right now there’s a piece of music

my own music

stuck in my head

it’s a background layer of composition going on full time

I have this remarkable set of unusual mental states

and the ‘me’ is the part of the meat that’s been tricked

into thinking there’s a ‘me’ that is ‘running’ this

meat that makes music

overcast and hives

The Goddamn Hives are back. I woke up with a massive one on the back of my hand and the entire surface of my body is one massive itch. Off to bum some loratadine off Jeff.

Mike has apparently moved most of his stuff in with Katie? I’m behind the times. I don’t want to bug her, she calls me when she’s feeling good enough to, and that’s always a nice feeling.

After a reasonably energetic day yesterday I amazed myself by getting up, loading the dishwasher and running it. I mean it was an act of will.

Then I trained Buster. He was very very heavy on the pawclap action today, not so much on the jump and run. He wanted to chase treats along the floor; but he was great and took direction to a second pawclap station, did three in a row and then we finished up with run and chase, which was really what he wanted.  All in all a very satisfactory training session, although I note that he did not do his standard “I am in training mode” signal this morning for the first time in…. months, maybe? He banged into my RIGHT leg, not my left leg. If it hadn’t been a mirror image of his usual signal (literally) I would have thought he was ha ha pulling my leg.

I have still not mailed Tish’s letter. I am a lazy bum, and also, I do not want to leave the house. I can’t contribute to a pandemic if I never get in anyone’s face.

I have no desire to do anything but eat carbs, which is kind of a problem. I’ve drunk a lot of tea, but I have to give my poor kidneys a break.

Bowen Island trip this summer is once again in prospect, and I’m so happy about it.


well, that was strange

so I’m scrolling through twitter and two of the sf people I follow say they’re going to edit a bunch of short Quaker Speculative Fiction and I think… man, I been throwing around the idea of Henry Thomas Wake going to space for a decade now, mebbe I should write the story.

In the course of the morning I wrote the story, got my mOm to correct it, and SUBMITTED IT. Yes I HAVE SUBMITTED A STORY TO A MAGAZINE.

I’m only 62, but it did take a while.

yet another perplexingly gorgeous day

Domestic front: I need to do laundry including masks and empty the dishwasher. I’m thinking a curried lentil soup at some point. I want to take barley soup to Caspell Junction today as well, try to patch things up with Paul. He’s still quite pissed with me.

Health: CT scan all happened with such dispatch! I was so pleased, and here I’d been thinking the emergency room would be jammed with sick people, and the place was empty. (This at RCH, my local.)

Letters: two in progress, to the two Daves.

Crows: Fed

614 words today, off to mOm next.

Buster brushed and played with and brushed AGAIN and mini-trained (paw claps, chair jumps)

Now, to dress, figure out something breakfastish, and more tea.

Gorgeous day

Wrote about 800 words on HOTM today and yesterday together, made a wonderful chicken barley soup yesterday, otherwise lazed and bummed around. I did zoom into Denis’s memorial service but I couldn’t settle and left my face blacked out so people wouldn’t look at me, or look into my house.

Worked some more on a letter to Dave D.

Did I mention that we watched Boss Level and loved it? We also watched a special about Edinburgh Castle which of course I enjoyed because of how much of Dunnett revolves around it…

the violence

As much as I’d like to mourn the shooting victims in the US, I am much more concerned this morning about the absolute shambolic BC Public Health response. It’s as if, having fucked things up previously they no longer even have to make an effort to make sense or improve things. I am not disappointed, I am boiling over mad.

and from Toronto!:

As for the violence in various US cities, the violence of the oppressed cannot be compared to the violence of the oppressors. The fucking cops are taking money to hurt people, they’re professional torturers at this point.

Weather continues glorious.

I am still at a very low ebb, but my mood was improved greatly yesterday by a trip to the Glenburne dairy for an old fashioned malted milk. (I waited in the car). Jeff then took my advice to take the Gaglardi way home instead of straight back down Gilmore, and we hit all the lights on the way home, which given that it was rush hour, was kind of spectacular (I’ve grown facial hair, waiting for the light at Gaglardi and Lougheed). I saved the whipped cream off the top of it so I may have some coffee – the last of it as far as I can tell, since I gave the rest to the kids – later on today.

My mood is not improved by the constant smell of dead animal all over the house. I may flee the scene just to get away from it.

Upsun note: Slider and Gwenny are talking about what it takes to register a domestic partnership in MST country LOL.

Dennis Probst memorial service today. He was a blessing, the old dandelion-head. CT Scan tomorrow (if it isn’t cancelled, we’ll see). Ultrasound next month. Booster shot in August.

I made flower buns yesterday. Gotta do something with the chicken today.

End of Song a day run

I have about another forty songs to prep and record, and I’ve run out of both songs and energy. I’ll post them when I can and then put together a master post with all of the songs listed.

I lost a lot of recordings when I lost a hard drive, and I’ve written some stuff since, but as far as recordable tunes, the count is currently somewhere around 170. Not as good as I thought, but better than most, I imagine.

Current projects:

continuing to write letters (mailed two yesterday, received a MOST welcome letter from Lois, may her god continue to bless and keep her)

HOTM – just the ‘best roommate in the world section’ is ALREADY novel length – okay 47K words but damned close. It may end up being a novel all by itself. I am working on it.

Bih-bah the conlang

Tarot for Atheists

My sanity – which is, I’ll be candid, not good at the moment

Attempting to remove ableist language from my vocabulary. WOW OH WOW is that hard.

az vax now available for me and Jeff

The question is do I want it, given that the most effective way to take it is 12 to 24 weeks apart!? This is the question facing Tammy too, and I guess the answer is yes.

Time to do something more useful than stare at a screen while I thinking about it

Honey on the moon needs to go to the moon soon. 42K words (I been busy….)