It’s a new day

I have a  long commute and work right next to the Fraser River (as in, if there’s a century flood, goodbye office and possibly job and life), but I am really happy with their offer and my decision to take it.  I’ll be happier when I have my own log in so I can own my own mistakes (I made a doozy today, but we quietly tidied it up.)  Also, no tea.  There’s coffee but no tea.

I’m doing honest work for an honest day’s pay.  It’s all good. They made me work yesterday!

The office will be moving to larger quarters in the next couple of months.  Ah, office moves!  I survived two at Statpower, and I changed desks about once a year for more than a decade, so I’m an old hand.

Breakfast for supper last night, made French toast.

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