Feeling somewhat better

My knee – which was so bad I couldn’t bend it to go down stairs – is now much improved.

I am loving having Katie live with us, mostly because I know it’s temporary, and mostly because I forget how much fun she is to have around.  She’s still decompressing from being squeezed into the D-space, and figuring out who she is after spending so much time defining herself against something that didn’t meet her needs and values.  It’s a hard process and an important one.

Muffin fell asleep in Jeff’s (empty) laundry hamper.  What a cat.

Eddie still expects me to have infinitely extensible arms when I am petting him.  What a cat.

Keith came over for dins last night.  We had a major season 3 Breaking Bad Fest, and finished up with the new Lost Girl, which triggered me to compose a song about Selkies.

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