Blue skies (no work)

Katie has gone back to the hotel room to keep reading Harry Potter VII.  We’ve breakfasted, and the locals who swarm the place on the weekend have all gone back to work.  The internet cafe is deserted except for me; it’s really quite remarkably peaceful and cool (A/C not being in any short supply here).  Inland I imagine it’s a different story.

Last night was the first time the mosquitoes were really bad; the buffet is located in a pavilion open to the sea breezes, but also to one of the ugliest little cats ever (sat by our table begging and meowing), sparrows who have learned to fold their wings up as they fly through the gaps in the curtains and to tiny, hellaciously persistent mosquitoes. I contemplate our bites (as usual, Katie’s getting it way worse than I am) and think about dengue (which is endemic) and malaria (2004 outbreak).  We cut short dinner to get back to the room. 

If I said I am doing nothing and enjoying it, would you believe me?

I keep seeing bugs and critters that I can’t take pictures of because they move so frikkin’ fast – and I can’t hold what they look like in my head long enough to be able to remember to look them up afterwards.  There was an immense mostly black-with-yellow-bands butterfly on the wall outside our room as we went out to breakfast, but it had vanished by the time I got back into the room safe to get the camera.

Later, a black and yellow bird the size of a bush tit serenaded me from a tree.  I could see half way to his stomach while he was singing….

Tomorrow, more nothing, then Santo Domingo,  then Saona.  Then home.

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  1. “If I said I am doing nothing and enjoying it, would you believe me?”

    As I’ve said before, that is my idea of a perfect vacation. Doing nothing is highly underrated. Doing nothing under sunny skies, warm temperatures with a bath-temperature ocean nearby sounds like my idea of bliss.

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