Zombie dream

As I am being chased (with no partic’lar sense of urgency) up and down a corridor, which is always like a corridor in an apartment I used to live in, being crooked and with doors coming off at odd angles, I’m thinking, “and just the other night I commented to Katie K that I haven’t had a nightmare in years”.  Moments later I’m awake thinking, “My God, those were the SLOWest moving zombies I’ve ever seen!”

Happy Halloween!

I’m wearing a black widow outfit (self-assembled) to the office.  Let’s see if I can survive the boot madness.  I hate those boots, but they are the only vaguely fetish-y ones that I have.

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3 thoughts on “Zombie dream”

  1. You Allegra have the wildest dreams. How long have you been having these dreams about Zombies chasing you down that hallway? I’m thinking maybe the Zombies are getting older and can’t move as fast as they used to.

  2. I guess your creativity and imagination go hand in hand. Yes, tonight is Halloween WHICH means Sumer will do his doorbell trick, repetitively! He turns on his shepherd bark complete with snarl and teeth bared and flails himself at the window beside the front door 4-5′ off the ground. If you see this from the outside the glass portion of the door moves looking for all the world like the dog is going to come right through the glass!

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