editing continues

I’ve been working quite hard on editing the best roommate in the world. I haven’t been practicing; since donating blood I feel quite devoid of energy; normally I get a sort of high after I donate, a burst of energy, and it really did not happen this time. I’ll donate once more when it’s appropriate and if I feel like this again I’ll stop entirely.

It’s a drag, but there you go.

I daren’t talk about lists; I don’t have the energy. I couldn’t even walk halfway through our usual walk at the Foreshore yesterday. We got to feed crows (I took the last of the peanuts, I’m not feeding crows here at the house anymore) and listened to a great blue heron arguing with a bald eagle (the noise was bloodcurdling) and got into a whistling contest with a small warbler, not identified. There’s always something at the Park.

In the meantime almost every day I get kudos for the stories I put on AO3 and that’s a little bit of validation that keeps me going. It’s never the same stories; people find one and then read all of them. Very satisfying.

With respect to the more public work, I really like Slider as a character. They’re fussy and weird and kind and gentle and I wish I knew them in real life. Same for Jesse obviously but Slider’s more of an accomplishment.

I have a toof

FINALLY got the crown installed. My fucking credit card barfed (after I was assured by TD that it worked fine) and my daily limit wasn’t enough to pay on the debit so I have to go back today and pay the rest. The tooth itself is fantastic and they were so embarrassed they gave me a 10 percent discount. Given that I’ve been given money by my parents to pay for this let me assure you both I will spend the difference foolishly on Keith’s BirthDay Prezzies.

I have quite a shopping expedition to do today. Keith wants cooking stuff and I am requiring a few items here and there.

2400 words of fanfic yesterday. I have literally not felt like writing in ages and boom, there it was. I’ve also been editing the Roommate section of Honey on the Moon.

Pizza for breakfast, gotta make more ice tea for Jeff… maybe breakfast?

feeling somewhat better

Jeff went out yesterday and came back with Iced Caps from Timmy Ho’s and IT WAS GOOD. They taste a little chemically when you’re done with them but they are a tasty treat in hot weather, I’ll tell you.

Current temp outside is 21ºC, a welcome improvement.

shown is the King of Sweden yelling at a footie game LOOOOOOK AT his wife’s face, look at the face of the woman in front of him LOL

so freaking hot

I forgot my on line appointment with my doc so of course I’m sitting in my room crying about how stupid I am. WHY WOULD I MISS THAT APPOINTMENT.

I’m so fucking stupid.

House is really hot from yesterday. It will be a while before it cools down.

Jeff’s off at a dentist consult. I’m waiting another week for my crown. Very bored with this.

content warnings all the way down

CW murdered children.
The next time I notice a white person say ‘our Native’ or ‘our Indigenous’ people, I’m going to go cold as a fucking mackerel and say, “The dead children in the ground are yours as well?” Just to watch them turn that colour, you know the one.
CW sex workers
I am now to the point in my deliberations about my love life when I’m glad that sex workers exist. I could add many other things, but my mOm is reading this.
CW automotive nostalgia
Me and my twitter buddy in Georgia this morning exchanged pictures of the red two seater sportsters our daddies owned when we were young. Ours was a Honda S600 (1966) and his was an Austin Healey. This man is half my age and honestly he’s one of the people I’ve found on the internet that I agree with about 87 percent of the time, and when we disagree, it’s usually for the entertainment of others.
CW whelp we’re hoobled
You can predict 49 degrees C in Kelowna but however fucking hot it gets we’re definitely going to be thinking about the future of air conditioning. Also, Jeff had a post to nail up about how we completely fucked up climate change, per European scientists, and we can’t actually push the peanut back into the shell, but he decided not to. Great grandchildren get a terrible world.
and the folks it’s aimed at

I am comfortably lazy

So much so that I’m wondering why I agreed to a father’s day hike with Paul. It’s supposed to be unbelievably hot today and I am still in spring mode.

Yesterday Jeff and I ate in a restaurant (last time we went out we ate outside) at IHOP and said HI to Lorna since it’s been a year and then we ran some errands since the ants are back and we needed ant traps.

I’ve been opening Scrivener files that aren’t finished and fixing typos and sentences in a desultory way.

We’re watching an Icelandic supernatural noir called Katla. It’s very creepy, without being full of jump scares, which I loathe.

I get my molar crown stuck on tomorrow.

Today I think I’m going to make a big pot of spaghetti.

It’s possible this mood is migraine related. I just feel kind of stunned and obtunded.

Fraser Foreshore

Paul and I went for a lovely walk at Fraser Foreshore yesterday.  I finally remembered to take peanuts, and was rewarded by two separate encounters with Bold as Brass Crows. They never got closer than about five meters, but they didn’t wait to come towards me, either, once they saw the peanut bag.

I’m pretty sure, mOm, that the duck we saw was a female widgeon. Also, we saw a killdeer. No hummingbirds; heard a pileated woodpecker as we passed.

There were what seemed like dozens of herons, they were flying so much. Most people were not wearing masks, which isn’t a problem, and we saw SO many honey bees it made my heart glad.

Then we came back here and ate pizza.

I made a really nice chickpea curry. I started with a bag of dried chickpeas, soaked them in four changes of water, cooked them slowly for hours with vegetarian broth, drained and rinsed them thoroughly, and then threw in a can of diced tomatoes. While that continued to simmer, I fried half a purple onion and four cloves of garlic in some butter, and threw  that and a couple of tablespoons of curry powder, pepper, extra turmeric, lots of Realime juice, two teaspoons of sugar and then two teaspoons of maple syrup into the pot and let simmer for a while. Then I added coconut milk.



It’s really really tasty. I think I’m going to run some over to Paul today.

Is it Friday again?

I’m waiting for my toof to come in so the dentist can epoxy it into my head.

There is a tiny warm patch on my arm where the second vax when in, and I’m sleeping a little more soundly than I’d expect, but no other signs and sequelae.

I am continuing to plug away at my stack o’ tunes. I have written too many songs, says my pointer finger.

I worked a little bit on a fanfic today.


I am sad … or is she

I have done something really dumb again and I don’t know what to do about it but wait until I can make phone calls in the morning.

I am how you say unhappy and remorseful and I’ve decided to add cheerfully deciding: it’s okay, I’m trying to get help.

Nothing in this life is certain in prospect. We’re lucky some of it is provable in retrospect, and predictable in some cases to some minimum standard. In this case, I already know what can happen.

I am staring at the screen, and thinking of how the new Finale software exports directly to MP3, which honestly I think is new from the version I purchased in 2019. Anyway it certainly made me feel excited when I was having a quick whip-round of the menus. I immediately got onto a really simple entry song, it’s in Am, Thorfinn’s Song has a couple of unnaturals in there, the little dears, but where I really went nuts was putting emphasis on certain notes. THEN, on playback, o my, and even better when you have the right instrument for the song selected! or group of instruments, but I’m just playing with a few violins at the mo.

I shall keep playing…

I’ve started writing down songs again

Finally got Finale running, haw haw, so I’ve started putting Thorfinn’s song (Standard of the Crow) into musical notation. I’ve got about a hundred songs to write down, and I’ll start fitfully posting songs over the rest of the year.

It was like air and water to see Katie yesterday.

I said to Jeff yesterday, “I’m in a good MOOD I just can’t get anything DONE.”

He’s not happy because Nürburgring was called on account of fog so there was virtually no night racing, which is what he *wants* to see.

Hello my SF fans, check out this science news. It’s an article from the Asia Times about how we as a species have figured out how to jam photons together to make matter. You need a dirty great laser….

wip The Hermit

The Hermit

This person is holding up a light for those lost on the mountain, and possibly offering hospitality, although I don’t see how hospitality is possible, when she’s obviously standing on a patch of ice the size of a dinner platter. This is a card for the non-conforming person, the non-neurotypical person, who may in their own way be sociable but just not immediately, or not in the same room with you.

For people who don’t enjoy being touched; for people who are so easily made angry, or frightened, or despairing, that they avoid contact with other human beings. For people who are sociable but whose mode of being causes discomfort to the inhumane.

Aesthetic aside: The Hermit gives away Colman’s training as a backdrop painter. There is not a breath of wind; therefore one possible interpretation is that we are on a metaphorical stage, a different level of existence.

Or else we’re very high.

(Alan Tudyk K2SO voice: Very, very high.)

Yes, this is the weed card. (If you want to read Judaism into it because of the Star of David hidden in the lamp, you can, but the longer iconographic tradition for Judaism is the menorah, which has the distinct advantage of not being associated with various genocides; sadly there’s nothing like it in the Rider Waite tarot illustrations, unless you squint very hard at the 5 of Pentacles.)

Close examination of the image yields a starting discovery; that is not an old man. It is a non-binary person wearing a prop beard. Don’t believe me? Check out the Ten of Pentacles. Colman knew how to paint old with a few telling lines. This is not an oversight. The Tarot is full of casual gender-swapping. If you really think you know what’s underneath those clothes, you may be wrong.

Isolation because you’re not the same as other people. This is a person holding up the light of their own truth. This is also a card for actors, who wear the skin of someone they are not, and scale heights of emotion in challenging ways.