the derpitude

I put a live bug on Margot’s nose and she didn’t notice.  Such derpitude cannot be allowed to breed!  fortunately, she’s had her hyster out.

Yesterday the prep fridge was fixed for $175 less than the estimate.  Our Syrian-Canadian tradesman is prone to gnomic utterances and the three of us worked contentedly enough yesterday, me and Katie on getting the mold out of the display fridge (which we did, it’s as clean as its gently rusting racks will allow us to get it) and him on his knees, breathing stertorously while he pried the old temp controller out (“Never have I seen it so bad, look how rusted it is” and in truth it looked like garbage somebody had stuffed into the fridge) replacing it with a clever high tech temp controller which should eliminate all our previous woes and breathed some freon into the system.  Then I helped him get the dishwasher into his truck in the pouring rain.  He says he can fix anything, and after watching him I believe him, but he also said “Whether it’s worth while to fix who knows.” So he can have the dishwasher while he weighs the options.  I think he is very surprised at our willingness to ask for and take his advice, but Katie and I liked him the minute we laid eyes on him, there’s something about him that is very reminiscent of Unca Dave.  It is funny how you can buy help, but you can’t buy the feeling that somebody wants to help you.

Katie and I also dropped off the application, got her level 1 cert from North Van, had a lovely Thai lunch, and after our day of running around and sanitizing things we went to the pool and soaked our cold bones in the hot tub and rubbed each other’s feet.  I practically cried, I was so grateful, and me being UNDER 200 POUNDS for the first time in months when I went to weigh myself was marvellous.  More exercise and less food.  Katie is stressed and she cursed the scale with loud imprecations.

Slept awesome.

Today shoes, locating consumable suppliers, signage part III, and a complete brain dump while we reshuffle all our priorities. Oh, and cleaning the shop from topamus to bottomus.  It’s already clean, but we’re going to clean it anyway.

We will be having an intern!  ie free labour.  She’ll get her meals, training on real stuff (she will NOT be cleaning or doing dishes, rather prep and serving customers since that is more job related) and after a couple of months she will get a letter of reference and an honorarium.  So we hope, we shall see what the Grand Joculator brings us.

Have I said lately how very awesome I find my daughter???  because she is the awesome of recently discovered species, water on Titan, babies giggling and kittens catching butterflies.

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