Got Gizmo to drink a little

He is so thin now that I started crying when I was petting him this morning.  He was on the rug in the bathroom – he’s lucky I didn’t step on him – and staggered to his feet for a good scritch about the hindquarters, purring softly.  Then I poured him some water in his favourite glass and he drank about two ounces.  Then I caught him as he fell off the bathroom counter.  He just leaned, and kept on going, and I gently set him on the floor.

Poor Jeff, none of this is easy.  The cats are quite subdued as well.

I had a very relaxed and low key weekend, and I am very happy about that.  I got some baking done, took some biscotti to church, actually, and I also saw Frost/Nixon, which I must wholeheartedly recommend.