Good luck with that, Mr. Wisdom

I am sorry to report it, but you HAVE no rights left. 

All you have is the inherent laziness and slowness of bureaucracy to help you now, because your fellow citizens don’t even know what’s on the bill of rights.

In other news, European Parliament takes a cosmic whizz on Creationism.  Chances of this happening in the US and Canada.  Zip, Nada, Nix, Nyet, not a freakin’ chance.  This should be required reading for every goddamned politician on the planet.  The wording is bang on.  Please read it.

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3 thoughts on “Good luck with that, Mr. Wisdom”

  1. “Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated” comes to my mind! Glad I’m past the stage where I care if I get into the most popular bars & restaurants. I am another that will not be letting them swipe my drivers’ license!

  2. Wonder how they would deal with people who didn’t have a driver’s license. Perhaps there is no such person.

  3. good point Nautilus3! in the movie “Knocked Up” the bouncers at the local nightclub let some people skip the line up based on profiling (hot, young, white female). another thing i won’t miss.

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