Katie came in late to the shop this morning, having spent the night away from home (with notice, all cool) and here I was bouncing around in the shop listening to Gangstagrass (their slide player is a fiercely chopladen woman, w00T!) and attempting my first dough batch of macadamia nut biscotti (adds about five bucks to the cost…. schmurr….) and I got to pull a mocha for a regular. Hopefully I did okay.  This particular regular LOVES OUR MUFFINS. loves loves.

Anyway, here’s something musical, techy, old fashioned and new fashioned for pOp.

Got our facebook page back out of limbo.  Very relieved.  We tweet under KittyKatesCafe and Facebook is Kitty Kate’s Cafe.

Waiting for corrections on signage and then we’ll have the building sides labelled with guidance for drivers as to where to park, which is always useful.  We’ll be putting it up ourselves, with permission from the very cooperative landlord.

Today inventory, menu update, and print out some more business cards.

Bro and I are rewatching Bones from the beginning.  Also Saving Grace.  I LOVE THE RELATIONSHIPS between the female characters in Saving Grace.  Retta and Grace are two of the best best friends evar.

We’re gonna have a street fair on July 21!  They are closing the street.  That will be after we extend our hours.  Katie and I are going to be splitting it down the middle, she gets MTW and I get TFS and we both get Sunday off.

Heard back from the gal who wants to rent. She is going ahead, I’m so happy!!! We may end up making bagels.  Fingers crossed. That dough mixer may come in handy yet.  Which reminds me I need to find a fixer dude.

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  1. Loved it. Who would have thought that you could make a cylinder record out of a beer bottle.

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