Well, what a Vancouver Experience. First off, people I’ve paid money to see were dancing with me…. that was bizarre enough. Then I had somebody come up to me – actually two somebodies – & ask me if it was a nice break from singing funny songs. I’m famous, don’t you know (their word, not mine) for my appearances at Jericho. I had three men ask me to dance in rapid succession at one point, which was interesting. I danced with the Luddite two out of three times. I’m just not used to dancing that hard with no help from sweet sweet beer.
So I completed three dances and sat out two but my god by a little before 9:30 I was getting shooting pains down my right leg as my enthusiasm outstripped the capacity of my back to cope with the jiggling. (Rock and roll dancing is much easier on my back… and I got invited to go dancing at the Rage by the Chef next weekend TOO but alas I will be filking up a storm). Giblitz Fancy from Point Roberts was playing, and mighty fine playing it was, too. The Luddite, as promised, will be closing the place; it was very amusing watching him shed about six layers of clothing in rapid succession as he warmed up.
The dance is at the bottom of the hill so I was home jiggety jig, packed amongst young folk plotting exactly how drunk they plan to get tonight. Me, I’m going to curl up with Love, Actually, as I really like the actors. Has Chiwetel Ejiofor been in every frikkin movie in the last three years?

later….. it turns out the movie was very scratched and unplayable so I started on Man of the Year instead.

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4 thoughts on “contradancing”

  1. For the swinging? Oh yes, I was getting whipped around by sweaty guys. We were, uh, livelier, I guess is the word.

  2. Are you trying to say that the Vancouver version of contradancing combines an element of “Dirty Dancing”?

  3. No, just that when you’re as clumsy as me you get into somewhat closer contact with your partner!

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