Midnight gift

I awoke last night to the unmistakable sound of Eddie meowing with something large in his mouth. One small nearby thump later and his voice returned to normal. “Yes, Eddie, I see the rat. You’re a mighty hunter. Thank you so much. By the way, you’re soaking wet. Thanks for the late night weather report.” Later, I heard Margot snorting around and discovered her playing with the rat. She paused to barf on my floor, then slowly dragged the dead rat into the small pile of barf. Thanks, Margot. Also, yuck.

2 thoughts on “Midnight gift”

  1. Half a century ago we had a dog, and seven cats only one of which lived in the house. You have reminded me why we don’t have house-varmints any more. There is something profoundly incomprehensible to me about people who regard the above experiences as amusing and only mildly yuck. I shall put you on my lengthening list of things I don’t understand.
    It would make more sense, of course, to keep a list of the things I DO understand. This list would be VERY SHORT.

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