Sun is out!

Windy but glorious out there.

I am drinking cold cocoa and preparing to go to the church 30th birthday party.  It should be fun and festive.  I will report on how the song went over before I go to church tomorrow (I’m opening for Audrey the Wonderful (she really is, too, so firm of mind and so soft of voice)).

Paul just called – he’ll be coming as well and is making up some of his famed quinoa tabbouleh.  Of course he had to be reminded about it and that’s okay, it’s cool that he’s coming.

Kate is at her level two Foodsafe course, Monday we open a business account, Tuesday my money to close should come in, and then we hammer a cheque and get it to the current owner and get an introduction to the landlord at some point prior to closing.  Work is happening every day on the purchase, and while I would have preferred opening an account on Friday one business day won’t make a difference.

Everything people are saying on the internet about Amanda Fucking Palmer’s ‘the Bed Song’ is TRUE.  DO NOT WATCH UNLESS YOU ARE OKAY WITH CRYING.

I am writing YET ANOTHER character song for Midnite Moving.  It’s from George to Raven and it’s called ‘and then you smile’.

and I deleted the whole thing in 2020 because it was DREADFUL thank god I have this power.

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