holy crap

I didn’t have to set my alarm this morning – an unholy shrieking and dinging accompanies the fire alarm in this building. Now I know I don’t want to live here any more.

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4 thoughts on “holy crap”

  1. Was the shrieking from the alarm or the residents after they’d peeled themselves off the ceiling?

    Yah, the last condo (the “modern” one) I lived in had one hella shrieking fire/smoke alarm. And one of the neighbours had a car alarm that would trip by the tiniest soundwave, so that would at itself to the din anytime the fire alarm was tripped.

  2. The parents’ dormitory at Brown U is equipped with 18″ round red metal fire bells right above the bed (you may remember them from High School). The students seem to find it amusing to pull the fire alarm in the middle of the night AND watch all the confused parents stagger out of the building in their PJs.

    I didn’t know where I was or what was going on the first time the fire alarm went off. I literally crawled to the door and looked out into the hall and informed Jim “it must be the fire alarm”. I think a person could have a coronary being woken up this way.

  3. Well then. I guess my cousin will be getting the fire alarm treatment when he visits his daughter at Brown. Hope his ticker’s in good shape.

  4. Kopper, another tip for staying at the Brown U dormitory (called The Inn at Brown) is to choose a room facing onto the street and not the courtyard. I believe the students’ cafeteria is open until 2:00 am and opens onto this courtyard. We were spoiled in the first two years, as Jenn is (was) an athlete so she is installed one week ahead AND the athletes are so driven beyond exhaustion during training — there is no room for partying. This is not so once all the students return. What year is your cousin’s daughter in. Maybe Jenn knows her OR maybe she could use a friend?

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