Some power in the morning.

Rev Fred Cappuccino, one of the luminaries of Canadian humanitarianism AND Canadian Unitarianism, preached at church this morning on his view of Jesus.  It was an AMAZING sermon; especially since a lot of it was a very extended quote from somebody else’s sermon.  He did a meditation which moved me to tears and which he allowed me to scarf after the service.  I shall TREASURE it, and I’ll post it when I re-type it.  It’s a science fiction blessing!  It’s amazing.

Had what I thought would be an exceedingly unpleasant conversation with a fellow congregant, which turned out not to be unpleasant.  To truly say things with love is hard.  I hope to get better at it.

AND it was the water ingathering, one of my favourite Unitarian rituals; I got up and poured water for Transition and Change, that being the kind of summer I had.  Mike came back to work with me; Katie finally freed herself of the family she’d entangled herself with, both the kids got full time jobs, I committed to getting my back better and it’s already better; I committed to singing and playing as part of my every week schedule; I finally got to Wreck for the turning of the year; work changed, possibly for the better over the long haul; I shook most of my depression off; I realized that I’m not a gardener, but I can tend other things.

And there was a baby and there was a kitten, and there was a young married couple getting into the just married car, right on my street as I came home.  I sang out, my heart full and a big smile on my face “Good luck” as I went by.  Even if you don’t believe in God, it makes for some power in the morning.


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