It’s just so Nice When Someone Knows your Name / single verse

Technically this is a Brooke Abbey song, but I messed with it two ways; I added a verse, which you can hear, here, and I made it PSYCHOBILLY, so it’s keyed differently and about 40 beats a minute faster. So I don’t feel bad about extracting a single verse from my live performance at GAFilk (which alas Brooke was not able to attend because the poor hoomin was migraineing almost the whole weekend) and reproducing it for you. Also I asked him if I could do it.

I’d like to get caught doing something on CCTV
which then breaks to the Internet dispersing virally
I would be world famous, be global entertainment
but sadly notoriety does not come with much payment
and it’s just so nice when someone knows your name!
Your inbox it is always full but you are not EMPLOYABLE
man it’s so nice when someone knows your name!

Good morning mOm

Check out the masks that Jan made with your fabric that I sent her!!!

VERY SOGGY and abbreviated walk at Oakalla yesterday. Brought Paul back here for Ciabatta/pulled pork and tea.  The snow was all slush. No otters. Towhees though.

Paul wanted to make sure that you knew mOm, that we were walking out of the park, and talking about you, and just as we did so a pterodactyl (Dryocopus pileatus) called to my right, and its mate called from the other side of the woods, to Paul’s left. We both burst out laughing at the idea that you and p0p got represented for our walk… and as I say, Paul was adamant that I advise you.

Coming up to a romantic and emotional writing session but I’ve been working on it for about a week now in the background (thinkita thinkita). I am trying to write it without using ‘love’ or ownership words which is going to be brutally hard, but I hope to manage.

Radam Ridwan’s message on instagram this morning about beach bodies and fatphobia GIVETH ME LIFE. I love them so.

Learned this morning that a NYC police officer assaulted one of the Capitol police on Jan 6. You know that what we’re looking at is a civil war; it hasn’t been declared, but there are 500K in the ground already.

This starfish, snapped by @figureoutthesea on Insta, appears to be saying ‘fuck you!’ to the juvenile glaucous winged gull.


Very pleasant to see Tammy (she was wearing the LionessElise jewel I gave her) and she covered my taxi rides and gave me some book tips. The Air bnb was and end unit and had one of the strangest (but effective) layouts I think I’ve ever seen in an apartment. Nice location though, and quiet. We got food from Sula, which was uniformly excellent, the samosas were like heaven.

The pandemic sure is affecting people’s mental health everywhere. I had two masks on most of the time I was out although I had to remove them while I bolted my food.

Came home and collapsed, pretty much. Fantastic letter from Lois, she and Bobby have a new dog and it’s LOVE for ROJELIO, whose name means ‘request’. Also her comments about being on a church board rang so true I dropped into a funk considering her words (a thinking funk, not an unhappy one.)

It continues to surprise me when I open up my blog and there are all these POSTS that I do not actually remember doing the work on, until I vaguely do. I mean, the tapioca song is in June.

Expanse is done for this year. Another great season, and Naomi the Belter and her ‘Belter ingenuity’, wow.

We’re coming to the end of Time Team, and it maketh me sad, I can’t imagine us finding something that big to watch again anytime soon unless we take on corry street or dr. who or a telenovela.

NO CRUISE SHIPS IN BC UNTIL FEBRUARY 2022 and I feel sorry for people in the biz but it’s a safety issue, truly.

Scorn Daphne Bramham.


where no good deed is punished HEY mOm

Jan says through Instagram OMG allegra.sloman This is the best package of fabric off cuts EVER! Holy crap, my brain is spinning with all the things I can do with these… thank you, my darling, for a much needed surprise and the excellent mood elation! So gorgeous and rich. I will do your mum proud.

And now I must ponder how to best utilize the space babes…

here’s the pic, photo credit J Maxwell, from instagram

From my mOm to my fRiend

Hey mOm isn’t that a little shot in the arm!? I decided I wasn’t going to do anything with and actually gave it to someone who could and the world is now officially a better place.

aw shucks there’s more

she says she’s rich with opulent schmatta, these fell behind a chair LOLOL how can you tell she’s my fRiend

Yet more fabric, isn’t it wonderful

power failures

3 in one 24 hour period. Killed one of Jeff’s router power supplies. Resetting clocks over and over. Power failures feel weird now; like we’re prepping for the big one, like civil unrest is ‘about’.

Funny tale of waking up: I tossed my fluffy hoody into a laundry hamper but when I woke up this morning it looked like a sandworm head coming out of the floor and I almost squawked in terror.

Biscotti in oven for Tom. I cleaned the racks and wiped down the interior of the oven, it’s started to smell oily and smoky. Soon, Time Team (we’re in the last season unhappy sigh) and running the dishwasher and the rest of the day gets underway.

Total word count 9189 on Best Roommate. In this latest bit, Amorfo came to pick up the sproing and scared the living shit of Keegan.

Watched the movie Synchronic. I liked it – there are some visuals that were quite striking and the basic concept is interesting. It is a B movie – very earnest and low key. The final shot has an element of ambiguity, but it also contains friendship, which is kind of the point. Anthony Mackie is quite good.

I blew an incredible kazoo solo this morning. I can only ask an intemperate universe that Jeff had his gd headphones on.

wonderful outing, terrible weather

The weather is heinous, unconscionable, loathsome and ghastly, but it is Vancouver in January, so….

Finished the biscotti around 11:30, borrowed the car just before noon, and delivered biscotti to Cindy (also returned her Christmas themed cookie tin, you always hope they come back but they don’t necessarily) and then drove to Tom and Peggy’s- their car was gone so I left it with the Globe and Mail on their front porch – then went to Planet Bachelor and gave the biscotti to Paul and met Katie on her way out the door (no Alex, he’s at his pop’s) to clean the new place on 15th which will need a new sobriquet, I’m thinking Generations. It is big. I mean this is a big, big four bedroom apartment. Open plan, perfect for a family. I joined her and cleaned two things and loaded toilet paper into all the johns and toured the joint and tried not to make work for Katie.

Then Mike showed up (the one she’s sweet on, not the one I hang out with and who gave us an Oculus for Christmas) and you’re not supposed to jump up and down and howl like a mofo when people lose weight so I said what I always say when people lose a lot of weight I pretend I’m sad and say, “But there’s so much less of you to love,” and his eyes kinda bugged out for a second and he said is it that noticeable and I said, “Oh yeah.”

So there’s me being dashed far from appropriate, and then the next thing outta my mouth is the classic, “You’re timing’s perfect, I just put biffy paper in all the johns,” BECAUSE THERE ARE THREE FUCKING JOHNS four if you count the one next to the laundry room downstairs but that one’s shared – and I guess I realized it was time to go. Did I mention the Jacuzzi? The square dance hall sized covered rear deck? the CHANDE FUCKING LIER? I’m leaving shit out, mOm, so I can ambush you with it later.

He went to her place – Katie cracked up as she thought of him scaring the shit out of the boys using her key. But he was going to help her move some stuff into the house, so that’s the kind of lad he is, immediately helpful and undemanding. And I thought I do not want to be here when he gets back.  I thought I’d pick up sushi but I just didn’t want to, so I went to buy stamps and went to choices and got salad and chocklit and chicken on skewers and made a late lunch and we watched the Saxon Hoard special on Time Team.

Now I’m thinking I’m going to nap and be happy in my sleep for a while, because I can’t tell you how happy I am for being wide awake at the moment. If I can sleep at all for the noise the wind is making, it’s quite unreal. Aw damn, I have to put the food away first….

Ratrunners and fireworks

Woke up around two with a ratrunner blasting down Kingsway at what sounded like a hunnert miles an hour. And there were bangers in there too.

I can’t find a recording of “Bob Dylan’s New Years’ Day” … so I guess I’ll have to make one.

Yesterday I made borscht and fresh whole wheat rolls and fed Paul lunch. Today I’m supposed to walk in Trout Lake Park for a New Year’s Day celebration but the rain is going to be rude, so I may wear rain gear and boots. If I can be arsed to move.

Three letters in the mail yesterday

Mary, Tish, Alexander.

Today: More brown bread rolls (Jeff said he kept smelling them but they were GONE TO TOM AND PEGGY’S TO BE ET), more letters, more practicing.

Did you know that the US is the only UN member that voted against the notion of Food being a human right? There were abstentions. But the US voted against it. Think about American Exceptionalism in that light.


New West yesterday

Went into New West on the bus to pick up ice cream and summat for dinner and to return Mexican Gothic, which was so damned good I understood why I waited three months for it at the library, but also why I had to return it as fast as possible for the next person. On the way home I saw Peggy because she AND TOM drove over and dropped off cookies and Jeff and I ate them all in one go (almond sugar cookies). Sooooo the Christmas I AM EATING THINGS I SHOULDN’T TABLEAU continues.

So Tom is home. He sounds quite vigorous, but he doesn’t get to drive for another month and a half or so.

The big fuzzy hoodies I ordered arrived. I hope people like them and if they don’t they can give them back to me.

Finished the Right Stuff TV show. It’s a little too kitchen sinky to get the full upvote, but I enjoyed it. A second season has been optioned but not ordered.

I hope everyone has a lovely day. I don’t have much planned beyond a walk to the mailbox and add to the 3300 words I wrote on The Best Roommate in the World.

Good morning

Got an absolutely lovely letter and A DESTIEL prezzie of two little badges of Dean saying BITCH and Castiel saying ASS-BUTT from Jan M yesterday, and the Oodies arrived (I went spare and ordered immediate fam something identical for Christmas (a giant fuzzy hoodie covered in cutesy cartoon characters with an enormous pocket)) so I’ll be able to hand them out in time. Jeff got one covered in otters – I got the avocado toast. I’ve washed one and they stay really soft if you put them on fluff dry.

The badges immediately went on the Nyan-Cat hat, which Keith bought for me and has gotten more compliments than any other item of clothing I’ve ever worn, which now bears badges for trans rights, asexual rights, anarcho-feminism, anarcho-syndicalism and DESTIEL. lol

So Christmas wise a great day.

I made cinnamon sticks, wrote a letter to Tammy which I haven’t mailed, watched some TV and had a very low energy day, including no practicing (mostly because I didn’t do it first thing in the morning and next thing I know it’s FEETSBALL of which there is so very much right now thanks to the COVID screwing with schedules.) I did however wash and change my sheets and the duvet cover, and so slept very well last night. Lying in bed with my heart pounding because I forgot to call Tom AGAIN and it was now too late was how my day finished.

Today I’m going into New West to pick up some baking stuff and drop off Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, which finally came in to the library and which I must now return immediately so the next person who has it on hold can get it, because it would be rude to keep it until the middle of JANUARY. I read it all at one go in the bathtub yesterday. It was unpredictable without being unfair to the reader, reversed some horror tropes in lovely, finicky, hard-to-accomplish ways, centred brown bodies and minds, and had some really really cool things to say about colonialism and horror. And the monster is so monstrous. Just horrific and smelly, exactly as a monster should be. Plus a resolution totally made for me.  Yup. Noemí is a great heroine and given that the book is a NYT bestseller I have to assume that this sucker’s going to be made into a movie or miniseries, and I can hardly wait. Silvia is the co-author of the book about writing SF/F I recently bought AND she lives in Vancouver AND she’s a Dunnetteer, although she didn’t attend the ‘spit’ she told a friend she might go to, which I attended, so I didn’t get a chance to meet her. She sounds fascinating and a total boss.

We’re rewatching the Librarians. Blasted through the first 3 episodes of Season 5 of the Expanse – totally back on form after a very unpleasant and badly arranged season 4 AND THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE LET NAOMI MAKE PLANETFALL THAT WAS STUPID and not in the books. But it’s great again. And now I have to WAIT again because they only released the first three episodes.

Elementary continues to be our TV palate cleanser. It is the show against which other shows must be compared, much to their detriment. Only POI, Burn Notice first 5 seasons, Fringe and ER come close.

I’m 3000 words into ‘the Best Roommate in the World’. Some addition, some very necessary infill. Don’t worry mOm when I’m up to 4K words I’ll send you the update.

okay COMING UP ON 4 AM when the wifi goes down for three hours so I can write and practice and do laundry etcetera so I gotta go. Everybody look busy! It’s Christmas bustle time!!

a very welcome phone call

Last night before supper time I got A PHONE CALL FROM TOM. He’s still in the hospital, but he’s got his phone and charger, and he was getting a magnesium iv, and he was bored out of his gourd, so he thought he’d give me a call.

And it was most wonderful. I tried to be friendly, bracing and accepting of his situation. He says where they cracked his chest he’s healing so well you can hardly see it; but he also says he’s absolutely freezing all the time, and that’s really not fun. I told him to start making a list of the things he needs to do when he gets out of durance vile. He said I’m gonna go home and build the biggest damn fire in the fireplace and park myself in front of it until I actually FEEL WARM.

He should be out this week.

So I’ll mail him one more letter and then go back to emailing him if he wants.

I’m really hating keeping a food diary. Right now I want to boot Jeff out of his bed like a cartoon character and make him drive me to the Timmy Ho’s on Marine for coffee, but nooooo gotta be abstemious.