4 thoughts on “Gee whiz factor five”

  1. I go for disbelief, based on nothing more than the incompetent use of grammar and syntax and how about that interesting use of the term “not nuclear.” Did they mean non-radioactive? If so, say so.

    I know, I know, my pickiness is a major character flaw. In addition, however, it alerts my baloney detector. Loki will be prevailed upon to comment.

  2. Why have a 30 year battery for an item that is supposed to be replaced by the consumer in 3 years?

  3. Now that is a VERY good question. And when the battery is never brought into production, the folks behind this sorry mess of verbiage can say that ‘corporate interests’ ‘fought against it’ and ‘prevented the development of a potentially civilization saving invention’. Urp.

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