an imaginary gift for my mother


It’s an archaeologist’s kit.

My mum just finished and sent off to me four, count them, four family projects.  One is a family history book about the Mennonite side of the family, one is the survival book my mother’s mother wrote (notes – really – that got turned into a book), my forebear’s (not lineal) book of copied out poetry, and my unca Barry’s book about his family’s adventures in Reunion Island.

What a haul for me and what an incredible amount of work by her.  Jeff and Barry and I believe Mary assisted with it, and I did transcribe some of the poems although I gave up and handed it back to mOm before I was completely through.  I just found the poetry so Depressing.


Anyway, mOm in another life you would have been an archaeologist, so I hope you like your kit.

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One thought on “an imaginary gift for my mother”

  1. Thank you for the virtual archaeologist’s kit. I shall use it in the Olduvai Gorge virtually, looking for my hominid ancestors. Maybe I will fill in some more gaps in my ancestry.

    And the depressing (I agree) book of poetry WAS copied out by your lineal ancestor – your great-grandmother. AND the reason I added all the content about Nonsense Verses from the Internet was to relieve the gloom. The book of ancestral autograph albums will follow shortly, and I have started another of the otherwise un-anthologized writings of your maternal grandparents, which will include letters your grandfather wrote to your great-grandmother in 1906. AND a book about Valley Springs Ranch: a timeline and an aerial photograph are morphing into a book. AND a book of the Rempel cousins as children – largely photographs.

    It isn’t work when you love doing it.

    You should add Loki to your list of credits. He kept the equipment going and did all the scanning.

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