3 thoughts on “Treehouse Jones”

  1. OK, I want this treehouse. Instant cottage in the woods, extra living quarters for guests, at least the feeling of safety from bears… Yeah, I know bears can climb trees, but there’s something about a bear sniffing your tent at night and the knowledge that there is only a thin piece of material (nylon, gortex) between you and the bear that is not very reassuring.

  2. Daily Planet did a segment on this idea a few months ago. If the idea is to minimize the “footprint” of the householder, it has some merit in the short run. Not sure in the long term; and definitely not suitable for large numbers of people. Wonder how the tree tolerates the unnatural weight-bearing over a few seasons.

  3. I want.
    And spacewise, it would be just perfect for me.

    Thinks of George Dyson, and his tree house.

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