Meat slicer achievement unlocked


meeting with church auditor

booked locker for Katie to move her stuff into

confirmed reservation for van.  Katie got her dad to volunteer as well, and Jasper from church is also helping.

Grimm’s meat man came by with samples for Katie

I used the meat slicer to slice two roasts and more or less cleaned up afterwards

the wee little man did not show, but I didn’t actually expect him to

Katie made raisin bran muffins which Jeff pronounced good.

Then I swung by the shop to pick Katie up cause she sounded pretty burned, and drove her home because she needed to.  Tomorrow she cleans the old apartment, so I will be at the shop all day to receive tradespersons (signage, refrigeration, hot water heater).

Now that we both know the shop will NOT open on April 1, we are concentrating our efforts on work flow and processes.


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2 thoughts on “Meat slicer achievement unlocked”

  1. Katie picked out the meat slicer herself and it turned out to be 10 percent off. She has a nose for a good piece of equipment…

  2. We also achieved the insert and lid for the soup warmer, which is an extremely warm soup warmer.

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