKY ARE WE as Paul said, on both sides of the mic!!!

Ecumenifilk was great, played Lift Every Voice and Sing on the ukelele AND when I talked about how I would never sing it (just play it) the only poc in the room thanked me for my sensitivity.


Thomas Carlyle for class, coronavirus for AI YI

Julia Margaret Cameron portraits Julia Margaret Cameron portraits

this portrait was taken in 1867 by Julia Margaret Cameron

he was someone Henry Thomas Wake admired, and he was invited to tea at Carlyle’s house, and he did graphic design for the Carlyle family


so…. the LATEST latest on coronovirus, which one might have had the sense to predict, is that you are contagious prior to being symptomatic

What this means is that, since I’ve been in a phenomenally busy hotel which is across the street from SEA, point of entry for the first identified coronavirus sufferer in the US (poor bastard is now being treated by robots in an isolation ward), I’m going to wait 14 days before I leave the house after I get home. Sorry brO you’re on your own for shopping for the next two weeks.

Also, if I do get sick please treat me with calcium ascorbate in IV form.

Also, no Alex or family visits.


My concert went well

The Tapioca Song singalong and recording beforehand went reasonably well, but I was sweating my god.

The concerts were recorded and livestreamed. I will provide links if and when I find out what they are. John Seghers has indicated he’ll provide wav files recorded from the board, which would be nice. BUT I HAVE TO EMAIL HIM FIRST hint hint I have to remember that.

Paul sat in the back and provided comment afterward. He said my stagecraft has improved and I was entertaining as hell. Also, and he was really surprised, he is used to being the first person who hears a new song (sometimes it’s Mike, but 90% it’s Paul) and he DID NOT KNOW I had learned the Lousy Cutters on dulcimer and so sat with his mouth hanging open, which was fun to hear about afterward. I COULD SEE CINDY SINGING ALONG FOR HALF OF MY STUFF IT WAS AWESOME. Also, there was some guy in the audience – new to me, youngish by filk standards, who started smirking as soon as I fired up Alexios and laughed aloud repeatedly so goodie.

I played Way up in the Sky, (everybody laughed in the right places and the ONE PLACE I WANTED TO GET A LAUGH made the whole room shout with laughter – such a lovely feeling – the line is “The sun’s hot (semi longish pause) … don’t touch it”,  Gelis and Nicolas, Zero-G (the Bed), Dishing with Joyce, The Friend who Gave Me This Ukelele, The Lousy Cutters, The Anarchist Parade Marshall, An invocation to my ancestors, Alexios the Murder Hobo, Pardon me is that stool taken, and possibly one other song that currently escapes. I had a good time and it really showed, according to BL Chiffon, whom I ran into along with Frank Hayes in the Con suite after. Also I said, “I play the song of my people” and blasted the slide whistle and cracked everyone up.

I forgot to take my meds so that probably explains why I was sweating like a pig.  I took them late, apparently suffered no problems.


In an hour I have to do a seminar.

I have a long long day ahead but I et my brekky and I’ve had my coffee and I’m ready to go more or less.


Vanessa Cardui’s concert was fantastic. Her song “Made it” which is an intense family history song that is completely a true story made me want to hug my fOlks and brother so damned hard you have no idea, and her song from Data to Spot was SO WONDERFUL I must obtain a copy for Jeff. She sang in OCCITAN F’CHRISSAKE don’t let anyone tell you that filk isn’t educational. Anyway wonderful guitarist and vocalist. Her only song not self written was about the Molasses Flood of Boston and despite the horror we all laughed.

AND I wrote and delivered a land acknowledgement which covered all the territory I could. I didn’t use the word unceded because this is their land, and I’d prefer to just call it what it is, stolen, if I have to.


I live upon and come to you from the shared lands of the Sto:lo and Coast Salish, and we are gathered now on the lands of the Coast Salish, Duwamish and Puget Sound Salish peoples. May our time together at Conflikt 13 be a living memorial to the values of sharing and community, and to our deep appreciation for the beauty of this land and its first peoples. May we especially honor the frogs and all the creatures of the wetlands, the salmon and all the creatures of the ocean, the wolves and all the creatures and plants of the forests, the elders and the children in all their beauty, and all the remaining Sasquatches. Dear ones, let us make a memorable festival, and let us be thankful.

awesome George Carlin / Fury Road mashup

I loved this movie by the way. Its over-the-topness was a marvel.

a view of the hotel room, shown is a cutaway acoustic-electric guitar named Smokey and Otto, my octave mandolin WOULD BE HERE if the hotel wifi would let me email it from my phone to my google account. I’ve sent it four times, NADA

christ it only took two hours, wtf Hilton

Jeff Tiedrich on twitter:

ideally, you want the President of the United States, the Mayor of Crazytown and the village idiot to be three different people


not enough sleep

Paul and I are checked into the Hilton Doubletree at Seatac. Nice room. There are a lot of instruments in it.

Trip down was uneventful. Agent at the border was a total sweetheart and told us to spend hella money. Driving in rush hour Seattle traffic which I seem to do at least once a year whether I need to or not was not eventful but in the rain it pretty much sucked a mop. Stopped at Razzi’s for pizza, which I may consume for breakfast.

Jeri Lynn greeted us at the hotel lobby (after an amusing moment which I shan’t elaborate upon) and she and Jeff C helped us get our instruments out of the car. I loaned her my octopot hat to keep the rain off Jeri Lynn’s head.

I GOT THE THREE OF CUPS as my day card today; improvement is not possible.


Today, registration and rehearsal and sound check and concert and welcome.Apparently other guests at the con have been injured or jostled or had emergency surgery on the way to the con so I guess I’m going to count myself lucky that nothing bad’s happened to me so far. Also, I will get to be ‘toastedmaster’ for the duration of the con, so YAY knowing the people who print the con badges.

Explosion in Houston may have been triggered by a meteorite! if that’s what happened it sure picked a good spot to impact at 30K kph; a polypropylene tank surrounded by oxygen tanks. The bang, whether it resulted from a meteorite or not, was heard and felt 30 miles away and showed up on weather radar. So, you know, not small.

Retweeted something critical of Bernie Sanders, four people stopped following me. LOL Bernie Sanders is not going to be president, 45 will steal the election through redistricting and purging voter rolls and fraud at the polls, plus intimidation, etc etc. Fascism and America are fuck buddies, and the last ten years have proved it.

In Paul’s honour, a pic from Instagram of a cake from Punk Rock Pastries on Hastings. The last time he was in town somebody broke into his car and stole the tool box I bought him shortly after he started working at Air Canada. It’s a good idea not to get attached to stuff.

Air Canada Cake…. by Punk Rock Pastries

Brynn Tannehill on the road to genocide

From twitter this am. She studies genocide. She’s moving to Canada from the US in 2021… she hopes.

What is interesting to me is watching for the warning signs:

* Rising infant mortality
* Demonizing government propaganda
* Us v. Them narrative
* Mythological past free of a minority
* Populist government
* Breakdown of democratic norms
* Politicized court beholden to party 
* Removing minority from federal service
* Legally establishing that minority doesn’t have same rights as everyone else
* Encouraging stochastic violence
* Preventing access to health care system
* Preventing access to education
* Mandatory segregation from general population under penalty of law
* Requiring something that outs people as the minority (ID, worn item, name, etc) * Random arrests
* Indefinite “black hole” detentions
* Testing to see if foreign governments will move to stop abuses
*Minority groups fleeing the country
she says the last two are signs it’s too late

frens and travel

Cindy and Elias her son will be leaving this morning as well, so we will likely meet up with them in the hotel sometime this afternoon.

It’s raining, and it will rain all day, but I’ve driven down that highway ten times at least in the rain, and it’s no problem. I’ll phone Paul around ten am to find out how his preparations are coming.

I woke up at one thirty but forced myself back to sleep. I’m assuming that extra hour and a half will do me some good; I feel quite perky.

Did you know that statins can cause antisocial behaviour?

HOTM 55179

30k of fanfic published in 4 stories since the 17th, including one with polyamory elements. It’s interesting which stories collect kudos faster. Hint kittens vs polyamory….

Obvs I’m freaking out

But, not as badly as yesterday, and it doesn’t really affect my sleep. I don’t understand how I can be such a worrywart during the day and then BOOM I R UNCONSCIOUS at 20 after 7 in the evening. I’ll be checking in Thursday and leaving Monday and driving Paul down in his vehicle – yes the very one I assisted in rescuing.

Walked over to the pharmacy yesterday to pick up the prescription I had paid for but not yet collected. On the way back I bought some pork chops from the finest butcher shop in town. (This is a song quote, and if the one person who reads this blog stumbles across it they will howl.) Picked up some ground meat, too. I plan to make spag. Also six donuts.

Wrote a thousand words yesterday. It started as one thing and then the fucking wife shows up as a ghost and I never have supernatural elements in my SPN fic so I am pissed as hell about it. I’m trying to figure out her motivation but all she does is stare at me and point menacingly at the other characters. Thanks byotch I got other problems at the moment. Dragging out one of the other fics for massage instead while that one cools off. The newest fic is at a 7% kudo rating on just over 1000 hits, which is solid.

One of my namesakes: shown below is Allegra Kent, Principal Ballerina of the NY Ballet Company in 1959, the year this was taken.

Post image

I think I’m going to have more coffee and have another whack at “Just How I Feel” my SPN polyamory story provisional title. After that “You Can’t Sleep Here” and “Don’t Forget to Bring a Snack for Men’s Group” need to be bashed into shape.


56135 HOTM – added through edits, and I deleted about two paragraphs, so….

Japanese folk art called Temari


Source, Nana Akua, photographing her grandmother’s  work. Shown are 24 brightly coloured embroidered balls in a variety of mostly geometric patterns, showing tremendous skill and design subtlety

That balloon we’ve been talking about; it’s gone up. NC2019 is forcing the admissions of 100 people per day in Wuhan and it’s appeared in Singapore and Thailand. Just learned this from Helen Branswell from an article from China that hasn’t been translated into English yet.

that was delightful

We had a lovely brekkie and may get Alex here later, depending on his mood.

Almost fell down this morning when I turned my ankle on the walkway – Jeff can attest how spectacular it was.

The picture shown below is an athletic cup after it was hit by a slapshot, scanged from wtf on reddit. Personally I think it looks like a mean faced dude being snuggled by a dragon but what do I know.

brekky with Alex

It’s by no means guaranteed, but we are probably going out for breakfast with Katie and Alex this morning. LATER YES IT IS GUARANTEED they will be here to pick us up in 20.

I got almost eight hours of sleep last night. It was absolutely wonderful. I definitely sleep better when it’s cold in here.

Cousin Alex is not having a good time sleeping these days. Well do I remember my early fifties and I probably have dozens of blog posts complaining about how much I sweated….. menopause is hard, but most of the parturition crowd would say it’s eventually worth it. Don’t forget the Replens, it makes a huge difference.

Feetsball today. Jeff will be thinking of our pOp.

Wrote lots yesterday, trying to get a fic finished.


This is Anastasia Baburova, murdered a decade ago by fascists. She was a student anarchist and journalist. I think she was one of my people… does she look like a Scythian warrior woman to you?

I have learned not to immediately respond to news on Twitter. If it’s accurate someone smarter will have a better assessment and if it’s not you’ve not made a fucking idiot out of yourself at least more than normal.