I had a weekend with a lot of Life in it

This kind of Life.  Love that show.

Also laundry, and mandolin practice, and poetry and a yummy lamb shoulder at Yianni’s with Katie.  I even ran the dishwasher!

Now I am enjoying the glorious pale blue sky and the steady breeze of the fans… I know it will only be hot for a few short months, but right now when we turn the oven on it gets durned hot in here at the shop.

Only people who have come in today are regulars.  But they love those muffins, that Ham Slap, that soup.  And so they return.


I updated my LinkedIn profile, but I think I did it wrong.  We shall see.  I update facebook and twitter every day the cafe is open.


Somebody came in who doesn’t speak a lot of English and pointed at the pistachio biscotti in the display.  She took one bite after she left the shop, pivotted on her heel and came back for three more.  It’s things like that which keep me engaged.


Such yummy muffins this morning, but everybody wants to know about cheesecake, for some reason.



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