January 2006 first half

Look what else I found
2006-01-15— Posted by: allegra

Man, there’s nothing I like better than checking out what people have on their hard drives. Look what else I found! Isn’t amazing how much Martin Landau really DOES look like Bela Lugosi? Anyway, this is a lobby card from one of my all time favourite movies when I was a kid. Hey, I don’t HAVE to have good taste, it just comes natural.

Cough, cough choke
2006-01-15— Posted by: allegra

I am still feeling grim, but not so grim that I won’t be able to stand up in the church and do the thang this afternoon. The picture is something poached off my mom’s hard drive; sort of fits in with my emotions.

Off to Victoria
2006-01-14— Posted by: allegra

Paul’s going to drop me off at the ferry this morning and then I’m going to hang with the folks for a day, and then drive up to Courtenay to give my talk on Epistemology, and then hang with the folks up there for a day, and then head home.

There is the strong possibility I will finally get to go to California next weekend but I haven’t booked my flights yet. More on that later!

Everybody here is just ducky, except me… I’m STILL coughing. Most unhappy making as I don’t want to share this horrible cough with anybody, but I have a commitment. I’m also hoping to see Pagan and Eric and their sprog while I’m in Courtenay; we’ll see how much time anybody has to do anything. And I’m taking Tom’s blackberry jelly to my dad! Nothing could make him happier…

The Sermonator
2006-01-14— Posted by: allegra

Randy at work says I am the Sermonator. “Hear me now, und undershtand me later!”

Mt. Augustine go boom
2006-01-13— Posted by: allegra

sQUEAL the love
2006-01-13— Posted by: allegra

Leftover Marzipan
2006-01-13— Posted by: allegra

What a sweet little baby! And good enough to eat…. being made of marzipan.

stretcher cases
2006-01-13— Posted by: allegra

So, Air Canada, in an ongoing effort to make the universe completely suck, is NO LONGER taking stretcher cases. If you are sick and want to go to point a to point b with an attendant, Air Canada will politely refer you to a private air ambulance. Ka ching.

Road trip! I’m off to Comox/Courtenay tomorrow. Relatives! Highways! Sermons! Can this poor ticker stand the excitement?

Now that I’m counting up all of my songs, the damnedest things are happening. Paul said, “Oh, I have the lyrics for a song you haven’t written down in my Palm Pilot.” I looked at it. I don’t recognize it. (It’s called “A Passage to Atlantis” or “The Best of All Possible Worlds”). It’s obviously mine, I have a number of stylistic tics that are quite jarring, but a) I have no recollection of writing it and b) Paul casually told me that there was a tune to go with it. This would be like, a year or two ago. Which horrifies me. I have no idea what it might be. It’s going in the orphan pile, I guess. The song I wrote the day Glenda died, which includes, eerily enough, the words “Well I wish that I knew when we would meet on earth again,” was NOT in the pile, so there you go, a song I wrote less than two months ago vanished until I started humming it to myself the other day, at which point I sat up and went, Hey, wait a minute! Also, my song “F*ck you Jack” hadn’t made it into the pile, and that one has two verses and a chorus, so it’s a real song. I even remember where I was when I composed that one; you know the stretch of the connector that leads up to New Westminster, and goes around an S curve through a little marshy bit where there is quite frequently a great blue heron? There. That’s where I started working on it. It’s a very lovely song, with sentiments that will be meaningful and heartwarming to any person over 40.

Maybe I should just write a song a day to make up for my stupidity. I’ll start with a rousing chorus of “Creature with the Atom Brain” and take it from there. Then I should probably write a song called, “Taking Down my Festive Lights in June” closely followed by “Illegal Fireworks” and “Santa’s going to bring me a dishwasher or you’ll be nookie free this year.” After all, there are a lot of comfortably off elderly songwriters who got that way writing a ‘New Christmas Classic’ (most of which, if you look at the copyrights, were written in the 50s). So all I need to do to have a gleeful life is write a song about some form of sporting endeavour (after all, nobody’s playing Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll any more in the arenas since he got himself pinched for mucosal merriment with minors, so there’s an opening!), or a Halloween or Christmas song, and I can retire and leave this life of crime. Because, Some Big Kick Ass Deity, I’m telling you, if it gets any worse at work I’m going to have to break my silence and start naming names; work is definitely sliding into my definition of criminal these days.

enough sleep
2006-01-12— Posted by: allegra

Bus stations are the same everywhere
2006-01-12— Posted by: allegra

U can’t sleep here. This is from Tori’s trip pictures…..somewhere in the UK.

Which way to the bookstore?
2006-01-12— Posted by: allegra

This sea lion swam out of Elliott Bay in Seattle, humped its way on top of a car (a hybrid car) and said, “Ork, ork, ork, rrrr-orrrk, ork!?” which means, “Which way to Elliott Bay Bookstore? I promised I’d meet somebody there in the cafe downstairs….”

Call in sick today! Your bed misses you.
2006-01-12— Posted by: allegra

So Keith has been coughing and looking and feeling horrible, and last night around bed time he said, I’ll see if I feel like going in to work tomorrow. Paul and I both said, why don’t you call in sick NOW and then you can sleep in!

He sez, “I can do that?”

So he calls in sick. What I heard, “Hi, it’s Keith; feel like ratshit, so I won’t be coming in on Thursday.”

What he REALLY said was, “Hi, it’s Keith, I feel wretched, so I won’t be coming in on Thursday.”

Then I hear Paul say, in his proud voice, “Very professional!” at which point the top of my head caved in. I think I’m slowly going deaf…. it does run in the family.

You have no idea how lucky you are!
2006-01-11— Posted by: allegra

Self esteem is a dangerous commodity.

Keith made a delicious supper last night.

Kira has learned how to head butt my nose while I’m sound asleep. My nose has been bleeding off and on all morning. You see, I tried to train her to kiss me, but she’s skated over to “Danish style kiss” land; either that or she’s taking her responsibilities as ninja kitty (after all, I DID see her climb a wall while chasing prey one time) a leedle too seriously. I just wanted a little romantic kitty kiss, and now my nose is ****ing broken.

You can all be very happy I didn’t cross post a picture of that kitten that was born with only one eye. Google Cyclops kitten if you want to see the picture. I thought it was the most Harryhausen thing I ever clapped my eye on, so to speak.

Happy happy
2006-01-10— Posted by: allegra

I am so so happy. Keith has been awarded his blue belt in Shitoryu Karate. A mother’s heart is filled with joy.

Up in the air, junior soccer moms
2006-01-10— Posted by: allegra

This is why you’re not supposed to back over a fire hydrant.

Up in the air, junior soccer moms
2006-01-10— Posted by: allegra

This is why you’re not supposed to back over a fire hydrant.

2006-01-09— Posted by: allegra

I continue to be the snerkiest girl in town, with added phlegm.

one more cute cat pic
2006-01-09— Posted by: allegra

Credit David Caird.

This is Pauly
2006-01-09— Posted by: allegra

This feline is very intelligent, and while being looked after by Brother James in Kanata, participated in a Trivial Pursuit game, as shown. James informs me she did well in all the cat-egories.

The CAT has plush fur
2006-01-08— Posted by: allegra

not Jackie. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not at my best.

sick sick sick and tired
2006-01-08— Posted by: allegra

I am still sick, but likely will be at work tomorrow; what a horrible thought……. for all the people listening to me coughing up Smurfs.

I have now transcribed most of “Not Afraid to Believe” and about half of “The Tapioca Song”. I am definitely getting faster at transcribing the songs but it’s bloody hard work figuring it out.

Lexi sent me the chords for “Family” which we are hoping to sing at the family reunion.

Mummy reports that my father is “Humming and whistling a lot”. Anybody who knows my dad will know how to interpret this news. All I can say is “Goddess bless the surgeons of BC!”

Hope you all have a much better weekend than me. I think I need to eat some vegetables or something.

Pic is of my aunt Jackie’s cat. She has very very plush fur.

2006-01-08— Posted by: allegra

Whiskers, what HAVE you been drinking? This is Leo and Linda’s cat, and I find the presence of a Glenfiddich bottle somewhat concerning….

enough sleep
2006-01-07— Posted by: allegra

I’m still sick but I feel reasonably cheerful. I just have to get rid of it before I go to the island as I don’t want to give this crud to all my relations. Puddled with Tom and Peggy last night; every time I tried to swim I’d cough, and every time I’d get in the hot tub or the kiddie pool, I’d stop, so I have to say I only did 4 lengths.

Keith got up, looked at my stranglehold on the computer and went straight to Buffy season 4.

Went to parent teacher night Thursday. Katie’s attendance was perfect up until Wednesday of last week and her marks are high B’s although the teachers said that she wasn’t stufying hard enough for the exam.

This is a truly disgusting website
2006-01-06— Posted by: allegra


Pinched from Tom Smith’s Live Journal.

Have fun.
2006-01-06— Posted by: allegra


Live, Archie McPhee’s is one of the most exhilarating and disorienting places on the planet. The clerks name their office supplies after minor celebrities – the stapler was “Abe Vigoda”.

Life with a cold
2006-01-05— Posted by: allegra

I’m making little snorking noises, which is not overfilling my ocean of charm, because I have a bit of a chest cold. However I forgot all about it last night whilst enjoying Mike and Tori’s hospitality. Tori had spent the day stuffing and unstuffing suitcases and quelling anxiety about her trip… she will be studying art in Glasgow for three months. Mike is really not looking forward to her departure, but if he can he’ll visit her, and if he doesn’t well there will be a rapturous reunion come April.

There is another hot tub move scheduled, or I should say, unscheduled, soon. If anybody reading this has a spot for an 8 person hot tub, they should call me… I know better than to ask Paul about it, nyuk nyuk.

The joys of work will soon be manifested in a performance review, followed by a salary adjustment, effective April 1. What the fff? I mean, it will be the same as every other performance review I’ve ever had, “You work okay, but you need to watch those volcanic emails and quit picking your nose.” And then there will be a raise that just barely hides inflation under its skirt, if I’m lucky. Fortunately, I believe that I am actually making a decent wage for the work I do. I haven’t even had a job description that clove to some version of reality in four years; it’s like asking Insane Clown Posse performing Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring on kazoos and a toy piano to get serious.

Eminem’s getting married again. This is probably going to make one of my coworkers very unhappy; she was referring to herself as Mrs. Mathers up until recently.

Jim E really liked his hopping lederhosen; my bracelets seem to be going over very well too – SLOTH and LUST in attractive colors.

Well, time to throw on some laundry and push a few items into files.

Pic is to remind you of summer, photo credit Katie.

Yet another apocalyptic sign
2006-01-05— Posted by: allegra

Indigo Girls Power of Two as background muzak for Canadian Tire French Language Customer Support?

A great pic
2006-01-04— Posted by: allegra

This is from Brooke’s blog. I had to cross post it. I am in Su Doku ville myself, so a cat, the Georgia Straight and …. Su Doku. It’s the Sunday morning trifecta in the middle of a Wednesday. Cat is called Suzie, and she has issues.

enough sleep
2006-01-04— Posted by: allegra

I had a very busy day at work and then a happy trek to the urologist; I’m scheduled to have a cystoscopy at the end of February. Man, the older you get, the more you have to look forward to.

I have also, like a frikking idiot, signed up for a stand up comedy contest for the 11th of February. Since it’s five bucks for non-contestants to get in I’m not expecting anybody to come out, but anybody who is interested can email me for details.

I’m off to see Mike and Tori tonight as she is heading to Glasgow for 3 months and I won’t be seeing her 🙁 for that long.

Now off to work. Heaving, shuddering sighs, bitter bitter tears.

Back to Work, Heavy Sigh
2006-01-03— Posted by: allegra

Bought Hopping Lederhosen for Jim E at work. If you see a gift that must be purchased, you must purchase it. I bought a wind up pig with special snout action for my mother (mother dear it may be a while before I pack it up and ship it…). Archie McPhee’s in Seattle is a bloody dangerous place. Also picked up two bracelets (Lust and Sloth), a bunch of books, mostly about writing (the 20 plots and how to do them and how to name characters, which was really useful). Our trip to Seattle was an unqualified success and now I want a waterbed. The pilot light blew out while we were gone and Katie nearly froze to death, but sanity and heat have been restored. Okay, heat. ATE a LOT of restaurant food and chazerei. But that’s enough about me… Happy New Year and All That.

happy new year
2006-01-01— Posted by: allegra

Celebrated the New Year by listening to fireworks, a brief storm of rain, and dreaming one quarter of a new Firefly episode in which Badger attempts to convince Mal to smuggle, well, illegal drugs. Don’t wanna go there.

Keith just found a care bear to play World o Warcraft with, so now I have to get off the computer. Oh, one last thing. My friends, my extremely superior friends, have bought me a massage for today. Heavy sigh. Then, bookstores, or the Sci Fi Museum. And the coffee is divine.

This here is Bob
2006-01-01— Posted by: allegra

Made it okay to Seattle after a little meshuggas at the border. We actually got Paul back into Canada with no papers, if you can believe it… then went back to the house to collect his wallet. You may infer something of his level of excitement about this trip from this extremely unusual (like in 25 years, never) lapse of memory.

Keith wheedled Alan into allowing World of Warcraft onto his computer – needless to say he is massively enjoying the immense amounts of graphics crunchiness involved.

Had a lovely lunch, met Lauryn and Loren and Hank (and promptly fell into the usual fannish game of My Anecdote has LARGER Explosions than Your Anecdote, and is Markedly Funnier TOOO). Lauryn, dear mama, is the gal who made the handbag from the material I posted a picture of some weeks ago. The Family Pancake House was really fun. I am staring in despair at surroundsound bookshelves, all of which are bursting with Books I have Heard Of, Books I have Heard of And Wish To Immediately Read, and Books that I have Never Heard of and are Kind Of Scary. Suffice it to say that if you are a mystery, horror or scifi fan this place is a lot like waking up in the vastly improved version of the next world; you know, like a heaven god forgot to visit. Paul improved the shining hour by applying his craftiness to the plumbing… I am working on my second beer, so my attention to plumbing is of a somewhat different, although equally utilitarian, order.

There’s going to be an Alien Place Setting contest at the LA Worldcon. Sort of a Keith Laumer / Judy Chicago mashup. Ah right. I hear DVDish noises from the sunken livingroom. (I am a child of the sixties; I still think sunken livingrooms are the ne plus ultra of architectural cool.

The car ran great for the trip down.

Janice gave me a CD of Gershwin music, squee.

Joss Whedon says that when the tv executives get hard up for ideas, they can go back to England and try a “Deadwood” on for size. “Like Jane Austen with Tourette’s” he remarks, and apologies for all the folks out there with Tourette’s. Always figured I had a subclinical case of Tourette’s – I simply CAN’T stop swearing, no matter How Hard I Try.

Alan owns this computer, and he’s vulching (to vulch, make like a vulture) so, I’m outta here….. More later, dearest mama.


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