alex and me

I got Alex for a couple of hours yesterday…. he’s about the same as always. He enjoyed Xenon for about half an hour and then we watched volcanoes explode and he watched a Baldi video (??!! wtf) and then we recorded sounds and made them echo and then he bonged on the hand pan for a good long while and then his mother and Keith appeared. I literally haven’t seen Keith since the last time I mentioned him on my blog and I wanted to hug him and squeeze him and Katie was in a mood to leave so I hardly got to see him and I went


d e f l a te


sigh. I neeed to walk over there.

do you know what I want a pop culture person to do? I want Billie Eilish in a black and dayglo green prairie dress with a tasteful fractal pattern and black and green combat boots and the extendamix version of holy shit nails because on her it would look like Tuesday


also I think that William Gillis is the modern Voltaire but fuck he’d hate me for saying it so so much

The driving instructor

COQUITLAM (NEWS 1130) – A driving student failed a sobriety test after being pulled over during a lesson for running a stop sign.

day drinking / in Coquitlam

baby it’s a thing


A Coquitlam RCMP officer stopped the car, which had a large ‘student driver’ sign displayed, around 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 2.

The student driver, a 44-year-old man from Coquitlam, then failed a roadside sobriety test. He was in the middle of a driving lesson.


day drinking / in Coquitlam

baby it’s a thing / when I’m driving

thirty five years of MADD PSA’s

Cannot stop the Coquitlam day drinking craze

“At that point, we got the student out of the car, did a field sobriety test, the instructor, as you can imagine was quite surprised or unnerved by this whole procedure, ” Cpl. Michael McLaughlin.

He added the officer on scene could also smell alcohol.

My driving instructor’s completely appalled
that the cops caught him snoozing on me having alcohol
All my bad habits, I could never quit them
I’m learning how to drive while day drinking in Coquitlam
(Ungodly yelling, buzzing and braying) MWAYYAAAAAAA!  zzzzzzbbrrrrrrrrr

“Neither the driving student nor the instructor did their due diligence to be safe on the road. Our officer made sure to deliver immediate consequences.”

Dude diligence they didn’t do it dude
Dude diligence they didn’t do it dude
Dude diligence they didn’t do it dude
Dude diligence they didn’t do it dude


The student had his learner’s licence suspended for 90 days and received a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign.

In ninety days I’ll be back to terrorize the roads
but not with that instructor man he’d rather swallow toads
than get stuck in another learners car with an asshole such as me
and watch his livelihood towed away by the fucking RCMP


The driving instructor had his car impounded for 30 days.

Both the driver and the driving school could face a review from ICBC, McLaughlin said.

Dude diligence they didn’t do it dude
Dude diligence they didn’t do it dude
Dude diligence they didn’t do it dude
Dude diligence they didn’t do it dude

“You need to know the rules, particular rules for being a driving instructor. One of them is, you are responsible for that student behind the wheel, carefully evaluate them. If they are not safe to drive, don’t let them on the road.”


dja figger???


We watched Shakespeare and Hathaway and they were eating fish and chips and Jeff got up and went down the hill and got fish and chips for a late lunch and IT WAS NOM. Then I slept for the rest of the day, and we got up and watch some more telly and went back to bed at 9:40.

I need to get out the house today.

So Katie and I were going to go to the fOlks, but they already have house guests that weekend so no grandson for GGma this weekend; we’re going to go on a road trip and visit other rellies instead, more deets as they become available.

OH LOOK WHOSE NAME IS THERE  OR look up Filkcast under Feb 12 2020 for a list of familiar names including whoops mine


the thought that will not now go away

The most successful Shared Cinematic Universe of all time, to which new tie-in films are being added at the rate of several a year, eighty years in, is World War Two.


that fucking gem, that glowing coal, that peacock spider’s damn big fan, is via Adam-Troy Castro on twitter. He’s a writer of everything from horror to YA

My response:

need coffee before I read something that thought-provoking; so Iron Sky is canon, but in an alternate timeline, correct? I can feel 3000 words bubbling up like methane gas.


doc today

137/82 is very happy making for me. I need to go get stabbed and squished, I dunno, but I managed to winkle six months of scrip out of her. I live in a goddamned earthquake, urban forest fire and flood zone, if my medicine keeps reasonably well and is non-narcotic I don’t see why I shouldn’t get it six month increments.

Alas my cholesterol is too high. Please oh great she elephant I do not want to give up dairy; life comes perilously close to not being worth it as it is. The big thing is stirring my stumps every day, which I have to anyway since this fucking house seems to be made out of stairs and the tv is always downstairs whereas the food, unfortunately, is always upstairs, unless I forgot to bring my plate back upstairs, in which case it’s downstairs.

I told the doctor my weight is stable at 200 pounds, why in christ’s name would I diet. Hauling my fat around

hey what did you call my brain

is the only exercise I get, although my knees and ankles would love it if the gravity eased up.

Why yes I do have an opinion on every subject, including an occasional strong presentiment that I should keep my typing hands in my pockets or perhaps choose other subjects.

I have composed a couple of short melodies on the circle of bongs, as I am referring the pan drum I purchased yesterday. It is bongulous; it is full of bongs. It is not quite tuned properly, which means that in sensitive people it will trigger intense unease. Possibly fetal posturing or homicidal rage. I don’t intend to play with it indoors, unless I’m practicing at home; I want people to be able to escape from it. I personally am enjoying it, and it’s certainly making my tinnitus seem even more choppy and insectoid than usual. I am enjoying striking it with mallets. One can get effects by ‘drifting’ the rubber mallet heads. Yes, this is me having fun.

I am going to edit for the next two weeks and stop trying to write things.

Dunnett group and instrument acquisition

Interesting. mOm you may find this diary entry provokes some feels about HTW and how he had v. progressive views.

Dunnett meet at the Sandbar on Granville Island was absolutely wonderful; met a woman I felt like I’ve known my whole life, and she’s moving from the bay area to Bellingham in MAY!!! Good news for me anyway – I told her about the Unitarian outfit there and she told me about the Bellingham ukelele orchestra. Then we all mocked Bellis Fair Mall, which, being an American mall constructed in 1988 which I drive by every time I go to Seattle and NEVER ENTER, is extremely mockable, and turns out anyone who’s been there feels the same way.  She’s been to Findhorn twicet! She told me I look younger than 61! Jan wasn’t there but Ingrid and Cheryl and Rob were.

Anyway I had shrimps and scallops and they were so goddamned good words can’t cover it. I did NOT have alcohol, for once; I had raspberry lemonade instead. In consequence, I felt better and did not muck up my digestion. Trip home was dented by wetsuweten protesters, who’ve been fucking up Vancouver for days.

Then I bought a pan drum – think a portable (not fantastically…) steel drum. I shall forward a sound file later, mOm.

This is me with baby Yoda earrings.

A startled looking white woman displays her baby Yoda earrings.

another song for fawm

The Standard of the Crow (Thorfinn’s Song)

When you’re really in it
As deep as you know how to go
There’s no end, once you begin it
Thorkel had to teach you so
It’s a dream, it’s a trap
For no matter how far down you go
You must rise, refreshed, for battle
And stand under the standard of the crow

Pull the axe from my stiffened hands
There was a lot of blood, not all from my side
I am good at killing men
If you follow, you’d better ride.

It’s not wise to ask them
Folks seeking comfort are rarely wise
The seer told me I’d win half the battle
And mocked me for my doubting eyes
It’s a dream, my heart rattled
I saw her eyes, like oxblood on snow
Hers the first face that I’m seeking
Standing on my stirrups, under the wing of a crow

Pull the axe from my stiffened hands
There was a lot of blood, not all from my side
I am good at killing men
If you follow, you’d better ride.

She has an errand, seaward
I died on land like an aging fool
And she will make my goodbye for me
make herself a young king’s school
It’s a dream, it’s a trap
Knowing that life goes on, just so
But she made it through one last battle
And still stands under the standard of the crow


8:55 am 11 Feb the tune is very slowly stabilizing


standing on the balcony at the Aerie – just had a hummingbird park two feet off my nose and address me with three short sharp chirps, which, freely translated, meant, “Where is the hummingbird feeder, hand ape!?”



also, and who cares, but my latest story on A03 has an eleven percent kudo rating, which is the highest I’ve ever experienced, even though the traffic is low <200 readers