Socialization report

Yesterday, Keith came over and cooked us lunch, (essentially a super fancy grilled cheese, fresh mozza on a crunchy ciabatta bun) and it was delightful. He mentioned among other things that he’d gone to visit Peggy. Then Mike came over and watched TV and consumed food (fish and chips from Cockney Kings) and I got to look at his Mitsubishi Japan steering Delica. That will be an amazing vehicle for the zombie apocalypse. So I … did not do any cooking yesterday, see this smile? Goes for miles. And I drank ONE 3% beer. Jeff asked me what the other 97% was.

Since I’m feeling well rested perhaps I should work on some projects.

SO GOOD to see Mike recovered from his plague.

Keith and Mike

Keith is coming over to feed me and Jeff lunch,THE NEXT 150 WORDS DELETED. I’m really looking forward to it, whatever he produces!

Later, Mike’s dropping by and we’re going to go for a car ride in his new used Japanese work truck. I am thinking about making up a snack to take with us. I am very interested in where we might go. I’m thinking we’ll end up sort of all the way up in Squamish or all the way down in Steveston and either way I LOVES ME A CAR RIDE and I’m looking forward to it. Mike’s lived in Vancouver his whole life and he really knows this place well. I always see corners of the city previously unknown to me.

He says he did have COVID but he’s two weeks past symptoms so we should be okay. Poor guy was sick as a dog, but not enough to come to the attention of the health-care system.

I’m finally writing letters again, starting with Auntie Mary.

It would be amazing if Mike and Keith actually SAW each other.

Lovely to see Tammy last night

We got two kinds of Japanese takeout (far too salty, but oh so tasty) and ate at her accommodations, which included a view of the Science Centre. She was half a block from a taxi stand, and I got home just as the temperature was dropping and it was about to snow. I haven’t had the courage to look outside yet, but I need to pee so…

Yup, there’s another 3 cm out there, just as the prophecy foretold.

Moar effin precip

Moar shovelling today I imagine. It’s supposed to stop today and start again tomorrow, might be as much as 15 cm but my heart misgives me and I think it will be more. AND STILL THERE IS NO SALT IN THE STORES.

Much horror, humour, excitement and a happy ending –  with the fam over in Victoria – yesterday. To preserve the privacy and dignity of those involved I shall say nothing here except that we are all well, and perhaps some of us collected some bruises. I shall also note that in the midst of my hysterics (yup, cried like a baby on the phone with my mOm), when I was first informed of the precipitating event, that I kept my cheese assembled long enough to provide useful and actionable advice to someone under stress, so go me. Everything came out as okay as it can but I sure learned that I’m a hair from weeping and flailing about pretty much anytime.

Jeff and I, partly because of the effin precip, partly because of the news, and partly because (WAVES HAND OVER THE IDEA THAT A MILLION AMERICANS AND QUITE A FEW CANADIANS GOT DIAGNOSED WITH COVID YESTERDAY) did not have a fantabulous day yesterday. I ran the dishwasher and shovelled and fed the birdies but other than that I can assure you I did not do a thing. Okay, I did write 1391 words on the ‘meet cute in the airport during a snowstorm’ story.

Tammy comes to town today to visit friends and fam on her way to Hawaii. Fingers crossed for her travel luck; there’s a break in the weather on both ends but if COVID knocks too many people off work, that plane won’t leave… Like I said fingers crossed. She’s double boostered. If anyone is safe to travel in a pressurized aluminum skin full of plague she is. She just messaged me to say her flight’s still showing on time. With luck she’ll call me a little after noon.

I observe that when white people stick their noses in the ‘pan-Indigenous’ concept it’s usually about control over, grift from and erasure of distinct nations and persons. Only nations can determine belonging and categories of belonging. It isn’t a single, simple concept or law.

I have opened YET ANOTHER PROJECT FILE this one non-fiction. It’s called Common Human Cognitive Issues and What to Do About Them. I realize I have zero experience with that! (actually that’s not true, but it wasn’t peer reviewed, which is a grift anyway) which is why it’s going to be a jolly parody of self-help books.

happy Christmas everyone

Yup, a day whose importance has deflated like a cluster of birthday balloons blown into a ditch has arrived again. I haven’t wrapped a present or done any running around. I haven’t prepped a turkey or assembled the mass of vegetables to peel that oppresses the groaning board. The dining room table remains covered in filk memorabilia, craft cruft and a thousand piece puzzle (Jeff finished the edge). I don’t have to work, be responsible, be hospitable, put on a spread, worry about snax, worry about entertainment, worry about a gathering during a pandemic.

Rob W showed up briefly yesterday with firefly and snowpiercer comics! We mourned for his coworker, killed while moving poles for an electric bus (by another worker in their bus). translink is OF COURSE being remarkably silent about it and Rob, who drove bus in this part of solh temexw (remember? pronounced Sole te mawk) said he always hated doing it because you’re outside the bus and even more vulnerable than usual. I gave him a piece of Sugru (rubber moldable glue, incredible stuff I’m sure he’ll find a use for it) and two KN95 masks, one of which he promptly broke, so I’m glad I gave him two. I provided him with the address at Caspell Junction. Then he mentioned he’s got heart surgery on the docket but not scheduled yet (ablation, ouch). I warned him that COVID is severely fucking with surgery waits. Then we mourned for Tom for a while, exchanged a couple of flying anecdotes  (mine about writing a fanfic with soaring in it, and him about ‘landing out’ as in right out of Germany (he was paragliding) and walking home from France, somehow without attracting the attention of the gendarmes) and parted on friendly terms. We were both masked the whole time he was here and Jeff closed his door. Yes, I know showing up unannounced during the plague is not optimal, but what is in these parlous times and I did immediate upgrade his mask.

We both spent a minute just flapping our gums over the last communique about the plague from the government and Doc Henry. Like who the fuck cares, the hospitals are full, N95 masks are unavailable except at ‘this is what is charged during wartime’ prices, people are lining up to be tested using inadequate masks, test kits are unavailable, disabled people are left at the side of society to die unimpeded and thousands of people are at risk of freezing to death on the streets of Vancouver this week. Yup, Merry Christmas we get wished from a bubble of vacuity. Nothing she says means a fucking thing as long as universities and schools are forced to stay open. Maybe she hopes this omicron wave will burn out in six weeks like it did in Gauteng province. I’ve long since given up trying to understand the rationale for the bs.

I picked up a few treats yesterday while I was out getting my BP meds at Guardian (jammed past pandemic standards with anxious people seeking booster shots…) which included FLORENTINES four of them, strangely available at the butcher shop on 6th, Jeff asked for something caramelly and that was as close as I could get, a beefsteak for a steak and eggs brekky this am, six Timmy Hos donuts, and two handpies (strawberry rhubarb) for Jeff. So that obviously means that I walked two k in the slush and muck yesterday but the traction wasn’t bad and I was having a good balance day so walking home a bunch of groceries while I got a little out of breath was certainly manageable. I leave the walking stick by the door in case I’m having a wobbly day, but I’m getting a lot fewer of those…

Okay, time to get the steak out of the fridge and bring it to room temperature. I think I’m just going to bake it, the idea of standing to cook it for any length of time simply appalls. I’m about to blow through two days worth of salt consumption in one go, better make it worthwhile….


a glorious day yesterday

I went walking with Paul at Fraser Foreshore and a bush tit and a chickadee ate sunflower seeds from my hand. Hullo leedle birdies. Sun blasting down but icy af in a few spots, no falling for us.

MIKE CAME OVER it was brief but it was lovely. While he was here I made banana bread, which is a story in itself, and he bought a Delica 2800 Japanese right hand drive vehicle and showed it off to us. Anyway, I sent him off with banana bread for his coffee this morning and that makes me feel happy thinking about it.

PEGGY turned up with MINCE PIES and TARTS and ENOUGH EGGS that I could make the banana bread. Because I didn’t want to leave the house. So I MANIFESTED EGGS. I said to Jeff who needs magic I have Peggy. DAMN HER PIE CRUST IS SO FUCKING AWESOME (muppet falls face down into food, everything everywhere). She reports taking some to Paul.

This morning I have run the dishwasher and had a breakfast of leftover pancakes and tea. Later this afternoon we’re going to pick up our first ever pickup grocery order.

I booked my booster THE INSTANT I got the email, and now of course everything in BC is going off the rails so Jeff can’t find anything closer than the Italian Cultural Centre (You remember mOm, that’s the place Theo ripped all the tiles off the roof in my novel…) well into January.

I’m buying handyman services for Katie’s household, I hate that railing on the back stair so I’ve contracted someone to fix it for them. The idea of Paul coming a over t down those stairs has very little appeal.

Raining hard today

Tom’s memorial service is today. I gave him that hat. Yesterday we gathered at Peggy’s to rehearse and eat Chinese food (I brought home Singapore style noodles) and I got home about 8:30. It’s almost giddy making to be experiencing SOCIAL INTERACTION and then I got home and had a panic attack for about an hour (thought I was having a heart attack until I realized that the pain went away when I was breathing properly).  Talked to Brooke about how to wean off of Inderal, which was super useful.

Jeff C GAVE me his dulcimer capo but I got him back by paying for dinner. It’s so lovely to be able to sing in a group again.

Fraser Foreshore Walk

The tide was highest at noon yesterday and the water in the Fraser River was quite high. Paul said we were expecting rain and it was JUST GORGEOUS – a beautiful golden peach sunset, and quite warm. I took my cane and had no trouble with the usual length of walk.

CBC local news reports that Large Marge the Barge will not be removed until December 6th 2021, the date of the next King tide. Lazy bums eh.

Made lentil soup yesterday. Hoping to make Banana Cake today.

(Yes I did make banana cake.)

Keith had a Battlestar Galactica games night at his house and nobody knew there was a new baby.

Came up with another fanfic idea. About four hundred words on the ‘starlight’ story. Found an absolutely delightful fluffy 70k fanfic I haven’t read before yesterday, it was exactly what I wanted.

walking at Lougheed

We went to Lougheed Mall for a mall walk, and I bought Purdy’s chocolates (Sweet Georgia Browns) and choc croissants for Jeff (okay I had one). Paul finally collected the bouncy exercise ball for Katie.

The rain, which has been unceasing, has caused landslides and flooding all around Abbotsford and Agassiz. Power’s out in loads of places and there’s a evac centre that’s been opened. Hundreds of cars are stuck on the highway between landslide points.

For the middle aged woman sitting on the roof of her car waiting for rescue just this minute, I’m thinking of you and hope you make it.

that’s bigoted speech

LOL someone said something enbyphobic and (essentially) transphobic at lunch yesterday. I said, as loudly as polite, “That’s bigoted speech,” but no one heard me. At least I didn’t say nothing.  I won’t repeat what she said but it’s the standard VARIANT on ‘please make up your mind about your pronouns’ and when I think how hard I’ve mentally fought to have a genuinely gender fluid character in my stories without all my icky cis assumptions on them maybe I should have been more gritty… but what good would it do? I mean when do you get a white woman to change her mind.

The meal was delightful (jerkwad comments aside) and I admired Ingrid’s amazing wine coloured hand knitted alpaca dress (she let me fondle the hem, thank goodness, because it was like an enormous red cloud of patterned softness) and listened to Jan burble (she is a burbler, and a damned good one) and do you know what, she took my sf recommendations AND SHE’S READ ALL OF MARTHA WELLS’ MURDERBOT STORIES and we all talked about how much we love the  Expanse (book and show)

and instead of going to bookstores afterwards like a realio trulio Dunnetteer I headed to the weed store to buy CBD gummies, because pain management is real, you know.

I did consume one glass of Glenfiddich in Dunnett’s honour. AND I have pain behind my right eye today in consequence, it’s my standard response to alcohol consumption.

I love how the background TV was formula 1 so I got to watch Lewis Hamilton get interviewed with the sound off.

Everyone in the restaurant was an old, like me. Like, without exception. Made me wonder about the local demographics.

Took a taxi there, came home via transit, curled up, watched TV, remembered to completely dry my laundry, put the split pea soup away.

Saw one of my all time fave “Vancouver interactions” –

Lest we forget


Sue Gillespie

You just can’t tell how much you’re going to love someone the first time you meet them. She was a remarkable person; funny, hospitable and a true lover of bassett hounds. When I want a laugh, I think of how, had she been spared, we would have argued for hours about what Peter Jackson got right and wrong with his LOTR movies. How I would love to sit across from her at Tak Sun – which is still open in London – one more time in the dim light, slurping back dim sum.

a few odds n sods

Yay! went for a walk in the Byrne creek parks yesterday with Mike.

Boo! nearly passed out from the effort of staggering up the hill back to his place.

Nets out as: No benches or places to sit, no walkies; do not leave house without cane. (I can’t FIND the one Mike bought me and I bought a new folding one.) I told Mike that if I had known I was going to be so out of gas I would not have suggested the walk, but we GOT OUT OF HIS APARTMENT.

Yay! got to watch the weird weather from the Aerie!

Boo! the fucking elevator was crapped out when I left yesterday!

Yay! I was well enough to walk down 13 flights of stairs!

BOOO my legs shook for half a fucking hour after I got home.

YAY! JEFF filled in the edges of the jigsaw puzzle I got last week while I was away (He needed things to do while BC Hydro turned the power off.) The rest of the puzzle will be even harder now but at least I have the edge.

YAY! I have ART for struggling Great Grandparents who have insufficiency of AMONG US FAN ART DRAWN BY A SEVEN YEAR OLD in their lives and on their fridge.


I have been looking for a substitute for Red Deer Lodge in my life and I thought I might have located one. It’s about 3 hours with the ferry to get there. Then I realized they only book through Airbnb and I said fuck it, I want to stay somewhere that isn’t ruining rental housing and messing up the economy.

I have learned that early in the new year there will be a proper bus from the Carvolth Station to Chilliwack, which means I don’t need to drive to the ‘wack to see Jarmo and Susana!


I think I’ve posted this meme about reincarnation before…. in a previous life perhaps??

Some good news at least

What seemed like the slow, miserable and inevitable termination of Mike’s employment as he worked like hell to render himself terminatable (I can’t go into any more details about that but let’s just say he’s got 3.5 additional weeks of vacation to use before the end of the year) has now vanished in the face of two salient facts; the person who was supposed to replace him quit within days of starting (how I howled with laughter when Mike told me that) and the new capi di tutti capi is American, not European. Anyway, the unemployment that was hanging over his head is gone, and now he can just worry about overwork.

Rewatched Dune.

Lunch yesterday was sous vide ginger chicken over arugula. I GOT FED yall.

Managed to completely avoid the scheduled power outage today from BC Hydro by staying at Mike’s go me.

the Aerie in a windstorm

the wind was just HOWLING yesterday and we’re apparently going to get 110 kph gusts today… the wind came so hard again Mike’s SW facing windows I thought it was hail

there was a fucking WATERSPOUT recorded offa YVR yesterday and translink says it will be days before all the fallen trees at UBC are removed so there was really localized meteorological mayhem yesterday

welcome to your new age weather

salmon, shiitake mushrooms, gai lan and spaghetti squash with lemon and garlic for supper DAMN IT WUZ GOOD prior to that yummy veggie snacks with hummus and salsa and the best damn corn chips I ever ate. (Fresh is Best brand)

Peggy said the other day that she doesn’t have a dress suitable for her husband’s funeral and she and I may go off to Village de Valeur to acquire one after she consults with her fashion guru. She didn’t know about the big store on Annacis Island.