Entered bunches of data for tax receipts, got church bank recs done, should have financials for tonight.  Wow, a board meeting on Valentine’s day.  Should prove that whatever we are it isn’t sentimental.

The master of ceremonies for the Beacon birthday party is now in possession of my lyrics, and I guess he’s a convert.


Met with current proprietor of cafe yesterday afternoon, reviewed the inventory, all looks good.  The inventory covers all but 10K of the asking price; we’ll have to buy knives, a coffee maker, a meat slicer and a couple of microwaves, but all of that we can do without too much difficulty.  Waiting with bated breath for the registered name to come back.

Katie came up with an idea for a muffin that nobody else is serving in the lower mainland.  If it takes off, we’ll have people driving out of their way to eat it.  Just mentioning it to a couple of people yesterday made their eyes light up.

And we will be serving gluten friendly (can’t say gluten free because it’s a mixed use kitchen) food, as well as vegan offerings.


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