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Mom, Dad!!!!!
2005-05-27— Posted by: allegra


Mind you, some really good ones are missing.

If you have nothing better to do
2005-05-27— Posted by: allegra

Please email Judi McLeod at and ask her what journalism awards she has won. I have cruised all over the internet and can’t find any mention of them. I figured if she was proud of the awards she’d cite them; but she’s not talking. I emailed her on 10th May and she never got back to me. Maybe she doesn’t want to brag. Anyway, I’ve started emailing journalism organizations, because I’m a perimenopausal whackjob with too much spare time, and there’s nothing like a feud to drive up the web traffic.

The latest thing on the site that had me sitting up is a lovely screed about somebody filing a class action suit (in New Westminster, natch) on behalf of the people of Canada against the banks for loaning out money they can’t account for or trace to an actual owner. This means that they are ‘creating money’ which is ‘ultra vires’. Actually what they are doing is creating credit, which roughly translated means “I believe”. The differences between banks and churches are numerous, but the whole faith thing is definitely a bridge between two staid chunks of architecture…..

I think the expression ‘Best of British Luck’ applies in this case. It’s like a 12 year old taking on a squad of Navy Seals with a plastic fork and an attitude. pOp, what do YOU think? Check the site – which, incidentally, you will find accords with many of your attitudes, being in part a collection of crabby jeremiads against the Liberals etc etc. I was glad to find out about through that site anyway. As John always says, even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while, or in this case a pickle.

weird dream and nuclearity
2005-05-27— Posted by: allegra

Last night I dreamed I had done something to displease Paul, I have no idea what, and his response was to pull out a handgun, and without changing expression from a mask of contempt, chase me out of the house and shoot me on our front lawn.

I awoke with the uneasy feeling that I should probably do the dishes. I comforted myself by saying that the dream isn’t about Paul, it’s about me; at least I believe that he wouldn’t let me suffer for long. Dreams sure are weird.

My new coworker has loaned me Rutherfurd’s lengthy tome “London” but I’ve been too lazy to crack it open so far. More to the point, she has a beat up and beloved copy of the entire Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy, which I’ve mean meaning to read in excess of 30 years and is supposed to be the best thing that was out there pre Dunnett, (Mary Renault fans will hate me)AND won the Nobel prize for literature back in 1928. Patricia has told me that she will loan it to me, but I have to cough up a dragon’s egg or somesuch as security. She told me it’s out of print, but it isn’t. Penguin re-issued it. It says something about the book that in the entire time I’ve been haunting used book stores I’ve seen one volume precisely once and it was at a crushing price.

Arnold Schwartzenegger had a hole dug in the middle of the road so he could look like he was helping to fill a pothole, and he uses the products of campaign donor companies in political ads. All of this sh”te was predicted in science fiction damned near 40 years ago. You voted for an actor, now you’re upset about being collateral damage in a photo-op? Boo hoo.

I have included a picture of a natural nuclear reactor which is upwind of where human beings evolved and which was active 1.7 million years ago.

No connection? Check this out…,,2-2005240262,00.html

Mother, you will recall I have been advancing this as a theory for a while. It’s not like I trust scientists or anything, but if the Chernobyl observations are a) accurate and b) there’s a causal relationship, and I’m not claiming either of these things, then it makes an interesting thought experiment….Where do humans come from, and what kicked the evolution up a notch? As Keith pondered, “Are we alREADy mutant freaks?” Dunno, but I look at the way North Carolina is represented on the web these days and I have to wonder (thinking of bestiality and cross burning stories, in particular).

I am seeing red
2005-05-27— Posted by: allegra

With all due respect, what the hell was this judge thinking? I hope the local Unitarians picket the living sh*t out of this guy. And the Wiccans, the ACLU, and the Americans for the Separation of Church and State. If he tried pulling this crap with two Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon parents he’d be pilloried. Good Goddess. Or as Wonkette noted, Blessed Be-yotch!

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