Back half April 2006

2006-04-30— Posted by: allegra

Tom L and Paul are having a busy morning. The last of the trees are coming down. Then I get raised beds. Happy sigh.

I know this is copyright protected
2006-04-30— Posted by: allegra

But how the hell can I resist???? Aislin ROCKS.

Happy news
2006-04-29— Posted by: allegra

Even if I continue to feel dreadful (I took yesterday off, as I couldn’t look at a screen or lights and ached from head to foot) I am going to think happy thoughts and relay happy news. Paul cut the phone line yesterday taking down the last of the tree limbs for the walnut tree but it will be fixed today… and I have a wireless modem, as previously reported, so I’m blogging anyway.

Katie’s new beau continues to be charming and friendly and he has a radio controlled car that tops out at about 70k; it was fun watching it blast up and down the culdesac yesterday evening. Then he hauled out his laptop and Keith and Kate and L. watched Unleashed in Kate’s room. Keith starts his new job Monday night and he has to memorize all the Superstore codes for bizarre vegetables between now and then. He has a good start on it and since his memory is pretty good I’ll let him play Final Fantasy 10 for another half hour and then get back to it.

Paul’s off changing the oil in the car.

I have to get back to the usual assortment of life maintenance now; bathroom’s pretty much done and when I sign off I’ll go back to hacking away at the living room.

I owe cousin Vladimir a letter; I don’t know whether to do something really offensive like send him all of my MP3’s of songs I’ve recorded, or something marginally more useful like some of my favourite artists. I was also thinking of doing a “this is my life” series of pix of a typical day in my life, and then laboriously translating it into Russian with the help of one or two Russian speaking friends. Any suggestions?

L’il Cthu refuses to come down from the damned chandelier. One of the pizza slices went missing, so I think he (it?) is coming out to forage at night. Both of the cats seem much more nervous than usual; Kira has taken to hiding in Keith’s room every chance she gets. Maybe this isn’t exactly happy news, but I’ll put a good face on it.

aaaaackkkk! It got away on me
2006-04-27— Posted by: allegra

I dunno. The package was addressed to me, and then this stripy mollusc leaped out, tentacles flailing, and it leaped out of my hands onto the chandelier, and now it refuses to come down. I didn’t like the way it was eyeing the garlic – I suspect its days are numbered……..

I told mOm to knit me a nautilus, and I got this animated little cuss; I was expecting something a little more docile. But now I’m not sure I’d want to do something as potentially risky as SLEEP with it in my bed… it’s not exactly vicious looking but it has a look in its eyes as if the Call of Cthulhu is never far from its mind…..

Miracles do happen
2006-04-27— Posted by: allegra

Milagros Cerron, the mermaid baby I blogged about a year ago, is getting big and strong.

Her first word was “Doctor”.

Keep growing, little miracle!


What kind of month would this be….
2006-04-27— Posted by: allegra

Without a reference to Bettie Page?

and when you’ve got nothing better to do
2006-04-27— Posted by: allegra

Good golly, Miss Moo. This is what the inertnests are for!!!!!

2006-04-27— Posted by: allegra

I am very glad that Frank started publishing again – the emag was just not as good as having the paper…

Alan called yesterday. The lucky dog! He and Janice got to walk around in the caldera of an active volcano while they were in Hawai’i. RRR.

Taxes are done! Quicktax is a pretty slick program.

Keith’s toe continues to improve, although it will be a while before he does any more work, which, given that he wants to go to a very heavy duty course, which is expensive, isn’t good. Guess he’s just going to have to sit home and play Final Fantasy 10 until his dad blows a head valve.

Katie had perfect attendance during Term 3. Rub your eyes and go back and read it again.

Katie has a new beau. Menfolks, listen very closely. He brought nitro methane into the house yesterday. You can now dance up and down and say, “Truly, he is one of us.” Oh, it was for his hobby, not for any, uh, anarchic or, uh, property damaging purposes. And I can see you nod your heads and go, uh huh.

I am very grumpy these days and wish I could get over it.

Is the US a Superpower?
2006-04-26— Posted by: allegra

My response to this is simple…. can they lob large quantities of nuclear weapons at people? Check. They are still a superpower. Beware a man with nothing to lose who is cornered with a gun.

Free beer
2006-04-26— Posted by: allegra

Sorry, I’m running at about 1/4 speed because I don’t pass up on free beer when the company is paying. I’m going to be late for work because crackheads were arguing in front of the house and you really don’t want to get any of that on you. Magnificent set of lungs on that woman.

Keith dropped a pallet on his toe yesterday but he didn’t break it. I think he got a reminder about steel toed boots…. he wasn’t wearing any.

Katie continues to be radiantly happy. Paul is still the best man on earth. Everything’s just fine, except that, like I said, my brain isn’t working this am.

Taxes & Taxi
2006-04-25— Posted by: allegra

Paul and I have been hacking our way through our taxes. We should be done Wednesday night; I’ve got a hall pass to go drinking with my coworkers tonight after the confererererence. Sounds like I have a good start on it already. I also have a medical appointment today, and while I remember where and who, I can’t remember when, so I am feeling rather sorry for Paul, who’s going to have to play Dad’s Taxi most of the day.

I am really really tired. I went to bed relatively early but I woke up at about quarter after four and Paul was awake so we got talking. I am now at the stage of wakefulness when your bed is singing your name in doo-wop harmony; but I will make some tea and hopefully configure myself in the general shape of a working stiff and go do the thang.

Lest we forget
2006-04-24— Posted by: allegra

A million people took to the streets in Nepal this past week, defying the curfew, defying the government, and showing solidarity in their demands for a republic. This pic is from and shows women marching.

Kinaam, lizard of mystery
2006-04-24— Posted by: allegra

So, she laid a bunch of eggs…. 2 years after the last time she had sex. So either she was storing the sperm up until conditions were perfect, or her babies are parthenogenetic. I look at that face, that tongue, those scales and I’m a-thinking parthenogenesis gets my vote.

Warning, racism alert
2006-04-24— Posted by: allegra

Last night I dreamed I was jammed into a school gymnasium with a bunch of complete strangers. We were all sitting around on benches with those long cheap auditorium tables and food was about to come in. Somebody said, Allegra, Allegra, say a prayer. I barked “Theists, look at your plates. Humanists, do a Chinese fire drill.”

Then I woke up. What the hell was that supposed to mean? and if I had it to do again, I’d say Anarchist Fire Drill.

When you need a little push to get going
2006-04-24— Posted by: allegra

2006-04-23— Posted by: allegra

It’s actually Rachmaninoff’s All Night Vigil, but people call it Vespers; anyway, it was a really good time according to Paul; I didn’t talk to Keith about it because I crashed super early. I am tired all the time these days and I start turning into a pumpkin around 9:30, although I don’t seem to have any problem getting up in the morning.

Kira is sitting in the plant room window looking decorative, and Zeek tried to pee in my plant containers, the little bugger. Time to move everything outside.

This is the guy who played Richard….
2006-04-22— Posted by: allegra

For the Dorothy Dunnett Reenactment at Academie Duello. His name is Randy Packer, and he’s damned good.

2006-04-22— Posted by: allegra

The duel consists of two men; each is armed with a dagger and a long sword. Soon we leave to go shopping and get Keith signed up at Superstore. Then we head downtown…. then we go to Mike and Tori’s and then Keith and Paul are going to Rachmaninoff Vespers with Chor Leoni. Ah. A day filled with Kultur…. Now I’m thinking of a quote, but I’m not gonna go there………..

More later, if I am spared.

Fabulous news
2006-04-21— Posted by: allegra

Our departmental motto
2006-04-21— Posted by: allegra

Is now either FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!

OR, Let’s throw ourselves from that bridge when we cross it.

Off to Academie Duello tomorrow
2006-04-21— Posted by: allegra

I will be reporting in more detail upon my return, but in the meantime….. Duelling Zombies

Weird dream
2006-04-21— Posted by: allegra

Last night I dreamed that Paul and Keith and Katie and I went shopping and they were selling the frozen leg of a small child. Me and my family were the only people in the store who found it odd. Immediately after, two guys in a chuck wagon robbed the store. There were two large pumpkins in the back, and the cops were following, slowly, with their sirens on, while the two guys up front were yelling, Hyah! Obviously I couldn’t sleep any more after I woke up from that.

Not much to report
2006-04-21— Posted by: allegra

Had a long long chat with my ex-husband Phil last night. It was great to talk to him and catch up on all the family news. He is FINALLY going to get on line (I’ve been grousing at him about it for years) and I told him he’s got about two years of my bl0g to catch up on, lucky him. I am picturing him tripping over some of the stuff I’ve said in my blog that he’s probably the only other person on earth who would “get”, so that’s a fine prospect.

Katie writes the English Provincial she slept through last time this morning; she’s crippled from three days of Phys Ed so I massaged her for about half an hour last night. Apart from that, work, laundry and sleeping, I’ve not been doing much.

I did manage to find the complete works of the Carter Family for $40 US freight included yesterday, and I’m thinking of ordering it as one of the songs on it is one that cousin Laurel wants us to sing at the family reunion in July.

I am the eggman
2006-04-20— Posted by: allegra

very very funny. Helps if you can hum the tune in your head.

Go here, click Watch This Movie
2006-04-20— Posted by: allegra

And watch a verrrrry commie Mario do this thing.

Brayden’s home…..
2006-04-19— Posted by: allegra

What just happened?
2006-04-19— Posted by: allegra

One of the things Paul dislikes about me is the way I answer surveys.

If he’s not around to pound my head in, I answer every survey that comes my way. What he doesn’t understand is that surveys are not an interruption of my life, but an opportunity to vote with my big loud obnoxious opinions about everything. So I’ve been an EVox panelist (internet surveys for one of the big Canadian Survey companies) for, like, almost seven years. I’ve faithfully filled out every survey they’ve ever sent me (this is 50 or 60 surveys, at this point), including “How do you feel about this revamped government website?” all the way to “Which creams for vaginal itching do you use most frequently?” (Answer… topical application of prostaglandins works best for me, thanks….).

And of course they tell you that you’ll be entered in a draw for 1000 buckadingdongs if you enter but I’ve never so much won a toothpaste coupon.

So when they said, fill out this survey for a chance at free wireless internet, I thought, Bloody Hell Then, That’s a Likely Story, and filled it in. AND THEY’RE SENDING ME A FREE WIRELESS MODEM. I get free wireless internet for the next 6 months and if I like it I keep it and otherwise I ship it back. The bloody modem is worth $250 right there. I can hardly wait to tell Paul. From the time I started the survey to the time I got my order confirmation was about, uh, 20 minutes. Zowie!

Side note, unrelated, to Leo…. got the disk of pix, thanks, and I’ve now viewed them. The beach walks are glorious!

Lots of news
2006-04-19— Posted by: allegra

Hm, there’s so much good news that I don’t know where to start. Closest to my heart is the news that Tom L found (after some labor) the lyrics to a song I wrote in 2004, which means that I am that one step closer to having everything in order for my Pile O Songs. How he had it and I didn’t is perhaps emblematic of my (until recently) haphazard and disrespectful attitude towards my own ooooovre.

Keith applied to Superstore and goes to sign paperwork for employment on Saturday, to start training in early May. If all my hopes are not cheated, this will mean that ALL THREE of the adult males in my household are union employees.

John got to work at the docks all right, but there was a grisly cost; to get into the respirator he had to shave his beard. Jumpin Jack Flash Animation but he’s scary with his beard off…. all that fish belly white skin below (ed. Knock it off).

Mario gave me chocolate, which I shared with Patricia and Scott and Katie and Rob of 9.

I fired up Quick Tax 2005 and just as an experiment did Keith’s taxes. Seldom has 15 minutes of labor been so rewarded; while Keith zoned out in front of Final Fantasy 10, I put $384 back in his pocket. Keith is definitely living the life of Riley these days.

Paul found locally made unsweetened Peanuttella at the Perestroika Bakery.





It will be waiting for Paul when he, like a good thing, comes back from running with Peggy.

And Brayden’s coming home, goofy grin with a side of misty eyes.

from Gerald
2006-04-18— Posted by: allegra

I’m still at work right now, but couldn’t to get home to tell you this………..

Brayden is coming home today!!!!!

I’ll try and get some more pictures as soon as I can and send them to you.


Grandpa Gerald

It’s the Year of the Tiger… no, the Year of the Pig!
2006-04-18— Posted by: allegra

Hot tub all moved
2006-04-18— Posted by: allegra

Well, the frame on the hot tub won’t take another move, but we got the beggar set up in Mike’s soon-to-be-new digs around the corner from us here in East Burnaby. Tom U., Brian, Ian, Trent, Paul, me, Keith and John helped Mike move it using Trent’s trailer.

It’s misting so hard outside that the rain is coming down as slowly as wet snow. Gosh, we’ve had a lot of weather lately.

John actually got a job lead from the Boilermaker’s Union – there is power in the Union, all right. But he had to report to the docks at 7 am so that kinda sucks. Katie’s taking PE this term and LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. This is like saying that Brigitte Bardot has taken up taxidermy, but whatever.

I light a candle for a trip to Hawaii by some friends…. the lucky stiffs! Have fun guys!

I ate tripe last night by accident
2006-04-17— Posted by: allegra

Gah. It showed up in my pho. I ate around it after I figured out it wasn’t a bizarre noodle. Texturally it comes close to being the most grotesque thing I ever ate, although I supposed if it was all I had to sustain my worthless existence I’d chow down with fervour.

However it was good to meet Mike’s “Crazy Friend Emil” and hang with Tori as well.

Keith had a simply dreamy time at the con and played Munchkin and laser tag. Paul sounds like he had a good time; haven’t read the con reports yet….

Three more songs in the mail. Or is that four? Productive weekend, anyway.

2006-04-16— Posted by: allegra

It hailed with unbelievable fury last night. Katie and I were sitting at the kitchen table around 10:30 and we started to hear pinging noises (which was hail echoing through the stove fan ductwork) and said, “What the hell?”

Then I got up like my tailfeathers wuz afire and ran outside to pick some flowers, while Katie watched, giggling her face off, as I needed flowers for today’s flower communion at church and the way the hail was coming down I didn’t think the daffs would make it. Yes, I’m going to church today, how nutty.

The hail lasted for about twenty minutes and came in three waves, and was completely unlike any other hail I’ve ever seen. It was essentially dense snow, about pea size, up to lima bean size, and did not bounce when it hit the ground. The noise was like shrapnel falling all around, it was really intense.

Apart from church, no plans today except seeing Emil, Mike’s friend from the Yukon, for pho tonight.

Finished Like a Drum. I find if I don’t actually finish the song in one day I get really crabby about going back to a song I’m halfway through. Although, I must admit- when I, sighing with frustration, went back to All The Con Men I Have Known, I was pleasantly surprised how close it was to being accurate. I think the next one will be My Version of the Golden Rule, which is only four lines long and quite unapologetically vulgar…. like many of my songs.

Performed the Tapioca Song for Jim and Jan yesterday morning. Katie was horrified to start her day with my caterwauling her least favourite opus of my oooovre.

Mike and Tori visited last night. It was wonderful to see them.

Paul and Keith are back late tonight.

Daxus could have stayed here last night but he left around ten.

I now have two hours to get clean and maybe crank out a brief tune and then mail it to mOm.

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