So happy to see a friend

Jeff and Mike and I – having all had our first vaccinations although Mike wasn’t quite to the two week point yet – sat out on the back deck day before yesterday in the glorious sunshine and I pointed out one of the crows I freed (Curvebeak, he’s the most obvious one). I’m feeding them to the end of June until they crop off their babies. I’ll feed crows through the breeding season next year too.

We drank beer and talked in a low key way about various unimportant things, and Mike pulled out his Cordoba half-size nylon string and played some Paul Simon, and some soundtrack from Skyrim, and that really beautiful theme song from that Cantonese language gangster show (I actually have him singing it in a digital file here someplace).

He’s given up on cheap 3d printers. I’m very glad of that. As he said you don’t calibrate a hammer.

He left some beef soup and I traded him for the pork and barley soup I made the other day. IT was aMAZing to hang with a friend.

There’s still plenty of mac n cheese, and roasted veggies too, we have good food choices at the moment.

Monday’s news: The trip to the endodontist was nominal. I was really worried about it but it was fine on the day. I’m not even sore in that tooth, although I did what the receptionist said and took painkillers before the freezing was out.

They totally did not get cleaned

people who want to know can ask me, I won’t say why. All is well.

I MADE CRUNCHY NUTELLA and ate it all. (later this year I find out I’ve developed an allergy to hazelnuts, lol (added June 9))

TOM CAME BY WITH PEGGY’S STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PIE. It is spectacularly good, srsly. I must call her.

We watched the Méliès Mystery documentary.

I have not mailed anything. I need to phone Paul.

This is a new song, European cheesy ballad of the 60s style

I have no love
Only wistful dreams
I have no home
for the longings of my heart
before me now
a shining vista gleams
that you love me
and love me only

and then you go and fart

My dreams are ASH
I think my eyelid’s welded shut
I soar then crash
Like a kite whose string is cut
The woe I feel
In knowing we must part
Please know that I am grieving
with each step as I’m leaving
but I’d like to go on breathing

and then you go and fart

Biscotti x 2

So the biscotti for Paul and the kids and kMike and his parents and Tom and Peggy has been delivered. Came back into the house just now and IT STILL SMELLS OVERWHELMINGLY of biscotti HA HA I win.

Got assaulted by a hummingbird (or as close as made Paul and me go holy shit as she went by) in Deer Lake Park. Watched two bush tits go twittering by and then HOW RUDE they had sex right in front of me.

We heard but did not see a pterodactyl (pileated woodpecker) and were surrounded by bird song. Paul’s rain magic continued – we ate on a patio (it was my mother’s day late luncheon, which was founded by Paul and SO KIND of him) and the rain held off until after we got to his place. kMike and Keith were there.

Told Peggy Katie’s news; she was thrilled. Her news is that she hurt her leg three weeks ago so that’s why the biscotti tin hadn’t come back yet, plus her Prius needed a new battery. Also, they are getting a heat pump and Dan T (who was there and said hi) is doing hordes of work on their garden. FUCK I wish her krankenhaus wasn’t in fucking White Rock. Imagine driving an hour to find out they ordered the wrong battery after a ninety minute wait, when your leg hurts so bad you could cry. She also got a simply spectacular haircut from Brooke’s sister.

So I have spoken to so many different people today I feel like I need to pull a blanket fort together.


I have made biscotti. I am still making biscotti…. quadruple batch.  Absolute units of biscotti, they are absolutely perfect.

Some to Katie’s Mike, some to Paul, some to Tom and Peggy, some to mOm and pOp, and now I have to find shipping boxes…..

Tremendous training session with Buster this morning.

Buster has started speed running the morning training session, it’s hilarious. BUMPS LEG to start game. Paw clap x 3; run and chase x 10; jump up and catch treat single-pawed; up onto the chair paw clap x 3; PAUSE ‘I’m not chasing that’ FINALE: chases treat down the stairs THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP crunch crunch crunch

This is all designed to maximize treat consumption; he’s figured out it’s piecework and now he just goes like spit. I stopped recording him because he hates the red light, but I really wish I’d recorded this morning, it was stellar.

International Beer Day! Buy me a Beer.

On youtube, it’s here. I’m ever so much better a singer as of December 2020, when I posted this, but that’s okay. I’ve sung this at a lot of places, including as part of the entertainment at a company festive gathering at the Vancouver Aquarium.

International Beer Day is August 6 but you really want a beer now. Beer weather almost here. Beer.

The lyrics:

Buy me a beer

Buy me a beer, make it a cold one
buy me a beer, or maybe two or three
I may get to like your face
Once the goggles are in place
buy me a beer, or maybe two or three

Tell me a joke make it a funny one
Tell me a joke or maybe two or three
My heart’s been torn in half
I could really use a laugh
Tell me a joke or maybe two or three

Tell me a lie, and not just any lie
Tell me a lie, you made up just for me
There’s a lot of truth around
Layin’ scuffed up on the ground
Tell me a lie, a purty one for me

Instrumental break IN the BEST versions

Ask me to dance if I’m still sober
Give me a chance to prove I can unwind
I ain’t always hatin’ men, I just mess up now and then
Ask me to dance, I’ll dance him offa my mind

I’m leaving the bar, no please don’t join me
Cause he’ll be waiting in his car
Outside my place
And he’ll have been drinking too
what you think he’s gonna do when he sees you
That’s right, honey, bust you in the face!

Final chorus….


And for the most part I’ve ceased drinking, as it’s horrible for every other aspect of my health but my mood, and it only improves my mood for the briefest time… thus this song represents a youth enjoyed but left behind without regret. It makes me sound like an antique, but I can’t call myself that, or my parents might get offended. (December 2020.)

Happy days and light

A chunk of something fell through the sky over Seattle last night and twitter is brimming with the images. Quite intense. I knew it wasn’t cosmic junk because it was too slow, so I was pleased when I heard the explanation.

Little bit of singing and playing with Paul yesterday. He was too cold…. lol. I wasn’t.

I am going to post this before the 4-7 lockout comes down.

four letters

pOp, Dave D, grandbaby and Tom L.  They’re ready to go in the postbox but now I’m feeling lazy and I’ll drop ’em off when Jeff and I go out to run errands later this aft. Hopefully Paul and I will be able to go for a walk. The walk around Deer Lake the other day nearly killed me. I think – and this disgusts me – that I need to spend another 350 bucks on orthotics. WHYYYYYYY

not exactly as counted

I imagine I will post approximately two hundred songs this year, so it won’t be a song a day. That said, I’ve got 98 songs in already and an additional 47 for which I must either make recordings, or make new recordings, or find the recordings I already have. I keep stumbling upon songs and then forgetting to write down the names to prompt myself later, and a couple of times I’ve caught myself trying to post the same song under different names.

So it won’t be 365 songs unless I turn myself into an avatar of Billy “Song a Day” Hughes. These days I’d rather write fiction. I love my little family (daaawwwww)

Forgot to report that Dave D has had another publication! Congrats Dave.

Jeff got pizza. It’s quite good.

Fagradalsfjall is erupting.

Lemming’s Twofer

Here’s the youtube Link

Step up folks you know you can’t go wrong
got a back catalogue about nine miles long
when he gets bored he’ll write another song
step up step up Lemming’s Twofer
A fascinating miscellany of
all the subjects that he really hates and loves
and I’ll hang with him when push comes to shove
comes to his opinion (squee) I’ll be his minion
Step up folks and do not be perplexed
if you can’t tell which instrument he’s playing next
Put down that phone he hates it when you test
Step up Step up Lemming’s Twofer
Step up folks and get your Bile on Wry
while the Magat’s and smokers get it in the eye
If he was wine, he would be very dry
Step up step up Lemming’s Twofer
Idiosyncratic entertainment
delivered in eyepopping Hawaiian raiment
devoid of refinement, or of containment
Step up step up
Lemming’s Twofer
Brain abraded with a loofah
Filker, parodist and spoofer
step up step up Lemming’s Twofer NOW

Miss Margot’s been gone three years (Margot’s song)

Has it been that long? Yes…

This is just me singing in my room, so don’t expect much. Also I had to do about a hunnert takes from crying, so this is the point my mood hit the big red NO MORE button. There was a dulcimer accompaniment but it morphed into another tune.


she was a funny cat – she definitely had more of a sense of humour than most. And she didn’t hold a grudge…. also most uncatlike. This is her consulting on me entering ‘The Evening News’ into Finale.


I have gone where my friends are waiting
Don’t you worry ‘bout me
And it’s not like I could forget you
Or you forget about me

You will miss me lots
Wish it wasn’t so
When I fill your thoughts
You will know I was here
I was here a moment ago

My old bowl is back in the cupboard
And my grave’s in the yard
Your old heart isn’t made of rubber
And you’re taking this hard

All the love you felt for me
Will never go away
It’s in the universe we made between us
and it is here to stay

I have gone where my friends are waiting
Don’t you worry ‘bout me
And it’s not like I could forget you
And you will never, ever forget about me.

It’s just so Nice When Someone Knows your Name / single verse

Technically this is a Brooke Abbey song, but I messed with it two ways; I added a verse, which you can hear, here, and I made it PSYCHOBILLY, so it’s keyed differently and about 40 beats a minute faster. So I don’t feel bad about extracting a single verse from my live performance at GAFilk (which alas Brooke was not able to attend because the poor hoomin was migraineing almost the whole weekend) and reproducing it for you. Also I asked him if I could do it.

I’d like to get caught doing something on CCTV
which then breaks to the Internet dispersing virally
I would be world famous, be global entertainment
but sadly notoriety does not come with much payment
and it’s just so nice when someone knows your name!
Your inbox it is always full but you are not EMPLOYABLE
man it’s so nice when someone knows your name!

Good morning mOm

Check out the masks that Jan made with your fabric that I sent her!!!

VERY SOGGY and abbreviated walk at Oakalla yesterday. Brought Paul back here for Ciabatta/pulled pork and tea.  The snow was all slush. No otters. Towhees though.

Paul wanted to make sure that you knew mOm, that we were walking out of the park, and talking about you, and just as we did so a pterodactyl (Dryocopus pileatus) called to my right, and its mate called from the other side of the woods, to Paul’s left. We both burst out laughing at the idea that you and p0p got represented for our walk… and as I say, Paul was adamant that I advise you.

Coming up to a romantic and emotional writing session but I’ve been working on it for about a week now in the background (thinkita thinkita). I am trying to write it without using ‘love’ or ownership words which is going to be brutally hard, but I hope to manage.

Radam Ridwan’s message on instagram this morning about beach bodies and fatphobia GIVETH ME LIFE. I love them so.

Learned this morning that a NYC police officer assaulted one of the Capitol police on Jan 6. You know that what we’re looking at is a civil war; it hasn’t been declared, but there are 500K in the ground already.

This starfish, snapped by @figureoutthesea on Insta, appears to be saying ‘fuck you!’ to the juvenile glaucous winged gull.


Very pleasant to see Tammy (she was wearing the LionessElise jewel I gave her) and she covered my taxi rides and gave me some book tips. The Air bnb was and end unit and had one of the strangest (but effective) layouts I think I’ve ever seen in an apartment. Nice location though, and quiet. We got food from Sula, which was uniformly excellent, the samosas were like heaven.

The pandemic sure is affecting people’s mental health everywhere. I had two masks on most of the time I was out although I had to remove them while I bolted my food.

Came home and collapsed, pretty much. Fantastic letter from Lois, she and Bobby have a new dog and it’s LOVE for ROJELIO, whose name means ‘request’. Also her comments about being on a church board rang so true I dropped into a funk considering her words (a thinking funk, not an unhappy one.)

It continues to surprise me when I open up my blog and there are all these POSTS that I do not actually remember doing the work on, until I vaguely do. I mean, the tapioca song is in June.

Expanse is done for this year. Another great season, and Naomi the Belter and her ‘Belter ingenuity’, wow.

We’re coming to the end of Time Team, and it maketh me sad, I can’t imagine us finding something that big to watch again anytime soon unless we take on corry street or dr. who or a telenovela.

NO CRUISE SHIPS IN BC UNTIL FEBRUARY 2022 and I feel sorry for people in the biz but it’s a safety issue, truly.

Scorn Daphne Bramham.


where no good deed is punished HEY mOm

Jan says through Instagram OMG allegra.sloman This is the best package of fabric off cuts EVER! Holy crap, my brain is spinning with all the things I can do with these… thank you, my darling, for a much needed surprise and the excellent mood elation! So gorgeous and rich. I will do your mum proud.

And now I must ponder how to best utilize the space babes…

here’s the pic, photo credit J Maxwell, from instagram

From my mOm to my fRiend

Hey mOm isn’t that a little shot in the arm!? I decided I wasn’t going to do anything with and actually gave it to someone who could and the world is now officially a better place.

aw shucks there’s more

she says she’s rich with opulent schmatta, these fell behind a chair LOLOL how can you tell she’s my fRiend

Yet more fabric, isn’t it wonderful

power failures

3 in one 24 hour period. Killed one of Jeff’s router power supplies. Resetting clocks over and over. Power failures feel weird now; like we’re prepping for the big one, like civil unrest is ‘about’.

Funny tale of waking up: I tossed my fluffy hoody into a laundry hamper but when I woke up this morning it looked like a sandworm head coming out of the floor and I almost squawked in terror.

Biscotti in oven for Tom. I cleaned the racks and wiped down the interior of the oven, it’s started to smell oily and smoky. Soon, Time Team (we’re in the last season unhappy sigh) and running the dishwasher and the rest of the day gets underway.

Total word count 9189 on Best Roommate. In this latest bit, Amorfo came to pick up the sproing and scared the living shit of Keegan.

Watched the movie Synchronic. I liked it – there are some visuals that were quite striking and the basic concept is interesting. It is a B movie – very earnest and low key. The final shot has an element of ambiguity, but it also contains friendship, which is kind of the point. Anthony Mackie is quite good.

I blew an incredible kazoo solo this morning. I can only ask an intemperate universe that Jeff had his gd headphones on.