Yasser is sleeping fine

Well, let’s see. I think shingles would be more fun than the four days off I just had – at least I’d get some sympathy. I only have one more week to open church, and then one more week after that to give a sermon, and then I’m off to my new life.

I see David Granirer is giving a workshop, and I will have to follow up on that. Starts on 12th night, which is one of my favourite dates of the year, for some reason (me and my magical thinking). This is part II of the stand up comedy course I took 5 bloody years ago.

Yasser Arafat was NOT poisoned. I have heard it said that he choked on his own venom, but that doesn’t really amount to the same thing.

I’m taking a cab to work this morning, the idea of hauling everything back to the office after the trip to WA makes me feel irritable. Mind you everything makes me feel irritable. Even when I do get enough sleep. Well, it’s back to work and glad I am to have the work to do and the great place to do it in and the great people to do it with and for.

No pictures today, I didn’t feel like sorting through the mess.