sorry about the radio silence

Basically I started drinking beer when I got there, stopped around 7 pm, started having kidney grit again around 2 am, peed into a cup at one point because I couldn’t make it from the trailer to the house, and man, continence is A WHOLE THING of beauty and you really appreciate it when you don’t have it. I woke Jeff up around 6:30 the next morning and we talked it through, whether we wanted to leave in case I got worse, ended up getting the 9 o’clock ferry, more or less, and was greeted by an exceedingly noisy Buster.

But kidney grit aside….

We had an awesome time, can’t say how much, it was balm for my soul. And Jeff is of much the same mind. Brought a PILE of guest gifts mostly to indicate how grateful I am to have access to a miniature Baumfest. Anyway why take flowers? I brought vegetation of a different kind. Also a plaque showing Percy Saltzman saying Tonight’s forecast: low standards, alcohol and poor decisions. I thought Al was about to lose his mind when he saw that. I also brought them four capshields with hardware.

Drank beer ate fishburgers and other food, listened to the waterfall – they have a WATERFALL you can hear FROM THEIR YARD listened to their incredible playlist on spotify and around ten I got to sleep in their extremely comfy trailer in the side yard. I FELL IN LOVE with that trailer, it’s incredible me-sized.



This little exchange on the internet may NOT GO AS PLANNED for grandpa but he’ll be dead when his grandson eulogizes him as ‘the man who really accepted my sexuality’ LOLOLOLOL



a nested series of sad realizations

I saw Tammy at her Airbnb yesterday. It’s very nice; hilariously, out of all the buildings in downtown Vancouver she could have ended up with (her booking was changed twice before she settled) she ended up in the same building as Patricia used to live in, in a mirror image of that same apartment.

Her life is very trying right now; as a provider of psychological counselling to half a dozen front line health care workers she’s hearing and processing stuff that’s hard, cruel hard, and the fact that it isn’t happening directly to her doesn’t take the pressure off trying to do her best for them.

Thanks to Justin McElroy for the tip about Chambar, the food was fantastic. also to keep my self honest I had two 5% beers

DUCK AND LAMB, DUCK AND LAMB GOD IT WAS YUMMY DUCK AND LAMB the tajine was mmmmwaaaaaah and the duck was PERFECTLY COOKED also asparagus and olives and pistachios and nomnomnom

but in some respects the visit was a bunch of painful realizations that I’m simply not the same person I used to be. And that I’m a coward.

I’ll see her again on Thursday, she’s going home on Sunday, Paul is apparently seeing her today.


simply glorious day

Paul, Jeff and I walked in Robert Burnaby Park; I collected trash (wrappers and butts mostly) and fogged up my shield.

picked up sushi for lunch and then Keith made vodka Caesars for the boys & we had a socially distant meal on the back deck. Keith seemed in quite good spirits and owned as how he’d like to go back to school when all this is over.

later in the day Mike came over and gave me food and I gave him a shield and we hung around and talked on the back deck – he walked over, and it was just so pleasant to hang around and listen to the menfolks quietly talk

Jeff and Buster on the back deck yesterday
Mike and Buster on the back deck yesterday

sundry and variousness

Roger Ailes dead = good

Paul, Peggy and Tom came by yesterday with instruments. We talked instead of sang. Greg came with but he didn’t actually interact with me that much. We didn’t wear masks.

The weather here yesterday was spectacular.

My anosmia seems to be back and worse than ever. Jeff says it’s likely allergies but I have my doubts.

The banana bread I made tastes great but the heartburn literally WOKE ME UP at one am, so here I am. I’ve nuked up some tea and I’m waiting for brO to wake up before I do anything noisier.

Cannabis protects against COVID? er…

Card of the day is Magician… generally that means I’m going to hear from Mike. Wonder if I will.

still giggling

so…. Dave and I were missing each other on Skype and finally we connected. I spent… it feels like I spent the first ten minutes of the call going On and fucking On, as one does, about how intelligent Buster is.

Mookie, Dave’s cat, promptly got up on the back of his chair, put two paws up on the bookshelf, and then, delicate, delicate, delicately extended one claw AND YOINKED DAVE’S WATER GLASS OVER. It didn’t break but Dave had to get up and get a towel. I got to watch the whole thing and instead of doing anything useful like warning Dave I screamed with laughter because I am, not to put too fine a point on it, a total weeb.

Then he jammed his hairy little face into the camera and for one brief second I thought I was disappearing into a tiger’s maw.

There are no eggs in Toronto, at least not for delivery.



lovely walk with Peggy

I took my picker upper that RenĂ©e gave me (she turned 80 on Earth Day, god love her) when I broke my shoulder in 2013, and picked up all the plastic trash blown into the yard. Then I picked up trash in the Hilda Avenue (not street ha ha) park while walking slowly around and around the park. Much dog shit, but without PPE and a paycheque ain’t picking that up, sorry. Returned to my place with half a bag of trash and the warm tummy feeling of a conversation with a friend.

Mental health, it’s tough. But it’s easier with Peggy around. I wore my white cloth mask, she wore her N95 respirator mask that Tom had lying around.


I follow so many people on twitter – approximately 500 – that it’s always wild when I know one in really-for-truly real life.

This is Benjamin Luk: a hard working and thrifty bon vivant who has several income streams but is also a wedding photographer, when the social climate permits.

He posted this.


I’ve met him twice IRL, and he’s utterly charming.

Impossible pie

I have here, in Sue Gillespie’s handwriting, a receipt for Impossible Pie.

4 eggs
1/4 cup margarine
1/4 cup white sugar
1/2 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 cups milk
1 cup feather strip coconut
1 tsp vanilla

blend ingredients in blender
pour into 10 inch greased deep pie dish
sprinkle with coarsely chopped pecans
bake at 350F for an hour

I got to see Mike yesterday

He gave me nitrile gloves and I gave him a little smidge of pot. It’s always so irritating when pot’s legal at both ends of a journey but you can’t take it in the middle because the American Federal Government is such a hosebag.

But for the rest of it, social distancing. He was leaning up against the Mustang and I’m like…. honestly I thought about our trip to the interior, the winding roads and the soaring mountains and the top down and I thought, miserably, that it will be years before we can do such a thing again.

Made scones yesterday, using the last of the raspberries.

Now to make coffee, since I feel like it.


Mask pattern & Instructions.

Finally! I know what to do with my fabric scraps!!

June 2005 is up

I got lazy and put the last half of the month under one post.

I wrote 690 words of fanfic yesterday but I’m completely sessile today. I had a ‘bad digestion day’ which was basically me eating a probiotic for the first time in months plus eating cheese and two bowls of lentils in a single 24 hour period and I must say it was windy in here, mighty windy. The cheese & probiotic formed a plug and then the lentils had things to say for about 45 minutes after they rudely and forcefully pushed past the cheese plug, at the end of which I briefly thought of taking a picture and then comparing notes with my pOp but I, even I, restrain myself at the ultimate edge of really poor taste and merely suggest it. Then I nearly passed out. I felt faint for about ten minutes and actually thought about yelling for Jeff but the ghastly weakness faded. I kept my phone close just in case. This much pressure is normally accompanied by high exhaust gas temperature but nope. If Paul ever reads this he needs to know I repeatedly thanked fortune that I had a flush, as opposed to hand pump, toilet, as I would naver have kept up.

That plus the bruised possible broken or cracked floating rib is not making me lively, that’s for damned sure.

I light a candle for a young comrade in Sweden who’s feeling crappy and unloved. I sent him a note to indicate that his crappiness is not evident at least to me.

Poor Paul

Paul picked up a minor infection and so all of the delicate balance of stuff that has to happen for his bday celebration on Sunday is toast. On the plus side that means Jeff can go to Victoria but blerg. I need to make sure I contact everyone to cancel, even people I might not have been expecting to show up. Jim and Jan are coming anyway, but they are always welcome!!!

Paul didn’t sound good on the phone last night. He’s under a doctor’s orders, though, he went straight for the antibiotics.

Keith’s back from Ireland today.


Patsara was fantastic (Jeff pronounced himself pleased and I ordered a bunch of to share appies which were, candidly, incredible) and we came back here to sing and play and talk and Jeff and I cleaned the house somewhat so yay us. Carry On Wayward Son was involved, plus the THR5A amp of posts previous. I drank two whole beers at the restaurant; feel fine. It was lovely to see Tom U., I hadn’t seen him in ages.

David Dowker’s chapbook Time-Sensitive Material (see Instagram links Here and Here) will be launched shortly. Congratulations Dave!

Alex dropped by yesterday and volunteered to be ‘left behind at grandma’s’ so his mamabear could get an alone phone call and he watched Chelyabinsk and Pompeii videos with me, plus he has this thing about the R Crumb Stoned Again animation that I don’t quite get. He’s 4.

Volcanoes! Meteors! Optical calcite crystals! Dinosaurs! Cartoons! Unboxing videos of die cast Disney merch! Throwing picks into the dulcimer holes and howling with laughter when I disapprove! Singing along to the soundtrack of the Xenon pinball! It’s all here for his enjoyment.