Effective first thing Wednesday morning, I was released from the employ of Schneider Electric.  Everything was as it should be, it wasn’t a surprise (the financials have not been good), I wasn’t alone (they let 10% go including a lot of long term employees) and I have no complaints.

I do feel a lot of compassion for the employees left who are having to pick up the slack (more than one person was let go in the department).   Anyway, today I go in early to clean out my desk (I don’t think anybody wants my spare underwear, or maybe to be more clear I don’t want to know who would want my spare underwear) and I’m certainly not leaving one of my mother’s wall hangings in situ.

All of the negative feelings I currently have are temporary.   I’ve been given, essentially, a gift and an opportunity, and I intend to make the most of it.

Paul came over last night and we talked for a while, and so did Keith.  Keith is taking his first independent road trip today.  All the news from the kids these days is about their lives opening up.

I ran into D. yesterday at the Superstore, which we never shop at any more because Jeff hates it so much (but I went out by myself yesterday, also did some churchy stuff).  She’s the woman who went on mat leave so I could have the job I was just let go from.   You have to understand that’s a little bit more than your average coincidence.

Just the other day I was thinking “How am I supposed to be Secretary Treasurer of Beacon and work full time?”  Be VERY FUCKING CAREFUL what you wish for, as I said to Sue on the phone, as we both cackled with laughter.


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