4 thoughts on “Show off”

  1. Yeah, that should have been obvious – it’s the same reason guys go into sports, rock music, and politics.

  2. Slightly off topic, but Kopper’s comment made me recall a conversation I had with my daughter over Christmas. Three years into her undergraduate degree she told me, “Did you know that dolphins are the creatures besides humans that have sex for enjoyment?”

    I told her I can hardly believe that this is true. Anybody know of any proof of other creatures? My bet is that we will eventually find many animals that enjoy sex and experience many of the same emotions that humans do.

  3. Bonobos have sex face to face and that crazy dutch primatologist whose name escapes (de Waal) has proved the females ‘enjoy themselves’ so, nope. Dolphins aren’t the only ones. And for the love of heaven, be careful what you search for when doing on line research, or you’ll end up in ‘animal husbandry’ territory. Must… wash… eyes….now.

  4. It makes sense that other creatures like sex. The continuance of the species relies on some mechanism to make mating enticing — seems it’s either male dominance or mutual enjoyment.

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