pie and totem poles

Pie and totem poles
2005-05-16— Posted by: allegra

I made two pies yesterday in preparation to go to Tom and Peggy’s. On sober consideration, I took the grown in my backyard rhubarb pie only, and left the rhubarb apple at home. Just as well… when I got there, custard and cake and whipped cream were on offer. Needless to say I was goshdarned near too full to sing for my supper afterwards. But I made a valiant attempt.

Paul bought a cell phone on Friday to replace the one which is dying, and he’s so annoyed with it that he’s thinking of taking it back. The phone he had (which is the same model as mine, an ancient Audiovox) was totally intuitive about everything and has a proper menu structure. This thing – sigh. Paul’s been messing with it for days and it’s like wrestling with a small, clever, shiny alligator. Now I am JUST DREADING replacing my phone, if this is the kind of thing that’s out there. (This is the same phone Katie carried for a year, so you can tell it was made the way mil-spec stuff is SUPPOSED to be made.) Mind you, all I will want is a low end phone, so maybe I will get both a deal and something that actually is understandable to somebody born before 1985.

And yes James, before you ask, we stuck with Telus, because we don’t want to lose our phone numbers.

Cruised by the discount theatre on the way back from picking Katie up last night, and saw that MONSTER-IN-LAW, KICKING AND SCREAMING, and HOUSE OF WAX were all playing. I shuddered so hard I nearly crashed into the Starbucks. It’s hard to think of a triple bill I’d less like to see.

It absolutely poured rain here for the best part of 24 hours; I’m very glad, as we needed it.

Parts of our lawn look very science fictiony. The moss killer is doing its thing, and we have a lot of moss; all the mossy bits are greeny black and smell weird.

We (the family, less John) went to the Museum of Anthropology yesterday. I wasn’t too interested in the totem poles; I was much more interested in the research section, which is irresistably reminiscent of the garage sale of a wealthy eccentric. It’s definitely worth the money. Next time I go will be on a Tuesday night when it’s free (5 til 9 pm). Katie fell in love with the mammoth yellow cedar Bill Reid sculpture of the raven sitting on the clamshell, so I bought her a little card of it. For me I got a soft cover about the edible plants of coastal BC, with all their uses by the local First Nations. The gift shop had a lower kitsch to beauty ratio of any ‘tourist trap’ I’ve ever seen with the exception of the Art Gallery of Vancouver. Must fly; it’s 6:51 and I haven’t negotiated with Paul whether I’m getting a ride in or not.

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