Well I had a lovely vacation but now it’s over

Some things that happened that I didn’t mention.

Lots of practicing, maybe a new song.  It will emerge from its cocoon eventually I s’pose.

Straightening out some songwriting stuff.

Working on the December 4 homily.

Lots of hanging out with Katie, which was marvellous.  And is. She got VERY drunk for her birthday but managed to bring home the remains of the ‘penis cake’ which Jessica La Diva made for her.  (Much consternation in the girls’ circle “How come you never made a cake like that for me?”)

Purchased a slide whistle.  I think it will be useful in the nice echoey atrium at work during town halls.  Also, a pickup for the acoustic.  Now I need batteries for all the pedals Jim E loaned me.

On a sad note, those (insert slur here) at work have still not paid me the 2500 bucks they owe me for getting Mike on board – since September, and it’s now almost December.  Could use the money, chaps.

In talks with a guy I met on Craigslist.  I am hopeful merely for civility; nothing else on my wish list seems to be practical or reasonable.

Got to go down to the Fraser and by accident (Katie Sharpeyes “contact lens edition”) saw a seal, which morphed into two seals, who promptly had a full on “Let’s frolic and leap about where people can see us” until a speedboat turned up, at which point they promptly disappeared.  Given that I had just written a song about selkies it was pretty freaky.

Jeff IS AWESOME.  The inertnets dieded for a while and he got it back up by going out to the junction box and PM’ing it.  No, not Private Messaging it.  Percussive Maintenance.  He beat its sorry little head like a gong, and it WORKED.

Helped out with coffee at church and never saw so many newcomers at once.

Watched Lost Girls last night and laughed quite immoderately…. it was a good episode and my unholy crush on Kris Holden Reid continues.

Lovely long walk in Deer Lake Park earlier this week – no achy joints afterwards, I’m loving the new anti inflammatory.

Now to make coffee and shower and go back to work.  I wasn’t ignoring you, the internet was down.

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