I went for two walks yesterday

One to get schnacks around three in the morning, and the other with Paul in Robert Burnaby Park just before sunset. We sat on the back deck and drank beer after, and I played him what I’ve worked up of the Zevon tune “My Shit’s Fucked Up” which I personally think I do a fucking amazing job on.

2500 words yesterday but it was a fan fic. It is of the genre slow burn and this one is not going to have much sex in it, it’s more a character study. Fortunately I’m just editing up the 2K on HOTM I’m sending mOm.

Margot is clingy as hell these past few days. Jeff’s door is always open, but she’s not snoozing on his chair like she usually does when he leaves.


I just tooted, and Margot purred louder to try to drown it out. SUCH IS MY LIFE.

productive day

1201 word so far on a new chapter and I suspect there’s more to come. brO got stuck in a ferry lineup according to a terse communiqué.

Called Dave, ran the dishwasher, read some more of the library books. John Scalzi is a most entertaining writer. Played Otto – Here They Come and In The Lineup for the Ferry, since both seemed apropos. Or aproposterous. Possibly both.


I napped! I am such a rebel. I hope to write some more as soon as I hit publish.

plaintive plea to uncaring universe

I really wish my friends didn’t suffer so from depression and anxiety. I am not exactly free of the guilty pleasures of wallowing and denial but when I see my friends REALLY suffering I have a tendency to bounce around and try to be super entertaining, which must be no end of annoying when you just want peace and quiet.

Anyway, I got a smile out of my friend with this. caution swearing


For some reason my squirrel brain is very unhappy with me pantsing my most recent book, so I’m going to take a day to sculpt some straws into a load-bearing object. We shall see.

Mike invited me out for a lamb dinner and I of course said YES PLEASE ME HONGRY.

Every once in a while I flash on Alex laughing while I sang him a song. MEMORIES can be very beautiful things, rather than the scabbed set of assholes usually besetting me.

my ghastly ghastly friends

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A horrifying picture, right? Right pOP????

So this is what my friends said IN RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE NOTED PIC (Shirley is a writer among many other things I know through fandom and Kevin and Rob are (as memorialized here for YEARS) former coworkers.)

Shirley Meier Oh HELL no!

Kevin MacDonald Wrenching photo

Rob Prior It doesn’t turn my crank.

Kevin MacDonald Rob Prior shocking!

Rob Prior Don’t be short with me…

Kevin MacDonald Rob Prior Just ratcheting up my humour

Rob Prior Socket to me!

Kevin MacDonald Rob Prior I am currently working on that

Rob Prior I am powerless to stop you.

Kevin MacDonald Rob Prior Its not a deal breaker

Rob Prior It might be grounds for complaint.

Kevin MacDonald Try to remain neutral in the issue

Rob Prior I’m sensing a little resistance.

Allegra Sloman Well my ohmies I hate to break the circuit here but these electrifying puns are really fusing my attention.

Rob Prior Uh-oh… It’s a re-volt.

Kevin MacDonald It hertz to hear you say that

og og og make it staaaahp!!!!

600 words today

I can feel that there will be more later. I am happy about my level of productivity, it is increasing, with little gaps, but no problems. I am pantsing it. I have no idea what is going to happen next, or even what the major conflicts are going to be. I am perfectly fine with this. I have invented lovely, competent, kind characters, with lots and lots of character flaws, and they will get into plenty of trouble without any help from me, merely navigating an ordinary day.

Someone on facebook said that with autonomous cars soon there will be country songs including that your truck left you along with your girlfriend and dog. To which someone added My truck left me and ran me over, and then I said:

My truck left me, run me down, cleaned out my bank account, trashed me virally and indelibly on social media, and then texted me about maybe having a threesome with Thomas the Tank engine on pay per view.

total word count for the day 949. Quite pleased.

125 words

Very hard for me to be productive when I spent so much time with the fam yesterday – and I crashed early again. Staying awake after 6 pm requires stern measures.  

Also, when I’m not making Alex laugh his face off while waiting in the car, I’m filled with anger and sadness about something I can’t talk about in public. I am very glad I have friends who respond to my phone calls. Some of you know already what’s going on, and the situation continues, it’s non-trivial – but also non-fatal – and I imagine I’ll suck it up eventually.

I wrote a little ditty for Alex:

Jumping on the bed/Jumping on the bed/Here comes Alex jumping on the bed

Don’t fall down and bump    your    head! (Everything slows down)

Here comes Alex jumping on the bed!


So he was stuck in the car seat and I sang

Jumping on the seat/Jumping on the seat/Here comes Alex jumping on the seat

He wants something      goood     to      eat! (Everything slows down, we bang out the rhythm on the doors and then go slurp slurp  slurp shoving our hands in our mouths and making faces)

Here comes Alex jumping on the seat!



Longing doesn’t butter parsnips, so I’d better get back to writing. I’m in the mood for angsty fanfic rather than progressive settlement of the solar system, doe; brain damage as a plot bunny (how jolly.)


TLDR Fuck my life at least I have a grandson.

hit delete

Nothing like typing 540 words and backspacing over them. I could turn the post private, but as I discussed with mOm the other day the ability to forget things is actually a feature, even though it frequently doesn’t feel like it.

Writing proceeds. Went for a nice long walk into New West in the rain yesterday. Quite warm and not windy, but not the most pleasant of days for June in Vancouver, although complaining about that won’t help either.

800 words yesterday total

I’m finally spinning up to speed again (I’m also parallel writing a fanfic which is a technical exercise on re-using story elements, stacked differently, a sort of Cloud Atlas-style porny ice cream sandwich, which I’m enjoying. And it, too, is problematic, but hey, disabled people have sex lives and representation matters.)

Sixers who ‘live original’ have conversations once – and then stop. Sixers who’ve been hanging around human beings tell the same stories over and over again. and…. I just wrote another 500 words. Inbound, mOm. Nereus gets some help….

256 words yesterday, 141 so far today

First thing that happened to me today was misplacing my glasses. Good thing I keep a special set of glasses in a special place for when I need to go looking for my glasses. SO it’s all good now.

Work on HOTM continues. I’m dividing the first chapter out into three; Lara’s journey, George’s ‘spinning in place’ and Kima reprising most of the mistakes she made when she got pregnant, thinking she knows it all when she really, really doesn’t. Right now she’s hanging nav lights and yelling at George to quit squirming.

500 words today

I think I’m going to enjoy writing Honey in the Moon or Honey On the Moon, haven’t figured out which I’m going with. (There’s George being perfectly still because if he moves, Kima complains.)

The man who supplied the voice for Wallace in Wallace and Gromit has passed. He was pushing 1000 (96).

I slept like 12 hours today. I just don’t want to do any work unless I’m getting paid for it LOL.

Three more shifts after this one….



The last week

Came home from work at 8, having picked up some groceries, made some salad, and collapsed. I literally only just woke up 20 minutes ago, which means I slept for six hours and a bit. Now it’s time to head downstairs and find out if there is anything on the pvr.

Since I’ve told everybody else who’s important, I’ll tell the world.  I resigned last week and the 8th is my last shift. It’s not prudent or mature to talk about reasons; please do assume I had them. Working midnights was not the reason. There were many others, and I’ll stay quiet.