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  1. You should see some of the English translations in Quebec. I’m going to start taking pictures of them. They are not as bad as the ones in your post, but they are strange because no English-speaking person would ever word it the way they have.

  2. I remember when we lived in Montreal, the economy was quite depressed; everywhere you went there were hand lettered signs saying “A louer” (For rent) but of course sometimes the hand lettering would be a little wonky and it looked like people were hanging out signs that said “A Lover”. I used to crack up every time I saw those signs.

    My strangest memory of Montreal was lying awake in bed trying to figure out what the hell language was being spoken by the guys drinking beer on the stoop downstairs. I finally crawled out of bed to go look at them because I have too much curiousity in me. Three Inuit guys stared back at me and smiled shyly. Inuit people are TINY. I think the tallest guy there was 5 foot 2.

  3. I don’t suppose that you know where I could purchase some of these items. As for speaking in quebec, when i worked at nrc a lot of the quebequois techs spoke what i called franglais, which was a language that consisted of english nouns and french verbs. Yeah, the inuit are small, but i remember that they could pick up 75 pound slabs of compacted snow to make an igloo and throw them around like they were feathers. I got a pretty good surprise when i tried it.

  4. Spotted Dick can be purchased in Niagara On The Lake at the scottish store. The name escapes me; not sure if they carry Heinz

  5. More like, geez those things are heavier than they look. I vaguely remember spotted dick from my first trip to england. That and seeing julie andrews and rex harrison in my fair lady.

  6. Did you guys see Les Mis too? I have a recollection of mOm telling me about that….

    WRT Spotted Dick, we have an English store in Steveston where you can get LITRE JARS OF MARMITE as well as Spotted Dick and other English ‘comestibles’. Then there’s this place http://www.britishexpatsupplies.co.uk/ so you can get your fix of Britsupplies globally.

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