3 thoughts on “My brain asplodes – again”

  1. Loki says, genuine problem – related to the Schroediger’s cat paradox. there have been earlier articles about this issue in New Scientist. They are articles I skip over so lightly as not to notice the content. Well, there wouldn’t be much point if I DID notice it, I wouldn’t understand it. So the skipping is not irresponsible, merely pragmatic. (But I study the articles in several other sciences with great interest and attention!)
    As for myself, I am reminded of the Descartes view: I can know only two things with certainty: I exist, and my senses will deceive me. And THAT’s all very well, but for practical purposes you have to act as though other things are certain – like the speed of the other cars on the highway on which you are driving at high speed.
    So for this issue, I am prepared to say, yeah, sure, and SO WHAT? Again I confess to rampant irresponsibility in so saying.

  2. The problem also reminds me of the way ‘issues’ are handled at work. If you noticed it, it’s your problem. Never mind that you don’t actually have anything to DO with the problem, you just noticed it. Errr.

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