List of things to do

  1. Learn the Code Monkey dance
  2. Write down about sixty LJ user names and friend them
  3. Actually put together a proper filk book of the stuff I intend to ever sing again (I think this means an evening with Shaddyr, and soon)
  4. Think about the logistics of going to Jersey in June.  I mean, I have a passport and everything now, it’s not like I can’t travel Stateside.
  5. It’s two-thirty in the morning…. shouldn’t I be sleeping?  Nope, they are still filking in the main room.  I heard about chocolate in the consuite and after administering aid and comfort to the consuite hostess – Shaddyr – and hanging with some younger filkfemfen, I thought.  Hmmmm.  I have eaten all the chocolate, now I should go back downstairs and do the pillage and rapine thing in the main room.


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