Last half of November 2005

Grumble grumble SMILE
2005-11-30— Posted by: allegra

So, Katie is an Honour Roll Student with a local paper route. When the farce did this happen? Did I fall asleep and wake up in the Harry Potter ‘Verse? Tonight we fight the snow and sleet to deliver her first papers, and Good Goddess, you should SEE how THICK the papers are this time of year. (Grinning to note my company’s product in the Canadian Tire flyer…) Each of these papers, with the inserts (we finished stuffing late last night) weigh about a pound and a half. Good thing Paul bought me a bundle buggy for my birthday. Katie asked for a paper route 2 years ago and they finally got around to calling her. The paper route comes with instructions that look like the rough draft of the frikkin’ Normandy invasion.

Saw Mike last night and introduced Keith to Pho. Pho is soup. Soup is good.

My back is trashed. Enough complaining, life is purty darned good right now.

More snow
2005-11-29— Posted by: allegra

I like the tiny snow monster peeping over the top of the roof. You can tell there was ZERO snow last night, it’s stuck to the clothesline.

Woke to two inches of snow on everything
2005-11-29— Posted by: allegra

Black and white pic of the figs.

What isn’t being said
2005-11-28— Posted by: allegra

And why were they suicidal in the first place?

Picture is of a model of the Nonsuch, which, 37 feet long and with 12 crew, crossed the ocean in 1668 to trade for furs; its successful voyage prompted the granting of the Charter for the Hudson’s Bay Company. What isn’t being said…. The trade wasn’t really a very good deal for the people then living here.

Paul is doing yoga, I just booted Katie out of bed, and I’m ready to go back to work after three blissful days of S&S. That’s one step beyond R&R.

A very pleasant evening
2005-11-27— Posted by: allegra

We ate a nice family meal at Chong Lum Hin (although you should have heard Katie cursing this morning when she realized her father had absconded to work with all of the leftovers, so it isn’t all rosy) and then spent a very pleasant evening watching Buffy and talking. I forced the Tapioca Song on Janice and Alan, which was very mean of me, but I am kinda compulsive that way. It troubles me that I have not yet recorded it to share with an unsuspecting and completely unprepared world; my plan of world domination through infectious tapioca is still in the larval stage.

Then I had a really pleasant sleep, undisturbed and dreamless, and woke up when I felt like it, which was also very good.

The first thing Paul said to me this morning is “I dreamed of snow.” And we got up and son of a gun, it was SNOWING. Unbelievable. It was like, in the words of Lucy Maud Montgomery, a slap in the face when you’re expecting a kiss.

Now I must leap into the car with the kids and do a power shop and get back here in time to let the folks in for an afternoon visit prior to their return to Seattle.

I wish everyone a kind and comfortable Sunday afternoon.

Wish I’d taken the picture
2005-11-27— Posted by: allegra

Unfortunately it didn’t occur to me to wrest the camera out of Paul’s hand, but I narrowly missed witnessing this train derailment at Granville Island. No injuries were reported. When we went to the Model Train etc museum Alan went to a very happy place and started thinking of all of his friends and acquaintances who would go gonzo over this display. There are 6,000 handmade trees in the display. Anyway, I had the great joy of running downstairs and yelling “There’s been a derailment!” at the attendant.

Paul and Janice are off flying. They should be back in time for the family dinner at six at Chong Lum Hin, yum. Katie may or may not join us.

Dax has borrowed the keyboard for the weekend.

Banjos for Brooke
2005-11-27— Posted by: allegra

Check it out. This is a 100 year old banjo. Pic snapped at Granville Island earlier today.

Grrls in Space
2005-11-26— Posted by: allegra

I have no idea where Janice’s buddy Lauryn got this fabric, Mummy, but isn’t it a hoot? Please ensure pOp sees it. If I find out where I can get some I will send you same….This is a bag she made. Covetousness doth explode.

Forgot to mention
2005-11-25— Posted by: allegra

The Burnaby sunrise pic recently posted is also credit Rob of Nine.

enough sleep
2005-11-25— Posted by: allegra

Didn’t get home til ten past three this morning…. just as well I slept in and don’t have to go to work today. Janice and Alan are in town and so we got jawing. Janice, may her name be revered, got me the next three Precious Ramotswe books and a couple of other books which apparently are ‘genre busters’. Ah, having enough to read always makes me feel better.

Went to the Keg for dinner. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be eating meat, but believe me, I drank enough last night, bless the foaming vat of beer.

Off to drink cranberry and fizz and then go pack a lunch for the folks as we are going to walk in Lynn Canyon. So much for the weather being good, it’s quite dreary and drippy.

The whole house seems to have holes cut in it and the laundry is down again as they had to disconnect everything to lay a new floor in the laundry room.

Another Burnaby Sunrise
2005-11-25— Posted by: allegra

sundry and various
2005-11-24— Posted by: allegra

Saw Harry Potter IV and loved it. Best of the four so far in my opinion.

Did I mention that the washing machine also quit? Paul dealt with it. Did I mention that we could have had TWO floods? The pipe going into the old washing machine was ready to let go. And there’s a new tap in the upstairs sink. Paul has been busy, busy, busy.

Did I mention he took me to Horizons for dinner on Tuesday, for, like, no reason? (Horizons is one of the best restaurants in Burnaby). We ate an enjoyable meal. (I had the polenta). Then, when we came out, we had an amazing sight in front of us. You will recollect the fog, of which Rob of Nine has snapped such an evocative picture. Well, picture the same fog, at night, with all the lights of the city shining up through it. It was magical. It acted like healing balm applied to the various smarting bits of my psyche.

Katie came home last night RIGHT after school, and as promised, slept. Then she woke. Ate dinner. Went back to sleep. I’m almost scared to tell her she has a meningitis shot today. But you know, after John nearly died of it as a teenager, I think we have our own object lesson in the family about grabbing the vaccine while one may.

Keith is starting to develop an intense bitterness about being a member of the working poor. Hopefully this bitterness will serve him well when he goes back to school.

Bird of a different feather
2005-11-24— Posted by: allegra

This is what happens when you set the parking brake on an aircraft PRIOR to landing. I think Dumbass about covers this. Aircraft is an EMB-170; date and provenance unknown.

Lulu spots a Pterodactyl
2005-11-24— Posted by: allegra

Of course we know this is not a Pterodactyl, it’s a Damned Large Woodpecker. Lulu of the Birds sent me this; pic is of her back deck. PS. Her parrotlets are BREEDING AGAIN. Coquitlam is going to be up to its oxters in little funny birds.

When the twisted get crafty
2005-11-23— Posted by: allegra

This, friends and neighbors, is a Flying Spaghetti Monster Sex Toy Cozy. Does it say anything about me that I can immediately think of three people I know who NEED one? Stolen from a link provided by Brooke. You are all completely spankable and need to contemplate your issues while bringing me more beer for my kidneys.

up on the rooftop
2005-11-23— Posted by: allegra

Photo credit Rob of Nine.

Cheney comment
2005-11-22— Posted by: allegra

In response to my Cheney pic, Big Al sez: “Arrrrr! As a matter of fact, I AM a pirate…. but don’t tell anyone.”

enough sleep
2005-11-22— Posted by: allegra

I hate drinking fluids during the day that aren’t coffee; after 4 o’clock I prefer tea. If it’s coffee I can drink it, if it’s anything else, I have to force myself. However, coffee isn’t all that great for me right now, so I am trying to drink other things instead and my body is being grumpy about it.

Paul tried to get me to accompany him on his yoga today and I can’t even sit right now. Jiminy Christmas, aren’t I whiny.

Katie asked to be woken up early this morning; I think she’s not even awake enough yet to be monosyllabic, although she had her shower.

Three straight days of fog – I find it amusing that where I work is literally above all the fog. Paul insisted (politely) on taking me to the Horizons parking lot after work yesterday so we could watch the sunset – ah, peachblow and gold and dark, dark blue – and the entire lower mainland was covered in fog, even Capital Hill which normally sticks out a bit. Nothing in Vancouver was visible, not any of the buildings downtown. Not a breath of wind, either. The only other time I’ve seen it like this was about five years ago, when we went up Cypress on either Christmas Day or Boxing Day, and apart from Burnaby Mountain and Capital Hill you couldn’t see squat. Just a rippling, shiny blanket of white. Above the fog it’s icy clear with brilliant sunshine.

Trainees started yesterday. I have been extremely subdued, since things are still ouchy. Not my usual self at all.

Hope you all have a simply lovely day. I, of course, have other plans.

Great Moments in “ooops!”
2005-11-22— Posted by: allegra

Got caught singing “It’s No more Mr. Nice Guy, Let’s Go out and Get Revenge” from Ramboing by Leslie Fish – by the VP HR, in the stairwell. Yikes.

Not enough sleep
2005-11-21— Posted by: allegra

I had a reprise of the pain I had last weekend, which means that the fix was not a fix. I am suspecting a kidney stone and maybe some kidney grit. Anyway, I took two T-3’s, slept fitfully and am now in full bore stunned mode. The pain is gone – more or less.

Experimental Gyroscope
2005-11-20— Posted by: allegra

I boosted this picture from the following story… it is a very special gyroscope that will be used to prove or possibly pick holes in relativity.

Remembered Dog’s Name
2005-11-20— Posted by: allegra

Dog shown above is Lazarus. I assume there’s a story behind that.

Speaking of stories, my invite to the 2006 family reunion has arrived.

enough sleep
2005-11-20— Posted by: allegra

I hate this f*cking mouse, and I am not going to mince words as I say so. I just did the morning post and the mouse was possessed of Satan and made everything disappear – all I did was touch the f*cking thing, I didn’t even click on anything. I’m gonna get me a new one. Don’t tell me about optical mice, the last one I got was junk too.

Here’s the Pandacam link

My mom planted bamboo for to make the Pandas come and in the meantime she can look at this Panda Cub. He’s kipped out now, but he was rolling around like a methed up monkey a minute ago.

Write today in the calendar!!! Keith came home later than Kate. Frankly I never thought I’d live to see the day, but Keith was off gaming at SkyPC. Katie announced that the local teens are doing WWF style wrestling “But they rehearse, so when one of the stunts goes wrong it isn’t usually too bad, not much blood.”

Cue Maurice Chevalier singing “I’m glad I’m not young anymore” because frankly, I don’t think I’d survive a Burnaby minute on the mean streets of this burg as a teenager.

Unbelievable fog, but it’s not just in Burnaby, it’s the entire city. I’m supposed to go to Tori’s place today, which is over yonder on the other side of the city. If I do drive out there I’m going to be vewwy vewwy caweful.

Missed Perpetual Dream Theory’s CD release party, because – this is embarrassing – I slept through it. I’ll leave to your imagination what made me so sleepy so early in the day.

Pic is of Lois’ dog, whose name escapes. Did you ever see such protective coloration? If it wasn’t for the leash and his tongue hanging out, dog’d be invisible.

American History X
2005-11-19— Posted by: allegra

Just finished watching this movie, which was thought provoking and well written.

Katie loaned me a complete outfit; I am now DefinItely Mutton dressed as Lamb. And as such I will be accoutred as I go to my next SPIT! Yee haw. I hope people brought pictures of the Malta trip. A Spit, as I have frequently explained, is a meeting of the Dorothy Dunnett fan club, and it would take a lot of tedious explanation about why it’s called a Spit.

Now a bunch of mostly middle aged women will sit in a very comfortable and nicely decorated condo and clack and chat and eat in a restrained way and talk about all the things we like, which usually includes Paul Bettany, which of the current crop of film stars could play Lymond (I lean Ewen McGregor, puhsonally), Buffy/Firefly, what mystery novels we’ve been reading and getting up to date on various family news. Then we’ll ask pointy questions about the behaviour of some of our favourite Dunnett characters and then eat some more. My all time favourite is still Dr Tobias/Tobie – he’s so REAL. And a complete pain in the ass.

Well, time to go try not to wake up Paul in the attempt to bail out my purse from the bedroom, and head off to the Spit. Poor Paul is working midnights, but we put up blackout curtains the first night and it’s like a cave in there now, so he is actually sleeping marginally better.

Dr. Filk is off to the Island – Ma you can expect to hear from him at some point although he won’t be looking for crash space.

The Many Hats of Brooke
2005-11-18— Posted by: allegra

The cat-lovin’, banjo plucking, nerdy pharmagirl is at it again. Too late boys & girls, she’s married, to a tall, brave, fireball-enhanced nerdfella.

enough sleep
2005-11-18— Posted by: allegra

I went to Riverbend’s blog on my birthday and followed a link and watched a documentary about how the Americans… excuse me, the coalition…. dropped white phosphorus on Iraqi civilians in Fallujah. Oh my brothers and sisters, the things we do to each other. I light a candle for the dead of all the wars. Keith watched it with me.

Katie is encouraging me to watch American History X with her, but I dunno.

Finished the first three Precious Ramotswe (No 1 Ladies Detective Agency) books. I love ’em.

Very much looking forward to not taking Cipro anymore. Virtually no side effects except a slight rise in the background level of itchiness.

Monday 2 new people start and I have to train them, with Patricia. Ack.

This is also Harry Potter opening weekend. Tomorrow I Spit (fan club meeting) and Vote in the Municipal Erections and hopefully get to go do something cultural. I have assembled the names of the people I am going to be voting for.

I am terrified of going into the basement now and I can’t really explain why. I’m afraid of stepping on a nail, mostly.

I have been asked to preach at the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship again, sometime early next year. I have to coordinate car stuff with Paul unless somebody’s prepared to drive down to Sweet and Gooey Bar (Nanaimo) to pick me up. Jim P, hint, hint. Actually I have hordes of relatives and former coworkers in Courtenay Comox these days, shouldn’t be a problem getting a ride with somebody if Paul is working during my ‘preachin’ weekend’. Or mOm? Maybe you can provide car if I provide driving.

There is no beer in the house. Can’t you feel the deprivation and want?

Paul went flying with Dan T. yesterday and fed him dinner. They fed John too so John did the dishes! I hid in the bedroom as I was feeling about as sociable as an animal in a leghold trap.

A bright spot! Spoke to TamTam yesterday!

Nope, clouded over again. More later.

I’m still working on my list of funeral music, but in the meantime… herewith Funeral Music in Britland

enough sleep
2005-11-18— Posted by: allegra

Not much to report. Pic is of Darla; I know _I_ couldn’t sleep that close to Carly’s soccer shoes. Yowza.

There are cinnamon buns in the oven.

The naked gingerbread Wreck Beach Party was fantastic – quite the tableau, with the breaking waves and people sunning themselves on hollow gingerbread rocks (how DID Brooke and Peggy DO that?), but unfortunately, what’s left of it is still too uh … well… I guess “graphic” is the word I’m looking for … to post to my site. Yes, I, even I, have limits.

To the tune of the Volga Boatmen
2005-11-16— Posted by: allegra

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Your hair falls out

your teeth will too

the yawning grave

it waits for you

but happy birthday

happy birthday!

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

May your deeds

with sword and axe

match your deeds

with sheep and yaks

but happy birthday

happy birthday.

Tonight a feed at Tom and Peggy’s and I get my gingerbread personages. Hopefully. I am really tempted to go back on the T3’s; my back is making me really really crabby and I don’t need the additional help.

Oh joy, oh rapture, I get to help train two new people starting the 21st.

I send virtual birthday oinkouts to Mom, Dad and Jeff; Granny R and Lexi; Alan and Janice, Mike and Tori, Tom and Peggy, Brooke and Joe, Breeonne, sp?; Lois Bob Kaitlyn Jesse; Ruth John Kaileagh Lindsay and Jessica; John (Dr Filk, I presume); Patricia, Lindsay and the lunch bunch including Mario (chocolate!), Peter T (there’s nothing like good old fashioned butter for a good old fashioned heart attack), Rob of 9 (the formation flyer), and Dave DeR (whose inner happiness would be an ongoing trial if it wasn’t deserved); Cousin Gerald; Brother James; Brother Jerome; the triple goddess Red Deer/Morchella/Sandy; the CanaDDian crew (we spit this week!); PD Wohl; Gomi (who has a new album coming out!), Irina in the caf (who is still not back at work because HER back is out), TamTam the magnificent; the crew from Edenvale working on our house right now; Daxus, Suzanne and L’il Z (and Limpet the mighty bat catcher (catch and release….)); also our neighbours Cleo and Karl, and Mo and his family; the Baumfire and little Arden; Kira, Zeek! and Pokey, and Callie the Loud and Repellently Smelly Cat.

Yet another Pokey anecdote. Neighbour down the alley sez to Paul, That your big orange cat? Paul, evasive…. Maybe…. “Well I’d like to thank you, because he killed a squirrel that’s been making a mess of my yard and getting into my attic.” And we found another dead’un in front of the garage. One of these days I’m going to get a picture of him popping his claws into the utility pole in front of our house. The difference in scale is quite hilarious.

Paul bought me a new feather pillow, a new feather duvet and a bundle buggy for my birthday.

Janice, the books & CD got here, thank you!

Katie doesn’t know how she did on the exam and she’s back to school today full time, including taking a course on Canadian Law.

A special final oinkout to Tish and Terry and their fambly. Pic is of Terry, who doesn’t look bad for a guy who went through a windshield recently.

From the Shropshire Star
2005-11-16— Posted by: allegra

Crikey, even the dogs and owls in England are eccentric. Hazel is a dog, and Boobah is a burrowing owl. Hazel recently had puppies… yes, this is another cross species love story, the kind that humans find so entrancing. Anyway, Boobah loves riding on Hazel’s head. Motherhood has its trials.

My South Park Avatar
2005-11-16— Posted by: allegra

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