8 thoughts on “And who has a problem with this?”

  1. I say good for the judge. So many people have no manners when it comes to cell phones. I can’t figure out why he apologized or why he was removed from the bench. There should be signs posted outside courtrooms, restaurants, movie theatres, etc. — just like there are in hospitals. Can’t most cell phones be programmed to vibrate like a pager — this would be useful and then take your call outside.

  2. >Cause he whined about his personal life.

    And yes, you can program your phone for vibrate or silent if need be. My favorite feature is the “meeting” mode, in which you can set the phone to go silent/take messages for the duration of the meeting. And if your phone does happens to ring, then you know that the meeting’s gone on too long 😛

  3. I never thought of this Kopper. I could have used this idea for meetings. Some staff had watches that went off on the hour. In the beginning, I held hope that this would result in our run-on meetings breaking for lunch — even a coffee break in lieu of lunch (it’s the food that’s important here or the lack thereof). No such luck.

  4. We have ‘bio-breaks’ at work when things go on too long. Anybody can suggest one, and there are usually looks of glazed relief when you suggest it.

  5. Yeah, I was OK with piping up when the Assistant Director or Director of the Division were the highest ranking officer in the room (it’s amazing what bravery surfaces when I’m starving), BUT when the highest ranking officer is the Assistant Chief Statistician of the Department, it seems nobody would say anything. Too bad I’m retiring or I think I would ask for bio-breaks to be tabled for discussion.

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